15 Fun and Exciting Cool Games for Girls On Android Phones and Tablets

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At this period of coronavirus lock down, parents need to keep their little angels and young teenage girls busy and cool games for girls will do the tricks. These games are thrilling, enjoyable, and free to play on Android.

There is always a game for you, whether you like puzzles, adventure, casino, racing, or make-up. There are wide range of enjoyable games in store to choose from.

Today’s game review focused on cool games for girls on android and boys can choose from this list too. Go through the list below and download any of these fun games for free.

Fun Cool Games for Girls On Android

Here is our carefully selected list of fun and exciting games for girls on an android phone or tablet.

1. Real Cake Maker 3D

Real Cake Maker 3D

Real cake maker 3D is one of the leading Cool Games for Girls, with over 50million downloads. Become the city’s best cake baker and create the Town’s sweetest cakes. The stunning 3D graphics of this cooking game will make you feel as if you are baking an actual cake. Bring out your mixer and prepare to crack those eggs.!

You will aspire to be the greatest cake-baker the world has ever seen. Take pictures of your beautifully decorated cake to show your friends your delicious creations! You can also enter into a cake baking competition and serve your guests afterward at the cake party.


  1. Aspire to bake the sweetest cakes.
  2. Get lots of cake recipes to bake for your friends and mates.
  3. Using specialized tools for baking, designing & decorating cakes.
  4. Beautify your cakes with charming toppers using yummy frosting.
  5. Plan and bake a lovely bridal cake.
  6. Customize your cake by Placing your own prettiest picture on it.
  7. Offer your friends, bunny, kitty, and puppy a cake treats and many more!


  • There are a lot of different options you won’t get bored fast.


  • Way too many ads. With an option in-app purchase
  • It takes a long time to unlock different items and cakes!
  • It sometimes freezes

Download: Real Cake Maker 3D for free.

2. Model Wedding


This are our top cool games for girls. Model wedding is all about dressing up a top model bride for her wedding!

In every girl’s life, the wedding day is the most significant. In this “Model Wedding” game, you can experience a real holiday and great positive emotions given to any girl on her wedding day, even if she is a popular supermodel and celebrity.

The most fun of the wedding is the preparations, the dress up, the design of the best bridal outfit, of which the most important is the bridal dress. This game has over 10 million downloads and size of about 25 Mb


  • free and offer no in-app purchases.
  • It has 4 gorgeous, classy brides to show your fashionista talent.
  • 200 items and Accessories.
  • Allow your girl to experiment with different bridal outfits and develop her artistic taste and fashion designer skills.


  • Contains ads (pop up)
  • Limited to only 4 girls to dress up
  • Choice of accessories and clothes are limited

Download: Model wedding for free.

3. Candy Crush Soda Saga

This game is sure to entertain any girl who loves colors and puzzles out there because it’s deliciously addictive. An update from the original candy crush game, candy crush soda saga retains the same idea of gradually matching similar colored candies to complete each mission.

However, in candy crush soda, when you match sweets or bottles, you release purple soda which gives up the candy bars. It has two additional modes; frosting, which you match to break the ice to get the bears and honey out. You then match candies to release the candy bears next to the honey. To add more fun, the coloring candy is created if you place four candies in a square, you make a Swedish fish when matching 7 candies.

For girls, these cool games for girls are super easy to play but take some ability to master it entirely. You can also synchronize your apps with other devices and pick up where you left off or connect with friends on Facebook and show off your success. This game is approximately 80Mb.

Download: Candy Crush Saga Here

4. Emma’s Adventure – California

Emma’s Adventure is an adventure-simulated game. With this free cool games for girls. Together with Jim, the Gold Miner and Emma, the country girl, you going to explore the rich and dangerous land and build your farms and city. As you go mining to find rare treasures, no matter how cautious you are, there are lots of risks involved. This game has over 1 million downloads and 152 Mb in size.


  1. Construct your city with exclusive décor and houses!
  2. To discover California’s secrets, you need to Complete all kinds of challenges!
  3. Construct your farm where you can grow the crops and keep your animals.
  4. In the mysterious land, you going to meet strange people and events during the adventure.
  5. Construct your business empire by choosing suitable quests and complete production orders and delivery.
  6. Go round the land and explore its beautiful scenery.


  • Fun and addictive to play
  • It is free
  • The graphics are crystal clear


  • Takes so long to complete a task
  • Contains ads with in-app purchase
  • Only 20 levels in the game
  • The games size is heavy

Download: Emma’s adventure – California

5. Farm ville 2: Country Escape

Farm Ville is one of Zynga’s most famous farming games. Farm Ville is a free game where you can trade with friends, raise livestock, build gardens, and fish with other farmers. To get additional content, there is a small fee through in-app-purchase and the game can be played in an offline mode.

Download: Farm Ville 2.

