120 Best Middle Names for Alexandra: Pretty Girl Names

If you have chosen Alexandra as your baby’s name but still don’t know what middle name to pick. I have got hundreds of good middle names for Alexandra you can use.

When searching for a cute middle name for Alexandra, you need a name that is elegant, cute, and unique.

The name ideas here will set you on the right path to choose the best baby girl names that go with Nathaniel. And, with the right information, you are sure of a reduced search time. 

120 Unique Middle names for Alexandra

Alexandra is a pretty feminine name that is appealing and pleasing to use. Nevertheless, finding middle names for Nathaniel that is easy to spell and has a pleasant feel to it can be difficult.

For a simpler and easy search, these are name ideas you should consider:

Good middle names for Alexandra

  1. Alexandra Alice
  2. Alexandra Anna
  3. Alexandra Aubrey
  4. Alexandra Autumn
  5. Alexandra Ava
  6. Alexandra Aurelia
  7. Alexandra Bethany
  8. Alexandra Bella
  9. Alexandra Beatrice
  10. Alexandra Claire
  11. Alexandra Chloe
  12. Alexandra Cate
  13. Alexandra Cora
  14. Alexandra Coralie
  15. Alexandra Charlotte
  16. Alexandra Celeste
  17. Alexandra Colette
  18. Alexandra Calista
  19. Alexandra Camille
  20. Alexandra Coral
  21. Alexandra Coralie
  22. Alexandra Catherine
  23. Alexandra Delphine
  24. Alexandra Deborah
  25. Alexandra Delilah
  26. Alexandra Destiny
  27. Alexandra Eleanor
  28. Alexandra Elena
  29. Alexandra Elizabeth
  30. Alexandra Eden
  31. Alexandra Ella
  32. Alexandra Elsa
  33. Alexandra Emma
  34. Alexandra Eliza
  35. Alexandra Emerson
  36. Alexandra Emily
  37. Alexandra Evelyn
  38. Alexandra Francesca
  39. Alexandra Faith
  40. Alexandra Fiona
  41. Alexandra Gabrielle
  42. Alexandra Genevieve
  43. Alexandra Hailey
  44. Alexandra Hannah
  45. Alexandra Harper
  46. Alexandra Hazel
  47. Alexandra Isla
  48. Alexandra Josie
  49. Alexandra Kayla
  50. Alexandra Lauren
  51. Alexandra Maren
  52. Alexandra Penelope
  53. Alexandra Paige
  54. Alexandra Pearl
  55. Alexandra Quinn
  56. Alexandra Rae
  57. Alexandra Rain
  58. Alexandra Reese
  59. Alexandra Rose
  60. Alexandra Rue
  61. Alexandra Ruth
  62. Alexandra Reagan
  63. Alexandra Riley
  64. Alexandra Ruby
  65. Alexandra Hermione
  66. Alexandra Josephina
  67. Alexandra Joelle
  68. Alexandra Melody
  69. Alexandra Felicity
  70. Alexandra Rachel
  71. Alexandra Katerina
  72. Alexandra Rose
  73. Alexandra Grace
  74. Alexandra Hope
  75. Alexandra Lisette
  76. Alexandra Renee
  77. Alexandra Harriet
  78. Alexandra Juliet
  79. Alexandra Miriam
  80. Alexandra Helen
  81. Alexandra Muir
  82. Alexandra Sybil
  83. Alexandra Thais
  84. Alexandra Tallulah
  85. Alexandra Jane
  86. Alexandra Isla
  87. Alexandra Noelle
  88. Alexandra Rose
  89. Alexandra Blythe
  90. Alexandra Bess
  91. Alexandra Eugenia
  92. Alexandra Juliette
  93. Alexandra Margaret
  94. Alexandra Penelope
  95. Alexandra June
  96. Alexandra Jillian
  97. Alexandra Gillian
  98. Alexandra Naomi
  99. Alexandra Florence
  100. Alexandra Sophie
  101. Alexandra Susannah
  102. Alexandra Sadie
  103. Alexandra Sarah
  104. Alexandra Scarlett
  105. Alexandra Sage
  106. Alexandra Shae
  107. Alexandra Skye
  108. Alexandra Sloane
  109. Alexandra Snow
  110. Alexandra Starr
  111. Alexandra Stella
  112. Alexandra Tess
  113. Alexandra True
  114. Alexandra Vale
  115. Alexandra Victoria
  116. Alexandra Vivienne
  117. Alexandra Viola
  118. Alexandra Willow
  119. Alexandra Wren
  120. Alexandra Zoe

