How to Fold a Cosco High Chair? Step by Step Guide

Cosco high chair is one of the many high chairs for babies available on the market. A high chair help bring your baby closer during a meal with other members of the family, especially at the table.

You may ask, why do I need to fold high chairs? There are two reasons – for space and safety. Therefore, it important to know how to fold a Cosco high chair properly to ensure safety at home and save-space.

You may have tried to figure out the mechanism associated with Cosco high chair and how to fold them. In this article, I will lead you through the intricacy and teach you how to fold a high chair without stress.

How to fold a Cosco high chair?

To fold a Cosco high hair, we do it for two main reasons – to make the home safe for babies to freely play around and to save-space in homes where there is limited space.

The majority of highchair brands available on the market have slightly the same mechanisms or systems, but some can fold in different locations. Nonetheless, once you are accustomed to Cosco highchair principles, you’ll find it easier to fold others by locating where the hinges are placed.

Below we have a full illustrative guide on how to fold a Cosco high chair, I know you are going to find it helpful.

how to remove high chair tray
  1. First is to take off the tray. To do that, you have to press the tray’s release button on both sides simultaneously and slide it out.
  2. To fold a Cosco high chair, you have to stand behind the chair. It is easier to locate the triggers or release buttons standing at the back.
  3. Locate the two release buttons at the back, positioned on both sides, towards the back of the side rails. Pull the two triggers upward at the same time. The chair can be difficult if the latches are a little stiff. Employ the rest of your hand to lean against the seat to give yourself some support.
  4. Hold onto the triggers, if successful you will get a resulting click noise, and the lower part of the seat will begin to lift upwards.
  5. You can leave the triggers or buttons when the chair starts folding and move your hands up so that you uphold the chair’s weight.
  6. Hold and push the seat downwards, bring the back of the chair upwards, to correspond with the chair legs.
  7. Fastening the chair together with a string because there is nothing to keep it folded once it has collapsed. If not, it will possibly drop back into the open position once more.
how to fold a cosco high chair

How to clean Cosco High Chair?

Before we proceed with how to fold a Cosco high chair, let’s take a look at how to clean a high chair – cleaning is the first thing you need to do before putting your baby’s high chair away.

Cosco simple fold high chair, how to clean. Here are things you have to do before folding a high chair.

Remove Food Crumbs

To keep food from sticking onto the high chair cushion and seat strap, remove all food crumbs or pieces after each feeding. You can do this (remove the crumbs) by brushing them to the floor and sweeping them with a brush or vacuum.

Wipe Down with Wet Cloth

After removing the food crumbs, use a wet cloth to wipe all areas of the high chair. Doing this will help keep the food particles from drying out and turning into a difficult, stuck-on stain. The following parts must be cleaned to avert food crumbs build-up on a Cosco high chair:

  1. The button or triggers.
  2. Pad.
  3. Behind the Rest Pad.
  4. Seat.
  5. The Gaps between Seat.
  6. Under the Tray.

Disinfect Eating Surface or Tray

It is recommended that we keep children’s eating surface or tray free from germs by disinfecting them. These Surfaces are always in contact with your baby’s food. To prevent the baby from falling ill, disinfect the tray by doing this:

1. Diluted bleach solution:

This was Prepared by adding 2 teaspoons of bleach to 1 gallon of water, mix properly. Wipe the eating surface or tray with the solution and allow it to dry.

2. White Vinegar:

Spray the surface with the white vinegar, leave for some time and afterward wipe with a soaked cloth.

3. Hydrogen peroxide:

Spray hydrogen peroxide on the tray, leave for five minutes, and afterward wipe with a wet fabric.

4. Disinfectant wipe:

Lastly, you can use a disinfectant wipe to Sanitize the tray and eating area. You can get access to these products and much more online here.


This Guide on how to fold a Cosco high chair may vary a little from other chairs. It is important to note that the triggers or buttons might be situated in slightly different places.

Nevertheless, if you understand the principles regarding where and how to fold a Cosco high chair, you should be able to fold up all other chairs pretty easily.

If you are still struggling with folding Cosco high chair, here is a video to put you through. Also, you can drop your questions in the comment section and I will be delighted to put you through.

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