How to Make Baby Clothes Smell Good in Drawer? 6 Easy and Cost-Effective Ways

We store or keep our clothes in the drawers, over time it develops an odor or become musty. How to make baby clothes smell good in drawers? Should always be at the back of our mind.

Smiling fresh after putting on nice clothes invigorates the soul and makes you feel good. You get the same feeling when you change your baby clothing and she is scent fresh and appealing.

Some things must be done to keep your baby clothes smelling fresh. What would that be? I will tell you soon!

The surest ways to make sure that your baby’s clothes smell good and without any lingering scents is to wash them with a detergent that has odor-fighting properties.

It may interest to know, that even the right detergent is not strong enough to wade off the effects on babies’ clothes being trapped in drawers for days. Here are how to make baby clothes smell good in the drawers at no cost.

1. Potpourri

At no cost, you can make your drawer sachets to add scent to your baby clothes by tying up a couple of tablespoons of your favorite potpourri (lavender or lemongrass) in a small cotton or muslin drawstring bag.

Place the sachet in the back of the drawer, in the pockets of pants or jackets to keep them smelling fresher longer. When the scent fades, they can be replaced.

2. Soap Bar

Babies’ clothes in the drawer can be kept smelling fresh when you leave scented bar soaps that you don’t need to work with. In the back corner of the drawer place heavily scented soaps; make sure the soaps wraps are on, to protect your baby clothes from been damaged by the soap oil.

The soaps can be replaced when their scent fades, but you can still use it for cleaning or washing.

3. Baking Soda

A natural way of removing odor from the drawer is by using baking soda. Sometimes kids and pregnant women may be allergic to perfumes. In situations like these, you need baking soda. With baking soda, you don’t need to add a perfume scent to keep drawer odor-free.

At the back of your baby’s clothes drawer, keep an open box of a baking soda and secure it to the drawer with a piece of tape if you’re worried about spills. Baking soda keeps the drawers smelling fresh by absorbing any unpleasant odors.

4. Car Air Fresheners

It’s amazing, knowing the amount of scent a car air freshener can give out to clothes even when it’s seen to lost all of its scents. In a less ventilated area like a closet or drawer, it has proven that it has some life left in it.

Drop a couple at the back of the drawer, the fragrance it has left will be enough to keep your clothes smelling great. Why not try some today?

What Detergents Are Safe for Baby?

baby clothes smell good

Babies’ clothes are adorable and cute, there is no denial about that. it is even pretty fun when you wore them their tiny bodysuits, adorable rompers, bonnets, etc.

But, the reality is that these charming nice clothes are going to get pretty dirty. Between food stains to spit up and every other thing, keeping baby’s clothes sparkling clean is not an easy job. You are going to need a detergent that is safe on baby’s sensitive, soft skin and also that gets the job done. What then can parents do?

The founder of Pure Direct Pediatrics and pediatrician Dr. Amna Husain, MD, FAAP has this to say.

“A whole lot of detergents brand claim to be safe for baby, but the truth is, they are not enough in actually getting your child’s clothes clean.

” You can use a baby detergent if it works for you and it’s OK, Dr. Husain says to keep things simple, use the same detergent you’re using on your clothes, it’s also safe. But you have to keep a few things in mind when looking for detergents that safe for babies.

Things to Look for in a Detergent Safe for Baby

There are a few things to watch out for when you’re choosing a detergent for your baby and your entire family, says Dr. Husain.

  1. Plant-based detergents
  2. Fragrance-free
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Dye-free

What to Avoid in a Detergent?

Dr. Husain, says a parent should avoid or discourages the use of:

  1. Laundry pods
  2. Brighteners
  3. Industrial-strength bleach solutions

Note: There are differences between unscented detergents and fragrance-free. “unscented detergent is not the same as Fragrance-free,” According to Dr. Husain. “Unscented detergent simply means that the perfume has been concealed, but is still existing in the detergent.”

how to make baby clothes smell good

How to Make Baby Clothes Smell Good Naturally?

There are several options for you when searching for natural methods to make your baby’s clothes smell good. You can make one yourself, or you may choose to buy a natural brand. Check properly when choosing detergent for baby’s clothes.

How to make baby clothes smell good naturally in the drawer without using harmful perfumes and other additives? Below are some of the natural ways to make baby clothes smell good:

#1 Baking Soda

When you want your kid clothes to be odor-less, and have only the scent of your favorite softener or detergent. Baking soda can help you retain the freshness of your laundry without adding aromas.

At the back of your baby’s clothes drawer, keep an open box of a baking soda and secure it to the drawer with a piece of tape if you’re worried about spills (damaging the wooden drawer). Baking soda keeps the drawers smelling fresh by absorbing any unpleasant odors.

#2 Cat Litter

Cat litter is designed to absorb odors and kill bacteria, also it is made from clay. It is a cost-effective and affordable way to keep baby clothes in the drawer or closet odor-free. However, there are scented ones if you’d like to pass on perfume or a scent to keep your laundry smelling fresh.

To achieve this, fill the cat litter in a plastic container and place it in the drawer. Make a few holes in the lid, close the container with the lid to keep it from spilling. For better results replace the litter regularly maybe every month.

#3 Vinegar

Vinegar has odor-eliminating properties, it is also a powerful deodorizer that you probably don’t know. Just a tablespoon of white vinegar, add it to your laundry detergent to keep the bad smell at bay.

To eliminate odor in the drawer, mix water and white vinegar in equal parts and spray the solution on your baby clothes before keeping them in the closet. For better and effective results spray the insides of the drawers too.

Note: Remember to turn all clothes inside out whenever you want to spray the solution to avoid discoloration.

The Final Say

The point raised in this article has shown that there are many ways on how to make baby clothes smell good in the drawer. The best part is that all these ways are inexpensive, simple, and easy to recreate.

How to make baby clothes smell good isn’t a hard thing to do. Give these tricks a try, after washing your baby’s clothes properly and see what happens.

I will like to know how these tips have helped you and what other tips to add to (how to make baby clothes smell good in the drawer) list. Drop your comments below.

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