How to Get Rid of Hanging Belly After C-Section and Get Back to Shape fast

Do you want to know to how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section? You in the right place. Life is constantly changing, regardless of what it may bring whether, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, or any other thing.

Having a c-section is one of such life changing moment, it leaves you with a scar and the many postpartum challenges that comes with childbirth.

After having your child, it leaves you with a mother’s apron or hanging belly. Most hanging belly and belly fat change your physique and make you feel less of yourself. Having a hanging belly has made some women lost their self-esteem, they wear baggy cloth to cover up.

They are afraid to wear a swimsuit or any cloth that will reveal their tummy. Therefore, I am going to show you how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section and get to shape fast

Losing Hanging belly: My little secret

how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section

Losing body fat or belly fat is hard, but losing a hanging belly is even harder. You need to persevere, encourage yourself, and remain dedicated to your program. The bigger you are, the more colossal it is to lose belly fat.

My little secret is “Prevention.” As they say, prevention is the best antidote. Prevention is the best remedy to hanging belly. If you eat right and stay on course with a healthy meal plan, you have cut down about 60% of the trauma of losing your hanging belly.

Educating yourself in weight maintenance through well-planned nutrition and exercise, will prevent you from gaining more belly fat throughout your pregnancy period. Here is a good article that can help you get a flat tummy.

How to Get Rid of Hanging Belly After C-Section

My wife told me that being pregnant means, your body will go through changes. Eating what you normally wouldn’t eat, like craving carbs, junks, and many other unhealthy foods. Not only that, you go through emotional and physical changes. The most troubling part for ladies is the change in body size – weight gain and belly fat.

Hanging belly becomes visible after pregnancy or weight loss. It is called pannus abdomen, apron belly, or mother’s apron. They occur after c-section delivery or natural birth. To get rid of those belly fat after c-section or natural birth here is seven (7) guaranteed approaches on how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section in a short time.


It is important to know that whichever method you choose in getting rid of your hanging belly an ample amount of time is needed before you can start seeing any visible effect. Your determination and commitment towards a weight loss or belly fat reduction program shouldn’t be compromised.

Therefore, be patient with the process or whichever method you have selected as your preferred approach on how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section.

Eat the Right Food

Like I rightly said, prevention is the best medicine. The journey towards gaining your body back after childbirth lies on what you put into your body. Getting rid of your hanging belly after a c-section starts from the days of pregnancy. Eating right is about picking the right foods that can help maintain the right body weight.

Our doctor told my wife that her body needs 300-500 calories daily to keep her body healthy and functioning properly. During the early months of pregnancy, the body secretes pregnancy hormones which permit your body to put on weight very easily.

You should be mindful of what you eat because eating junk food will only you make put on more weight and increase belly fat. Therefore, consume more fruits and vegetables, eggs, and milk to help you stay healthy.



One simplest approach how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section is breastfeeding. I was amazed when my wife told me about this method. She said that breastfeeding can help moms burn a high amount of calories, thereby, helping women get rid of the extra fat they got during pregnancy.

That is to say, breastfeeding your baby for at least 6 months; not only creates a bond between mother and child it also eliminates belly fat quickly.


Drinking more water can assist with hydrating your body as well as assist in flushing out the abundance of fat from your system. Taking water is crucial after Caesarian because it does not only help in keeping the fluid in equilibrium but keeps you from eating too much. After your surgery, drinking more water can assist in accelerating the healing process.


Juicing and drinking lemon water is one of the safest methods on how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section. They Detoxifying your system and remove excess fat hanging below your abdomen.

It is essential to know that in reducing your calorie intake, you need a lot fruit juice. You have to invent various flavors of juice so that you don’t get bored taking a particular type of juice.

a juicer- fruit juicer

A Juicer make it easier for you, it helps you add many ingredients together to make your juice. See latest price of juicers Machine here.

A Smoothie diet is a complete fat burner, it help to reduce of your belly fat and cut out any hanging belly after a c-section fast. Click here to start a smoothie diet


It is not proper to engage in rigorous exercise when you are recovering from a cesarean section. In the early months after the c-section, a light walkout or a walk in the park is good. Walking is one of the easiest means can use to get rid of the hanging belly after a c-section.

Walking is a low effect exercise that assists with boosting metabolism and as well burn the added fat in the belly. Likewise, walking can help in expanding your energy, hence, stopping more fats from getting stored in the body.

Postpartum Girdle or Belt

Using a postpartum girdle is a well-known approach on how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section. A postpartum girdle or bond is not only used to tighten the abdominal muscles, it can also help reduce pelvic and back pain as a result of the labor.

A postpartum bond, belt, or girdle can help get rid of your hanging belly after a c-section. Ensure that you begin using this belt or girdle 2 -3 months after c-section delivery.

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mother and newborn


To summarize, you can’t get rid of hanging belly by eating wherever comes your way. You have to eat right, eating the right kind of foods (fruits, veggies, eggs, proteins, etc.) is a great step towards knowing how to get rid of hanging belly after c-section.

However, the best approach to losing belly fat and hanging belly is by preventing it. Eat right, exercise, follow a diet regimen early during pregnancy. This is the safest and surest way to get rid of the hanging belly after c-section.

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