Shoe Size for 3 Year Old Boy

Figuring out the ideal shoe size for 3 year old boy can be challenging especially when shopping online.

Shoe sizing for toddlers is unpredictable sometimes – and without having the option of trying the shoes at a shop, you are constantly faced with the trouble of picking the wrong size.

Therefore, to save you the inconvenience of sending back the shoes to get a refund, you need to know the average shoe size for 3 year old boy.

By age 3, most children are beginning to master the art of walking and running.

Whichever shoe you want for your toddler, whether sneakers for school or rain boots for a playground; the shoes on their feet should be strong, protective, and a perfect fit.

In this guide, we will help you find the right shoe size for your 3 year old boy, and supply you with a helpful shoe size chart to assist you when choosing shoes for your children.

Children Shoe Size Chart by Age

Have you ever wondered what shoe size would be appropriate for your toddler? Children from age 0 – 12 wear a particular shoe size, and we have created a chart for you to make things easier.

Many times, parents would prefer to shop online to escape the hassle that goes with shoe fitting in the shop. But, the problem of online shoppers is knowing the perfectly fitted shoe size for their toddlers.

In this segment, I will show you children’s shoe size chart by age, average shoe size for 3 year old UK, 2-year-old shoe size chart, and more.

Toddler shoe size chart by age

Below is a chart for a toddler’s shoe size. The chart is for shoe sizes ranging from 18 months to 5-year-old babies. This chart will help in shoe size conversion or calculating the average shoe size of your kids.

Please note that children have different foot lengths – some have smaller feet while some bigger feet.

5 C4.7512.115-18 months
5.5 C512.71.5-2 years
6 C5.125131.5-2 years
6.5 C5.2513.32-2.5 years
7 C5.5142-2.5 years
7.5 C5.62514.32.5-3 years
8 C5.7514.62.5-3 years
8.5 C515.23-4 years
9 C6.12515.63-4 years
9.5 C6.2515.94-4.5 years
10 C6.516.54-4.5 years
10.5 C6.62516.85 years

NB: The C stands for Child – also refers to child-size.

Children shoe size chart by age for UK, US, and the EU

Here is a chart for toddler’s corresponding shoe sizes in the US, UK, and EU utilizing their measurement in inches or centimeters.

5 C4204.7512.115-18 months
5.5 C4.521512.71.5-2 years
6C5.5225.125131.5-2 years
6.5 C5.5225.2513.32-2.5 years
7 C6235.5142-2.5 years
7.5 C6.5235.62514.32.5-3 years
8 C7245.7514.62.5-3 years
8.5 C7.525515.23-4 years
9 C8256.12515.63-4 years
9.5 C8.5266.2515.94-4.5 years
10 C9276.516.54-4.5 years
10.5 C9.5276.62516.85 years

Table 2: The C stands for Child – also refers to child-size.

What is the shoe size for a 3 year old boy in the UK?

I remember when I was little my father do measure my feet with a tape rule before going to shoe store. And the same principle still works to date.

Measuring your child’s feet before buying them a pair is important. A small or too large shoe may result in blisters in their feet.

Therefore, the recommended average shoe size for 3 year old boy in the UK should be around size 7.5 – 8, with an average foot length of about 5.5625 inches.

What shoe size does a 3 year old boy wear?

The table below, clearly states the average age of children to their corresponding shoe size. Shoe sizing depends on your country’s standard size of shoes.

To answer the question – what shoe size does a 3 year old boy wears? We must relate it to the average 3 year old boy shoe size in the UK, US, and EU.

On average, Shoe size for 3-year-old kids in the United Kingdom is size 7.5 – 8, while for the United States it is 8 – 9 and European Union is 24 – 25 respectively.

2.5-3 years87245.7514.6
3 years8.57.525515.2
3-4 years98256.12515.6

Table 3: The C stands for Child – also refers to child-size

How to Measure Your Kids Shoe Sizes Correctly?

For the perfect fitting, parents need to measure their kid’s feet – this will help avoid the inconvenience of returning the shoes after shopping online.

Below are the simplest ways a parent can measure kids’ shoe sizes correctly.

  1. With your toddler standing, place their feet on our feet measuring guide or on a white Paper.
  2. Take a marker or pen, trace around the foot until you have a layout, holding the marker up straight at a 90o angle.
  3. Keep a straight ruler against the drawn outline and measure from the highest tip of the toe to the furthest limit of the heel to get your measurement.
  4. Keep your measurement handy preferably in inches. You can cut around the outline on paper for later use during shopping.
  5. Repeat the same process on the other foot.

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How Often Do I Need to Measure Their Feet?

We all know that kid’s feet grow fast! it’s a smart move to measure children’s feet every 3 – 5 months. This is to help you evaluate his/her current situation.

Sizes of Children Show by Age

What Kid’s Age Wears 7c Shoe Size?

when you see 7c shoe size age, it simply means the age range that wears size 7 shoes.

In the United Kingdom (UK) size 7 is worn by kids from age 2.5 – 3 years. While in the United States (US) 7c shoe size is worn by children between the age of 2 – 2.5 years approximately.

At this age, parents are advised to do foot sizing of their children on regular basis to have the current measurement of their kid’s foot length.

What is the Average Shoe Size of 2-Year-Old?

2-year-old shoe size varies from kid to kid. However, in the United States of America, the average shoe size for kids age two (boy or girl) is 6 – 7 size with a foot length of 5.125 inches, and for the United Kingdom, it is size 5.5 – 6.

shoe size for 3 year old boy - Average Shoe Size of 2-Year-Old

What Shoe Size Should A 4 Year Old Wear?

In the United States, a 4-year-old shoe size boy or girl should be size 10 on average, and for the United Kingdom, it is size 9 with a foot length of 6.5 inches respectively.

What is the Average Shoe Size for a 1-year-old?

By and large, an average shoe size for 1 year old is about 3 – 4 size tennis shoes and surprisingly a five size-child pair.

For more precise size, you should measure the foot of your baby, based on the fact that their size may differ depending on their age and height.

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How Fast Do Kids’ Feet Grow?

At 0 – 2 years, a child’s foot can grow approximately 1 inch per year. While kids at 2 – 5 years, their foot grows about 0.75 centimeters per year, and for 6 – 11 years, their feet grow around 0.5 centimeters per annum.

That way you should ensure to measure your kids’ feet intermittently so that they don’t wear shoes that are undersized or oversized. Which might lead to foot problems or discomfort.

This reason, warrant the parents measure their kids’ feet once within 3 – 5 months to avoid such sizing issues.

When Do Children’s Feet Stop Growing?

It is important to know that children’s development varies for both sexes. Boys foot usually stops growing at 15 years. While for girls their foot can be fully developed at thirteen years old.

Final Thought

Getting the accurate pair of shoes for your baby can be hard sometimes. The average shoe size for 3 year old boy varies when you are trying to figure out the ideal 3 year old shoe size Uk or US. 

Please note that it is only with the right tips, you can find a pair that is both comfortable and stylish for their growing feet.

Use these tips, regardless of whether you’re shopping online/store for kids’ boots to keep their feet warm, or an eye-catching sandal to help them beat the heat come summer.

For The Average Shoe Size for 3 Year Old Toddler Girl, Please Bookmark This Page for Future Use.

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