When Can I Have a Bath After C Section Delivery – Quick Guide to Fast Recovery

When can I have a bath after c section? If this question seem meaningless to you then you don’t know the discomfort women have to go through after having a C-section.

Delivering a baby through a c section is not as easy as one may think it would be. Aside from the normal troubles and pains that women face after the surgery, they are denied necessities like bathing.

How to Know When Can I Have a Bath After C Section?

You have to understand that since the cut on the abdomen is still fresh, the woman can’t have her bath until after 4 to 6 weeks. This waiting period allows the cut to heal properly and also to prevent infection and contamination.

The most embracing aspect of the c section to most women is: You need the help of people to wipe your butt after each bowel motion. For some days you are going to be practically immobile, glued to your bed, and left to the mercy of nurses through the period.

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when can I have a bath after c section
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Five things to avoid after a c section to speed up recovery.

After going through your surgery, the doctor will spell out the dos and don’ts to help recover well in due time. A c section requires more postpartum care and attention. Doing the wrong thing can disrupt or slow down the healing process.

More so, there are things that you might do ignorantly that could prompt a medical condition and delay forestall the healing process. So here are the five things you should avoid after a c section to speed up recovery.

Avoid Things That Could Make Cough or Sneeze:

Women can easily catch a cold because their post-delivery immunity is still low. Catching causes, you to cough and sneeze which puts pressure on your scar. When this goes on for a while it put a strain on the weak abdomen muscle, preventing it from getting strong and heal the scar.

Avoid Sit up Exercise:

Avoid exercise on the abdomen that can put pressure on the post C section tummy. Although, some form of exercise can help strengthen your abdomen so they heal fast.

Most women can’t wait to get back to their pre-pregnancy era but you need a doctor to confirm that you are for abdominal exercise. Therefore, avoid Sit-ups and abdominal exercises until you are asked to do so.

Avoid Wearing Tight Band:

I know you want to get back to shape as quickly as possible, but should avoid wearing tight or band on your abdomen till when you are given a green light by your doctor. C section maternity band can cause more harm if started too early with it. I believe the last thing you would need is another stomach problem that leads to a significant surgery like a c section surgery.

Laugh therapy:

In the early week of your C-section, you don’t need to Laugh much. It is a well-known fact that Doctors normally prescribe laugh therapy for new mom especially does with postpartum depression.

While this might help a lot, you shouldn’t join one after a C section as much laugher will cause pain and strain on the scar. Rather, partake in relaxation therapies like meditation and yoga, they help curb postpartum depression.


Constipation can exert pressure on the abdominal area while passing motion. This motion can be agonizing and affect the scar. Abdominal tear and internal contamination are also a result of severe constipation which causes more trouble post C section delivery.

To avoid constipation, ensure your meal has a high amount of fiber and drink plenty of water when eating. If your constipation persists ask your doctor for laxatives that can assist with the freeing of your bowel from obstruction.

Why You Need Postpartum Girdle After a C section delivery?

A high chance is, you are going to need a Postpartum girdle after any type of abdominal surgery like c section delivery. The abdominal binder used during your recovery, help to encircle and compress the abdomen.

The objective is that the material secures the surgical cut, while the binder’s pressure help to reduce the pain that comes with the surgery. Postpartum girdle is a good healing conveyor and in no time the question “when can I have a bath after c section” will be a thing of the past.

Advantages of Postpartum Girdle

The advantages of wearing a postpartum girdle include:

  • Reduces Fluid retention and inflammation
  • Encourages quick recovery from a caesarian delivery
  • Aid blood circulation
  • Enhances posture and movement
  • Decreasing back agony
  • Reducing back pain
  • Stabilizing your pelvic floor
  • Make exercises more comfortable
  • Provides support to the abdominal muscles to quicken the healing process
  • Keep the pelvic floor stable


when can I have a bath after c section! I believe this post has been able to clarify the time duration to wait after a caesarian surgery before you can have your bath.

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