15 Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy and After Childbirth

There many weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth that nobody tells you before becoming a mom. Being a mom is beautiful, it is one of the most fascinating things you can experience as a woman.

It comes with unexplainable joy and happy feeling as you birth your child into the world. But notwithstanding there are other sides of the coin that people are not talking about.

As a new mom, it is of essence you abreast yourself with the truth. You need to know that many weird things happen before, during, and after pregnancy that no one tells you. Being a mom is not so rosy as they made you believe. There are mood swings, body changes, hormonal switch, postpartum depression, hemorrhage, bleeding, high blood pressure, etc.

Today, few mothers took time to share their experiences on our Facebook group – on the various weird things that happen to them during pregnancy and after childbirth that no one talks about. Which are normal.

To help you understand better, let’s take a look at those weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth that no one tells you. These facts are real and happen to most women.

Weird Things That Happen During and After Pregnancy – Shared by Real Mom

There are many difficulties associated with the process of becoming a mother. These facts are real and normal but not everyone will tell you about them. Experienced mothers on our Facebook group “mommy needs a break ~ the group ~” took time to share their experiences with us.

Below are some vital observations made by these moms. These observations are based on the many weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth that no one is telling you about.

#1. You May Have Phantom Kicks for Several Years after Childbirth

Phantom kicks are one of the weird things that happen after childbirth. It is normal to feel a baby’s kick or movement in your tummy years after pregnancy. For a new mom, having phantom kicks feels weird, but it is perfectly normal to have such feelings even when you are not pregnant.

According to Woodus Tiffany, MD, FACOG “mothers can continue to feel or perceived fetal movement in their abdomen days, weeks, and even years after pregnancy”. So, when such kicks happen see it as a reminder of your pregnant era.

Here are what some mothers have to say:

Keeley Sushynski says – “You can have phantom kicks for up to 7years after birth.”

Jorgina Ovando says – “I’m two years postpartum and I had one last week that felt so real I took 3 pregnancy tests.”

Brooke Brooks says – “ok thought I was just crazy but now I know I’m not so crafter all.”

Sabrina Garza says – “My oldest just turned 7 last month and I do still get them.”

Jorgina Ovando says – “I’m skinny & small so when I was pregnant I could feel my son shift and sometimes I still feel it.”

Jenna Rae Vazzolino says – “ya know, I just now realized that is what has been going on with me. I even took a pregnancy test. I have an IUD! I’ve been freaking out.

#2. You Are Seen as A Bad Mom for Not Breastfeeding

breastfeeding baby

People expect you to breastfeed your baby, but when you decide not to. They see you as a bad mom. This factor is one of the many weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth, you don’t hear people talking about.  

When you decide not to breastfeed your baby may look weird to some people but it’s normal. If you have decided not to breastfeed your baby, it is okay, as far as it is not detrimental to the health of your child. Do not allow people to guilt-trip you into breastfeeding your baby if that’s not what you want.

Whatever your reasons are; let it be of good motivate and not to hurt your baby. You can use a breast pump to express breast milk into a bottle, store them in the refrigerator for a long time. When your baby is hungry, get them out of the refrigerator, place them in a bottle warmer, bring them to the desired temperature then feed your baby.

For latest the Latest Price of Breast pump, Bottle warmer and Refrigerator Click here.

#3. You’re Going to Sweat Profusely

Yes! You are going to sweat a lot. Sweating profusely is among those weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth, nobody tells you ahead of time.

Some women sweat so profusely after childbirth that it seems as if they poured a bucket of water on their bed. When my wife was pregnant she sweats a lot and when gave birth, she sweats Horribly 24/7 for about 4-6 weeks. Sometimes she wakes up in the pool of her sweat. It was so bad.

Some mothers narrate their experience on our Facebook group “mommy needs a break ~ the group ~.” Here is what they say.

Jasmine Wallace says – “no one told me that after birth, I would be sweating 24/7 for about 4-6 weeks. I would wake up in a pool of my own sweat.”