One Syllable Baby Girl Names that go with Alexandra

A name is a means of identity, that help to differentiate an individual from another.  Consider the following One-Syllable middle names for Alexandra if you find them useful.  

  1. Alexandra Anne
  2. Alexandra Bea
  3. Alexandra Bekke
  4. Alexandra Blaire
  5. Alexandra Blake
  6. Alexandra Blue
  7. Alexandra Bree
  8. Alexandra Claire
  9. Alexandra Eve
  10. Alexandra Faith
  11. Alexandra Fern
  12. Alexandra Greer
  13. Alexandra Hope
  14. Alexandra Jade
  15. Alexandra Jai
  16. Alexandra Joy
  17. Alexandra June
  18. Alexandra Kai
  19. Alexandra Kate
  20. Alexandra Lane
  21. Alexandra Lark
  22. Alexandra Paige
  23. Alexandra Pearl
  24. Alexandra Quinn
  25. Alexandra Rae
  26. Alexandra Rain
  27. Alexandra Reese
  28. Alexandra Rose
  29. Alexandra Rue
  30. Alexandra Ruth
  31. Alexandra Sage
  32. Alexandra Shae
  33. Alexandra Skye
  34. Alexandra Sloane
  35. Alexandra Snow

Nicknames for Alexandra

Nicknames for Alexandra should be something Awesome and easy to pronounce at fun-time.  The below list for Appealing and Classic nickname ideas for Alexandra can be considered.

  1. Alli
  2. Allie
  3. Ally
  4. Alya
  5. Lexa
  6. Lexie
  7. Lexine
  8. Lexy
  9. Zandra
  10. Xandra
  11. Sandra
  12. Lisandra
  13. Anda
  14. Alla    
  15. Alle
  16. Alexa
  17. Alexia 
  18. Alexie
  19. Alexina
  20. Aleki

Names Similar to Alexandra

  1. Alesta
  2. Andre
  3. Cendrine
  4. Elixyvett
  5. Lysandra
  6. Roxanne
  7. Saskia

Other Ways to Spell the Name Alexandra


Different region and country have their unique ways of spelling Alexandra. These are a few ways of spelling Alexandra are awesome to use as well.

  1. Allejandra – Spanish
  2. Alejandra – Spanish
  3. Alixandra – Greek
  4. Alexsandra – Italia
  5. Alessandra – Greek
  6. Alissandra – Greek
  7. Aleksandra – Greek
  8. Aliaksandra – Belarusian
  9. Oleksandra – Ukrainian
  10. Alikhandra – Egyptian

What does the name Alexandra mean?

The name Alexandra name means “Man’s Defender” or “Protector of Men.” It originates from the compound Greek name (Alexein) meaning defend and (aner) meaning man. Roughly we can say it means, “The Defender of Man.”

Alexandra is the female form of Alexander. It is a cute girl name, associated with beauty and royalty. Alexandra has nice nicknames like Alexa, Alexie, anda, etc.

Alexandra is a classic name that can stand the test of time. It’s a good name for a baby girl and will age well with your child.

In 1912, Alexandra made its debut into the Girl’s name charts in the United States, ranking number 1081. The popularity kept growing and rose to the 26th position in 1996, as America’s most popular names.