6. Racing Limit


I know right? Racing games are for boys! But it should interest you that girls are more open to doing things differently from the norm. Many little girls and teenage girls like playing car or bike racing game.

This game features Five fun driving modes: the carrier, the infinite, the counter-time, free mode, and multiplayer mode, and it is centered on both city and highway traffic and overtaking vehicles. Whether you want to race in the morning, sunset, and night or choose between one-way and two-way traffic the choice is yours.

Racing limits have no limits except your driving abilities. Yes, that’s right! do what you can’t do in real life, so drive as fast as you can, overtake quickly, and ultimately race to your limits. This game has over 10 million downloads and approximately 63Mb in size


  1. You can compete in multiplayer mode with your friends or other co-racers from around the world.
  2. There are four angles of view (camera angles) – Helicopter, back, roof, cockpit, etc.
  3. Racing Limits has game controls that are simple and responsive for great fun during the race.
  4. Racing Limits all cars have realistic power, speed, and gear ratios.
  5. You can change the gear ratios, ride heights, and wheel camber angles or customize your vehicle to suit your taste.
  6. Racing limits currently supports six languages and several more still to come to the upgraded version.


  • The best traffic racing game
  • Nice cars and many choice options
  • Support multiple languages
  • It’s free.
  • Gives you a realistic view of your race with multiple camera angles.
  • Real-time Multiplayer


  • Contains ads with in-app purchase
  • Race track not long and there’s no lap
  • Not about to communicate with other players in the race
  • Graphics needed improvement.

Download: Racing limit for free

7. Adventure Town


This game is one of our top cool games for girls where you the player needs to Attract Heroes, Defeat Monsters, and Rebuild your Town. An adventure fused with the city-building game, that is what Adventure Town is made up of. It has over 1 million downloads and 48Mb in size.

This cute new game is a fun mixture of town-building and light combat elements. In Adventure Town you can inspire new heroes to fight your cause as you remodel your city. Dispatch heroes to fight monsters and find dungeons in lands around you. You would be guided, entertained, and rewarded by the quests. Restore greatness to your world and banish the dark powers when you start this incredible journey!

Highlights of the Game:

  1. Build a unique town with stores, apartments, and decorations.
  2. To kill scary monsters, attract and strengthen your heroes.
  3. In this game, you will fight epic battles with Lord Darkness and his evil collaborators.
  4. Quests and a bounty board offer daily tasks and incentives.
  5. Compare success with past successes and leaderboards among mates.


  • Free to play!
  • Can be played offline – Internet connection not required to play
  • Game graphics are great.


  • No tutorial
  • Takes too long to get your goal (the gold)
  • Contains ads with the option of in-app purchase.

Download: Adventure Town free.

8. Adventure Escape – Time Library

Adventure Escape

You have to go back into the past and escape with lost treasure. Escape from the Time Library as you solve the mystery!

This game is about a character named Alice! In snowy Littleton, feeling depressed, Alice agrees to go to the library to restock on some books. Her parts crossed with Hiro, a self-proclaimed “online personality,” and together the two become reluctant buddies in a time-traveling journey that goes beyond their imaginations.

If you love adventure games, then this for you!

As one of our cool games for girls – Play Adventure Escape maybe you can crack the Time Library’s mystery. It has over 1 million downloads and 44Mb in size


  1. Beautiful graphics bring historical scenes to life.
  2. Travel through time, and discover a treasure long lost.
  3. It contains Nine chapters each with special obstacles to overcome.
  4. Pick up devices and accessories to help in your escape.
  5. Explore the Time Library mystery.
  6. A funny story with interesting characters like Hiro.
  7. Unravel tricky mysteries and riddles.


  • It is free to download.
  • It has Translations for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Great graphics


  • The game gets frozen while solving a puzzle.
  • Hint not properly explained
  • When the game freezes it takes the player back to old puzzle done
  • Contain ads

Download: Adventure Escape

9. Delicious Bed & Breakfast

Delicious Bed and Breakfast

This game will teach your girls how to set up their bed & breakfast and be a 5-star host!

You will build, repair, farm and have a lot of fun with characters like Emily as well as the rest of the O’Malley family. Rebuild and beautify your old house to your taste, and get ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. Soon, they will check-in for a stay to remember in your Guesthouse. Show your friends around, harvest homegrown items, and prepare specials for the season. reap the fun as you get your farming game on. It has over 500 thousand downloads and 90Mb in size.


  • free to play
  • fun to play
  • good graphic.


  • Contain ads with the option of in-app purchases.
  • The game freezes sometimes
  • You may lose your progress after frozen
  • Way too much purchases

Download: Delicious Bed & Breakfast

10. Food Fever & Restaurant Craze

Food Fever & Restaurant Craze

Food fever & restaurant craze, a new Cool Games for Girls – will inspire you to learn how to cook!

