Home Remedies for Loose Motion in Infants

Is your baby having loose motion? Does he/she have watery stool? Do not panic! I’m going to share with you the Best Home Remedy for Loose Motion in Infants, The Causes, Symptoms and How to Stop It.

Loose motion in infants or Diarrhea gives every responsible parent a course for concern. It is hurtful seeing your little angel cry in pain because of an upset stomach.

No parents want their infants to go through such pain, I believe that why you came searching for a remedy.

Home remedies for loose motion in infants are not as elusive as you may think. As parent, you may have wondered what is the cause loose motion. Here is my little explanation on the main factors that triggers a loose motion.

Causes of Loose Motion in Infants

In most instances where a child suffers from loose stool, it could be as a result of the unevenness of fat, fiber, and undigested sugars in the gut.

When there is a large number of these substances in the colon, it increases the volume of liquid that stays there. Leaving the other part of the body with little liquid to absorb. These makes stools watery and runny more than usual.

Infections are another cause of loose motion in infants. Infectious organism like the Rotavirus, Salmonella, and parasites like Giardia brings loose motion causing watery stools. It comes with episodes of vomiting and fever also.

Drugs are another trigger for loose motion in babies; the drugs your young one is on may cause watery stool and runny stomach. When your child is on medication, ensure that he drinks enough liquids.

Studies demonstrated that the lactobacillus present in yogurt can help control bacteria introduced by antibiotics.

Food contamination is another top causes of loose motion in infants. Its side effects include watery stool and vomiting. Loose motion likewise may arise from food allergies, celiac disease, and irritated bowel.

Symptoms of Loose Motion in Infants

when dealing with stomach upset, parent need to what their child is suffering from. Aside from having watery stools, baby would encounter a couple of other symptoms like nausea and fever.

Your baby having loose motion, you will notice their guts appear pale and are smells more than normal. Some kids may become restive and ache their back moving back and forth with loosen bowels and constipation.

See your pediatrician if your little child has a rash and has not peed for a longtime. Also call on your doctor if the baby vomits a green, yellow liquid or have a fever with a temperature above 66 o C or 105 o F.

12 Home Remedies for Loose Motion in Infants (How to Stop Loose Motion Fast)

Dealing with children suffering from loose stools is so stressful, but the situation can be curtailed and treated, with some know-how.

In a situation where there is no access to medical or a pediatrician on call – you use the following super tips. Kiddiesquare brings you 12 my best home remedies for loose motion in infants.

1. Hydration

For babies 0 – 6 months old, dehydration use to be more severe at this stage. When young babies are having loose motion, they get dehydrated because of the access liquid leaving their bodies.

To prevent it from happening, give baby liquids like water, grape juice, and ORS. Nurse your baby regularly with this liquid because infants who are breastfeeding usually develop loose motion.

Also, give a baby electrolyte replacement when these other liquids seem not effective.

Oral Rehydration Salt Solution

ORS is a drink specifically prepared for loose motion. Infants battling with loose motion and having loose stools all day should be given an oral rehydration salt (ORS) Solution with zinc supplement daily for about 3 days.

Homemade Oral Rehydration Salt

In one liter of clean water, mix 6 level teaspoon of sugar and half (½) level teaspoon of salt and dissolve together. Too much sugar can worsen your child diarrhea, also excess salt can be very harmful to the baby so be careful with the mixture.

2. Special BRAT diet

 The Academy of Pediatrics has campaigned a special diet that can assists with containing the run of watery stools.

BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Apple puree, and Toast. The diet is an effective solution to loose motion. Don’t be frightened by the sensitive nature of your child’s stomach, these foods wouldn’t upset them.

If your little one doesn’t want the BRAT diet, worry not! You can try out other home remedies for loose motion in infants.

3. Fat and Fiber

Sometimes babies do have lingering loose stools. It is good for parents to bump up the quantity of fiber in their baby’s diet. When this happened, it tightens the stools and makes them less runny. 

Make sure you familiarize your child only with healthy fats; healthy fats include fats from fresh fish like cod. Foods with fiber comprise fruits and fresh vegetables, cereals, beans, and grain bread.

4. Nutmeg


Nutmeg is one of such foods to give toddlers with loose motion, it is an aged-long remedy used in various parts of the world till date.

It is typically prepared by grinding a little bit of the flavor on a stone processor to get some powder. This powder is then blended in with some water and offered to children. The mixture give relief to loose motion in kids especially to toddlers.

5. Banana


Bananas have loads of supplements that make it ideal nourishment for babies. Banana has a good deposit of potassium; the potassium help eases your child’s bowels after a loose motion session.

Banana is sweet and is loved by kids, furthermore, it helps babies develop muscles. Banana has a rich source of Vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, iron, Vitamin C, calcium, and Vitamin A.

6. Breastmilk

baby breastfeeding

In the event where your breastfeeding infant makes a mess in his pants or diapers, keep breastfeeding him/her. Mother’s breast-milk will help keep your toddler hydrated and further tackle his troubled bowels.

7. Ginger Drink

ginger root for making ginger juice
Image by: Gate 74/pixabay

Gingerol and Shoganol in ginger can help reduce the inflammatory effects of loose motion. It delivers the number of gastric juices the body needs to process food.

It makes the digestive organs stronger and further helps digestion. Ginger battles the germs that cause looseness of the bowels and also cleans the digestive system.

Many moms from the earlier years depend on the power of ginger to decrease the side effects of loose motion. For the most part, ginger drink or its other forms are intended for kids that are a little older and not for young babies.

8. White Rice

Handmade rice grain is filled with iron, fiber, manganese, protein, and a huge amount of other essential nutrients and minerals for infants. It provides an incredible solution to loose stools for little children of 4 months or more.

9. Starchy Foods

Boiled potato, yam, cassava can bring relief to an upset baby’s stomach. Food rich in starch is easier for a young child to digest fast. It quickly harden stools and bring a loose motion under control.

Avoid spicing up the starchy foods because they are likely to trigger and worsen the loose stools.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar contains Enzymes that battle the microorganisms in most toddler’s stomach. Additionally, it has gelatin, which safeguards the stomach’s lining.

How it is Done

Blend two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with some water. Mix with honey if your child is unable to drink it because of its excessively sour taste. In no time your baby will fully recover from her loose motion.

11. Blueberry Soup

Blueberries are a kid’s favorite because of their outstanding taste. They contain antibacterial and antioxidants properties that battle your child’s stomach infection. Some doctors have recommended that young babies should eat blueberry soup often.

12. Carrot Juice

carrot juice for loose mortion

Carrot, containing gelatin, that gets rid of your child’s symptoms of loose motion. Drinking carrot juice thrice daily will help your baby recoup quickly.

Carrot’s anthocyanosides and tannins can take control of the germs that cause loose motion in infants.

The Bottom line

See a doctor fast when your baby has lost enough fluid from loose motion. In a situation where the dehydration is severe, your child may suffer dizziness, dry skin, lack of energy.

Babies could suffer from shock brain damage, seizures, and death if loose motion is dealt in time.

It is important to have carrots, Nutmeg, Ginger, and some other likely foods ready in your home, as you can use them to comfort a baby with loose motion symptoms fast.

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DISCLAIMER – The information on this post is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider.

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