Renee Strout says – “I don’t even think that preeclampsia has anything to do with ….  but girl it was awful. I dead ass slept with towels under me because it got so bad I thought it was never going to end.”

Tanya Turner Cortis says – “The same thing happened to me! I read it was from the hormones and happens to some women.  I’d wake up and my shirt would be soaking wet. I did not have preeclampsia.”

#4. Natural Childbirth is Better Than Others

Don’t be deceived into believing that a particular type of childbirth is better, less risky, or normal than the others. All types of childbirth are normal and all have certain levels of pain. No birth is much easier than the other, they all have their pros and cons.

You decide to choose which child delivering process you want to embark on. Remember that the most significant thing is for you and your baby to be safe.

I have had a lot of women saying that natural birth makes you more of a mother than someone that went through a Caesarian section. That is very wrong, it so weird how people believe this insinuation.

The truth is all births are the same; You are delivering your child for God’s sake, it is not a competition! I urge you to focus on having your baby and be happy with yourself.

#5. Someone Has to Change Your Pad or Wipe You

For grown a woman, it is humiliating and embracing watching someone wipe you up or get your pad changed. After the caesarian section women are helpless, they need help to clean themselves up.

After a C-section Delivery, my wife couldn’t help herself, the nurse has to help clean her private, change her pads. She felt so helpless and humiliating.  Not being able to clean up yourself or change your pad is one of those weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth, nobody told you about.

Many mothers agreed it was a gross experience, that no one told them ahead of time. Some mother narrates their experiences below.

Emily Rodriguez says – “After a C-section, a nurse will have to help you change your pads and maybe even wipe you down there. I felt so helpless and humiliated.”

AshliPorter Mathis says – “same” with a crying emoji.

Summerlee Smith says – “no one told me this ahead of time!!!”  

#6. Babies do Lactate

Babies’ lactating is another weird thing that happens after childbirth, that most people don’t know.

Seeing babies lactate is a shocking moment for many parents. When babies Lactate, this could be as a result of the mother’s hormones still in the baby’s system. It is sometimes called the witches tits. It is weird but happens a lot, even in boys.

On our Facebook group, many moms agreed that they have seen their children lactate even with the male child. They said it was the weirdest they had ever seen and surprisingly nobody told about them. 

Alexandra Lopez says – “it’s happened with 2 of my boys and I thought for sure something was wrong with him the first time.”

Bambi Nicole says – “my son had swollen boobs at his first checkup, I was worried something was wrong nope he just had my hormones, and it’s called witches tits who knew!!!”

Anna Campo says – “Babies… yes even boys can lactate after birth from mama hormones. Weirdest thing ever.”

Alexandra Lopez says – “had no clue the Dr. showed me at my baby’s 3wk visit I was like wtf.”

#7. You May Have Urine Leak for Months

On like when you can hold your pee for hours, during pregnancy it becomes difficult for you to hold your pee for long. You may have had women saying “the weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth, is you may not be able to sneeze, exercise or cough without having a urine leak”.

It is embarrassing seeing a little pee on your cloth, just laughing at a friend’s joke, or doing a little strenuous workout. The good news is that; this condition is treatable and there are remedies for it.

 Mariene Corton, M.D. Obstetrics and Gynecology at the UT Southern Medical Center says “Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the most widely recognized kind of urinary incontinence linked with pregnancy. Over 33% of pregnant women experience involuntary pee leakage during the second and third trimesters, and sometimes during the initial months after childbirth (1-3 months)”.

When urinary incontinence occurs during pregnancy. There is a high chance of having a urinary incontinence problem after birth. It is essential to notify your doctor immediately you see signs of urinary incontinence during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Causes of Urinary Incontinence

Delivery and pregnancy can cause stress urinary incontinence in so many ways:

  • As your baby continues to grow and occupies a great deal of space. The uterus enlarges and squeezes the bladder, urethra, and pelvic floor muscles. Which lead to leaks each time a mother coughs, laugh or even Sneeze.
  • Labor, especially vaginal childbirth, can stretch and incapacitate the pelvic floor muscles. This can lead to the displacement of the pelvic organs from their original position, in which your uterus, bladder, or rectum sinks into the vaginal canal.

Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

Education and sensitization is the first step towards preventing urinary incontinence. Other treatment recommended by doctors includes Pelvic floor muscle exercises and Kegel exercises to toughen the pelvic floor muscles and urinary sphincter.

#8. You Can’t Escape Body Changes and Weight Gain

Thinking that you are going to escape weight gain gross body changes are some of the weird things that happen during pregnancy and childbirth.

My wife told me that being pregnant means, your body will go through changes. Eating what you normally wouldn’t eat like have cravings for carbs, junks, and many other unhealthy foods.

Not only that you go through emotional and physical changes. The most troubling part for ladies is the change in body size (weight gain).

Weight gain comes with pregnancy. So it is important to note that, you are going to gain some weight. You may witness swelling of some body parts e.g. the nose, lips, feet, etc. And most importantly a general weight gain.

However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to look washed up in shabby clothes. Gets trendy clothing for pregnant women and beautiful maternity gowns here.


#9. Believing Breastmilk is Better Than Formula

 Baby formula can stand in place of breastmilk, they are healthy and can provide all the nutrients your baby needs to grow strong. However, some people believe is it bad and should be discouraged.

It is okay and normal if you want to feed your baby with formula. Believing that breastmilk is the better food for babies is one of those weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth that many people may have told you.

It’s okay if you decide to feed your baby with formula. But it important to note that the first breast milk (colostrum) which comes out within 24 to 48 after childbirth is required for babies. It is the first form of immunity for your child.

Moms can start with the colostrum and then transition to formula within few weeks down the line. For mothers who find it difficult to produce enough milk or do not produce it at all. There are baby formulas that mimic natural breast milk.

It contains probiotics, essential nutrients, etc. for protection and optimum baby’s growth. See more reviews of baby formulas on Amazon here:


#10. Postpartum Depression: Rage and Anxiety Are Normal

Having Postpartum depression normal and it is one of those weird things that happen during and after childbirth they never told you about.

Postpartum is the period after childbirth when women feel sad, guilt, hopeless, loss of interest in activities. They also have anxiety, mood swings, or panic attack. This period averagely lasts for 3 to 5 days, but when it persists longer than 2 weeks you have postpartum depression.

It is important to note that you’re not a bad mom feeling sad and angry with your baby; these feelings are real and normal. Postpartum depression can affect anyone, don’t be deceived by those saying it hereditary.

With time, your baby blues will gradually give way. In a severe case of postpartum depression, the treatment includes counseling, hormone therapy, and antidepressants.

#11. You May Have Repeated Yeast Infection and UTIs

Pregnant women have a high chance of contracting several kinds of infections. Bacterial Vaginosis, Urinary tract infections, and Yeast are some of the Infections that pregnant women could contract repeatedly.

Pregnant can get infected severally during the period of their pregnancy even after undergoing treatment before. Having repeated UTIs and yeast infections are some of those weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth that no one tells you.

It is important to treat these infections early, to prevent your baby from contracting the disease during birth.

Pregnant women in their second and third trimester are most likely to get Yeast infection than at any other time. According to the center for disease control CDC, 75% of all women will have a Yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel ashamed that you have to visit the gynecologist severally over your infections.

#12. Hair Loss

Experiencing Hair loss is one of those weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth. These have become nightmares to many women as they now scuffle for remedies that may or may not be effective.

During pregnancy, a small percentage of women do experience hair loss also known as Telogen Effluvium. This is caused by stress or shock on the body as it tries to balance the hormonal shifts to pave way for the growing fetus. It does not lead to permanent hair loss and the duration is short.

