How to Correct a Spoiled Child?

Raising children is challenging and it is even worst when the kids are not yours.

When you’re given the responsibility of taking care of your nephew and niece – you may be faced by disrespectful kids or a total spoiled brat.

How to correct a spoiled child? This is a question that has been asked a million times. I have heard many people saying “My Niece and Nephew are spoiled, they are rude and disrespectful”.

I understand how you feel, it is an awful experience. Just Relax! Help is on its way.

When you are faced with this type of difficulty, you need to know which approach works best while dealing with the kid.

Correcting and dealing with a spoiled brat requires you to make sure, the kid understands that no one likes a spoiled child. And you cannot be manipulated into doing his/her are bidding.

Please note that drastic approaches like Physical violence and punishment may not be the best idea, especially when these kids are not yours.

Furthermore, in this article, you are going to see the Characteristics of a spoiled child, how to deal with a spoiled brat and a stress-free approach on how to correct a spoiled child.

Who is a spoiled child?

Are your Niece and Nephew throwing too many tantrums of late, even when it is not necessary?

Spoiled children are fond of whining way too much just to persuade you into providing their demands.

When your child’s demands are constantly met and he/she has never heard ‘no’ for things requested. Then, they may become spoiled. Remember a child is not born spoiled, they picked up this behavior as they grow.

Therefore, a child is referred to as spoiled when he/she show behavioral issues which is a result of over pampering by their parents and guardians.

Characteristics of a Spoiled Child – How Parent Spoil Their Children

The characteristics of a spoiled child are visible when you come across such a kid. For those who are not aware, there are signs of a spoiled child to look out especially in your spoiled nephew and niece.


When a child whines and you give in to his demands easily, this could lead to you spoiling the child.

Overindulged parents can easily spoil their children without you even realizing it.

Giving in to your child’s demands, providing it immediately, and everything he asks gives the kid a feeling that you are mandated to satisfy his/her requests all the time.

When a child wants something and ordered you ASAP, saying “I WANT IT NOW!”. Then, these signs show you pampered them a lot and you raising a spoiled brat.

A spoiled child complains about everything and shows no gratitude. Your kid, Niece and nephew can exhibit such behavior.

Do not give a child unearned gifts because it has ways of affecting his attitude and behavior negatively.

Giving in to Tantrums

When parents/guardians are easily bent – you see them saying ‘yes’ to every demand of their kids.

Most caregivers give in to a child’s demand because they wouldn’t want to deal with the Child’s Tantrums.

Your child isn’t going to die when you say ‘no’ to their frivolous demands. Stand by your words, don’t be easily manipulated.

Otherwise, you are going to raise a spoiled brat with a spoiled child syndrome in adults.


Being overprotective as a parent can cause an unhealthy attitude in kids. Children, especially teenagers may rebel and turn out as spoiled brats when under too many restrictions.

They are filled with much aggression, owing to fact that they are overly controlled and restricted.

This fact makes them develop an undesirable attitude from the bottled-up frustration and anger.

Compensating for your Absent

We all know that kids are materialistic, but trying to Compensate your kids for your Absence will make the issues even worse.

Today, most parents are busy, they work long hours – both mom and dad.

Parent sometimes go overboard trying to make up for lost quality time with their kids by giving them materialistic things.

They give their kids money without enlightening their children on the importance of saving.

Over time, this approach can work against the parents, as the kid starts thinking he ought to get whatever, whenever and however.

Furthermore, financial Liberty is one of the foremost and biggest reasons for raising spoiled brats. 

Talks back at you

One visible sign of a spoiled child that you easily notice is the incessant talk back at their parents and other people.

Nothing irritates more than having a child who talks back at you! It is disheartening seeing some parents ignore this rude and annoying attitude but justifies it by saying she is just a kid.


There is a saying that says “good manners exalt”, also an African proverb says “Only a well-mannered child can seat and dine with the elders.”

A rude child is avoided like a plague.

People don’t want to be insulted by a child – it gets worse when you have them as niece and nephew living with you.

Teach your kids politeness and good manners because it an essential attitude they would need out there.

They Make the Decision

If you see kids taking all the decisions, on things they want to do over the weekend, what to eat? what to wear? That is a clear sign of a spoiled brat.

I am not saying you shouldn’t allow your kids to make a decision that benefits them. But, if your child always wants things his/her way, then you have a spoiled child.

How Do I Correct a Spoiled Child + How to Deal with a Spoiled Brat friend Child?

How to Correct a Spoiled Child

As caregivers and guardians, if we can deduce how to how to deal with a spoiled child, then correcting the child wouldn’t be an issue.

When you have a spoiled niece and nephew. There are approaches on how to deal with someone else’s spoiled child – that must be applied in order not to get yourself into trouble.

1. The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Them

Firstly, make it crystal clear to the child that no one likes a spoiled child. Let them know the world does not revolve around them.

Affirms the house rules, and make sure they observe them diligently. State it clearly, that there are consequences that will be faced if it is disobeyed.

2. Say “no” Without Guilt

Say “no” Without Guilt-how to correct a spoiled child.

if you ever want to learn how to correct a spoiled child, then you should start by saying “no” without guilt.

Spoiled children are manipulative. They can put up a show especially in public places, to make you look bad when you refuse to grant their demands.

Stamp your authority and stand by your words. Let them know that your “NO” means no.

3. Teach Consideration

Teach the child to see other people as important and be considerate to them. She should see that others have got needs too.

Let everything not be about them. Teach them to shift their focus from “ME” to “WE”.

4. Teach Them to Be Polite

Caregivers and guardians need to instill words like “please “, “thank you” and “sorry” into young Kids much earlier.

Unfortunately, the reverse is the case. Parents tend to forgo this vital personality, thinking that it does not matter. She is still just a child! As they will say.

5. Practice Gratitude

When trying to unspoil a spoiled child, especially your Niece and Nephew. You have to instill the act of appreciation in them.

Right before bedtime or at the dinner table, encourage them to give thanks and appreciate the little things in their lives.

Show kids that is joy in the simplest things in life. Find time to talk, play and connect with your kids, this is one of the things parents and guardians can do to curtail unhealthy behaviors.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t going to be easy correcting a spoiled a child, but with persistence work, positive result will come.

Children are not easy to handle, so be patience and adhere to these guidelines on how to correct a spoiled child.

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