Play the new free cooking games in the food maker craze genre! Here you will learn how to cook & serve your customers. Learn how to cook French fries & chips with new recipes such as hot chicken wings! You will learn how to prepare various cuisine from different continents. The game has over 1 Million downloads and 25Mb in size.


  1. Four Amazing Restaurants with delicious food.
  2. 200 + Delicious recipes Levels.
  3. Highest competitive level.
  4. Serve hungry clients.
  5. Taste Craze Food.


  • Good relaxing game.
  • Simple and easy to play.
  • It won’t force to upgrade to get to the next level.


  • Contain ads.
  • It gets monotonous and boring after the 15th level.
  • Graphic needs improvement.

Download: Food Fever & Restaurant Craze.

11. Baker Story

Bakery story

Design your bakery and make sure your customers are always happy and well-fed. You put your creativity on the loose when building the bakery and customizing the menu to suit your tastes. You can then showcase your bakery to earn extra-special tips from friends or even invite your friends on Facebook to be your neighbors. The game is free on the Google play store but contains in-app purchases.

Download: Bakery Story.

12. Food Fever Restaurant

Cool-games-for-girls-&-Food Fever Restaurant

Food fever Restaurant is one of our Cool Games for Girls. it is a new simulation game about cooking and restaurant creation that tests your skills in managing resources and time. Decorate and renovate your Restaurant by yourself to your specifications.

Serve your customers and earn money and get coins by cooking and unlocking food trucks around the world and becoming the world’s top chef. Food Fever is a high-paced food & catering game. Employ Chef to run your business once you finish building your Kitchen Fever from scratch. This game has over 100 thousand downloads and 33 Mb in size.


  1. Four Amazing restaurants with delicious food that you can cook and play with.
  2. 200 + delicious recipes to cook.
  3. The best food game with time management.
  4. Top-quality gaming for the kitchen.
  5. Treat your hungry customers to a delicious meal.
  6. Design a standard world Café for your business
  7. Become a luxury dining boat owner.


  • Free to download.
  • Fantastic game.
  • It has lots of items and accessories to build restaurants.


  • Poor graphics.
  • Game levels not much.
  • Contain ads.

Download: Food Fever Restaurant.

13. Shopping Fever Mall Girls Games

shopping fever (2)

A new shopping adventure awaits you if you’re a true fashionista. Display your latest look to your girlfriends and try the new coco girl accessories. This latest cool games for girls is a new type of game in the girl’s games genre base on time management.

Get the best sales at the supermarket or cooking shop and try all the new fashion trends. This game shows you how to manage cash register in the mall and engaging for girls to experience real-time shopping in the mall for clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Be a true supermarket boss, and handle your customers well. This game has over 1 million downloads and 25 Mb in size.


  1. Four accessories trendy shops.
  2. The game has over 200+ shops.
  3. Three Game types: serve all customers, level search for all items, and timed level.
  4. Simulator for Cash Register and Best Time Management.
  5. Best Children’s Educational Cashier Games 2019.
  6. Great sound and graphics effects!
  7. Makeup and Clothing items in Trendy fashion games.


  • It’s Free.
  • Interesting game – you will not be bored
  • It has lots of levels.
  • Teaches young girls about patience


  • Contain ads.
  • Timing too fast.

Download: Shopping Fever Mall Girls Games.

14. Pet Rescue Saga


Pets are cute, we all love them and they nice to have around. Pet rescue saga is downloadable on google play store. The game allows you to save the cute pets from the evil Pet Snatchers. The game has great and colorfully game graphics, lovely animals of different kinds, sizes, and more.

Pet rescue saga comes packed with a lot of excitement to make gameplay fun as no puzzle game would be exciting without power-up. There are world leader boards to connect and play with others.


  • It is free.
  • Graphics is great.


  • Limited moves – it needs a proper planning before you make one.
  • Contain ads.

Download: Pet Rescue Saga

15. Fruit Ninja

In Fruit Ninja, you are only allowed to use your sword and slice up fruits, not bombs. Fruit Ninja is an enjoyable action game where the player must slice fruits in epic moves when they are tossed into the air. You progress through the various levels, acquiring new authorities and blades from the more fruits you slice.

Fruit Ninja is simple, as any of our cool games for girls. Mini-games are available to test your skills and earn rewards in the daily challenges. There are online tournaments to play against other ninjas to test your wits, to add to the fun.


  • Real-time multiplayer
  • Fun to play
  • It is free


  • Contain ads with in-app purchases for swords and other items

Download: Fruit Ninja.


To all the little angels and teenage girls willing to get a game on Android, there is no limit to your choice. There are numerous cool games for girls you can choose from and game on all the way. Whichever kind you like, be it beauty and glamour, action, or puzzles there is a game for on play store.

These cool games for girls are free for download straight into your Android smartphone or tablet. You can add your favorite feminine game in the comments below if we missed any.

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