I believe you are also aware that new moms do have hair loss, called postpartum hair loss. New moms begin to notice a visible loss of hair a few months after having a baby. This is normal and there is nothing to be scared of. According to AAD, this hair loss is due to falling estrogen levels.

This hair loss is temporary and you don’t have to do much to remedy it, because it all going to grow back to its fullness.

#13. You Have No Control Over Your Sleep

Babies have no specific time when they sleep. They sleep and wake up whenever they like. It becomes relatively difficult for a nursing mom to sleep when her baby is crying at odd hours of the night. The parent has to wake up and attend to her needs, this makes it difficult to have a sound sleep at night.

Babies who wake often at night are always a topic of discussion on most Parent forum. These Moms are worn out from dealing with broken sleep. They ponder how they can help their infants sleep longer at night. From experience, I know many moms will be so confused by the numerous kinds of guidance they are given to fix the ‘Issue’.

Baby crying uncontrollably at night is one of those weird things that happen after childbirth, that drives most parents nuts. This is perfectly normal as the baby’s sleep patterns change constantly when the child develops from little to older baby to toddler.

Moms should know that each child is unique and their sleep style will change as the baby grow older.

#14. People Think Feeding a Baby While Asleep Will Keep Them Sleeping

You can’t make babies sleep longer at night or daytime by feeding them while they sleep. Feeding your baby during sleep is one of those weird things that happen after given birth that seems right but is wrong.

Many moms have been blackmailed into feeding their babies even when they are asleep. They believe that a well-fed baby will be too tired to wake up to disturb the parent’s nights of sleep or daily chores.

Have you ever been in a situation where doctors and nurses wouldn’t speak with you because you choose not to breastfeed your baby even while she sleeps? My sister was treated in that way and it is disheartening when such treatment could be meted out from medical personnel. Feeding your when they are sleeping may seem right but isn’t.

#15. Nipple Shield is Needed and Important

You need a nipple shield! Thinking that you don’t need a nipple guard is one of those weird facts that play out after childbirth.

weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth

When babies are born premature or have tongue-tie they find it difficult to latch on easily. When a breastfeeding mom has a sore or cracked nipple, breastfeeding her becomes very painful. Therefore, she needs a nipple shield to help her baby feed properly.

Some people feel using a nipple shield is weird but it is perfectly normal. A nipple shield can provide a protective cover for the mother’s sore or cracked nipple and also help the baby latch easily (suckle properly). It is a win-win situation. It shouldn’t be seen as odd or weird when you need a shield to help your child feeding properly.


#16. Your Body is Never Going to Be the Same

Your body is never going to be the same when you compare it before and after pregnancy. Pregnancy can ruin your body. Sometimes, the degree of ruins may differ for different people because of their body type. The facts that not many people are telling you, does not it not going to happen to you.

Your body will go through changes – some women develop wide hips, stretch marks, back pains, bulge belly or belly fat, become overweight, saggy boobs, high blood pressure, postpartum depression, etc. The facts remain, even if you could get rid of the body fat. Your body cannot fully recover from the damage pregnancy brings.

These facts are one of those weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth. But, the awesome thing here is that you became a mother. The advantage of having a baby outweighs the cons of bringing them to the world. If there is anything to brag about – you have contributed immensely to promoting continuity of life.

#17. When You Pee It Make Loud Noise

Have you noticed how loud pregnant women’s pee sounds? It’s so loud. The sound could wake a sleeping baby. In general women’s pee makes a loud sound, but that of a pregnant woman is even louder.

The loud sound the pee makes is a result of pressured urine. The baby in the womb is practically sitting on the mother’s bladder. So when pregnant women go to pee, the urine leaves the bladder with high pressure because of the force acting on the bladder.

Closing Remarks

In nutshell, we have been able to enlighten you on the many weird things that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth, no one tells you. All these facts are a real and normal occurrence in most pregnant women.

In all, I know you able to relate to two or three of these facts. From the experiences you had, you can now understand those weird things that happen to you during pregnancy and after childbirth better which no one tells you ahead of time.

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