In 2022, Alexandra was ranked as the 189th  most popular girl name, with a total of 1,544 newborns named Alexandra representing 0.087% of the total birth in the United States based on data from the Social Security Administration.

The Importance of Picking a Middle Name

A middle name comes with lots of benefits. The name is placed between your first name and your last name. Legally you are not mandated to have a middle name, but it is important. It is a way to compliment or add sparks to your other names.

Here are few reasons why you should consider having a middle name.

1# It Help You Preserve or Honor a Family Name

Using your family’s name as your baby’s middle name is a great way to preserve your family legacies.

The name you give your child provides you with an opportunity to honor more people in your family.

Choosing a middle name for Alexandra in this regard will limit contentions and stiffness among relatives who want to influence the name you give to your baby.

Simply ensure that the entirety of the names blends appropriately.

2# To Show Gratitude to Someone

Parents use a middle name to show gratitude to an important person in their lives. They are being grateful for what that person has done for them and how the person has helped them to achieve greatness.

The middle name you use could be the name of their Dad, Mom, Grandparents, or even Friends. I believe, it is a great honor to any individual when a child is named after him/her.

3# Baby’s Middle Name May Become his/her Nickname

Do you know that there are situations where the middle name ends up becoming the baby’s nickname?

Sometimes, children do choose to bear their middle name full-time. They want to make it sound cooler or may want total control over the name.

Also, a middle name can become useful in settings where there are many people with a similar first name, for example, in a classroom or sports team.

How to Pick Good Middle Names for Alexandra?

Picking the right middle names for Alexandra requires that you get a name that blends and sounds nice with the first and last name. To find good middle names for Alexandra, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Write down all the middle names with Alexandra you can find.     

Step 2: Say the names out loud and see which name appeals to you. Do not pick any name that sounds weird or odd. 

Step 3: Now add your child’s last name to what you got from step 2 and listen to how it sounds. Eliminate more names that don’t sound right.

Step 4: Check how well the middle name’s first letter plays out with the other names (first and last name). If you are satisfied with the combination, then go with it.

Step 5: If not, repeat the process.

Sibling Names that go with Alexandra

When picking Alexandra’s middle names, you also need to search for sibling names that go with Alexandra. These names will be suitable for a girl or boy after baby Alexandra.

Sister Names for Alexandra

  1. Alexandra and Bekke
  2. Alexandra and Blaire
  3. Alexandra and Blake
  4. Alexandra and Blue
  5. Alexandra and Bree
  6. Alexandra and Claire
  7. Alexandra and Eve
  8. Alexandra and Faith
  9. Alexandra and Fern
  10. Alexandra and Greer
  11. Alexandra and Hope
  12. Alexandra and Jade
  13. Alexandra and Jai
  14. Alexandra and Joy
  15. Alexandra and June
  16. Alexandra and Coral
  17. Alexandra and Coralie
  18. Alexandra and Catherine
  19. Alexandra and Delphine
  20. Alexandra and Deborah

Brother Names for Aurora

  1. Alexandra and Jake
  2. Alexandra and Brock
  3. Alexandra and Bryce
  4. Alexandra and Kar
  5. Alexandra and Drew
  6. Alexandra and Flynn
  7. Alexandra and Heath
  8. Alexandra and Jude
  9. Alexandra and Kyle
  10. Alexandra and Jayden
  11. Alexandra and Samson
  12. Alexandra and Benjamin
  13. Alexandra and Hudson
  14. Alexandra and Craig
  15. Alexandra and Sean
  16. Alexandra and Rodger
  17. Alexandra and Ryan
  18. Alexandra and Jack
  19. Alexandra and Matthew
  20. Alexandra and Sebastian


Now you’ve seen my 120 Cute Middle Names for Alexandra. These names are going to be helpful and will keep you on the right path when searching for Alexandra’s middle names.

The above middle names for Alexandra are good, classic, and cute for your beautiful little girl. So go ahead and choose whichever name you find worthy and suitable for your girl.

See more Baby Names and helpful ideas here.

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