Contractubex vs Mederma: Which One Is Better for Scar Removal

We’ve all at one point had injury that left scars on our bodies. These scars may last for a lifetime if efforts are not made to get them removed. You need a scar-removing gels – Contractubex vs Mederma which one do you trust to do the work for you.

If you have stretch marks or had surgical operations like a c-section. There is a high chance you will have a scar and may not be able to stand the after-effects. Many women who had compared Contractubex vs Mederma, always ask – which one is better? and what are their difference?

Contractubex or Mederma – which one is better? As you all know, both products are used for the improvement or prevention of scars (body reaction to an injury). They are made by the same company (Merz Pharmaceuticals). They have allantoin, onion extract as the main ingredients in their products.

Either product can help improve scars. However, contractubex has an additional main ingredient, known as sodium heparin which was mixed with other ingredients to produce an improved scar healer.

Contractubex can improve and heal your injury faster because of the heparin interacting with the collagen molecules in the skin.

Contractubex Gel

Contractubex gel is safe for use in patients with hypertrophic, keloid, and deforming scars. Contractubex is highly effective in treating scars and has proven it over the years. It is recommended for treating scars from surgeries, burns, wounds, cuts, etc. You are assured of a nearly invisible scar or total eradication.

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  • More affordable than Mederma
  • Contains Heparin for quick action on surgical scars
  • Has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties
  • Remove scar to near non existence
  • Time consuming and tiring
  • Not effective on Acne scar
  • Has an odor due to onion extract

What Does Contractubex Gel Do?

Contractubex gel is a good treatment for various types of scars. Contractubex is applied right after the wounds have healed. Contractubex gel hinders the growth of scar tissue, decreases redness, swelling, and anti-inflammatory, and softens scar tissue.

Is Contractubex gel Effective?

Contractubex is safe for use right after the healing process has begun. The result you’re going to get from Contractubex gel is worth the wait. Contractubex gel contains ingredients that support the healing and formation of thicker fibrils or and positively influence intermolecular bonding in collagen.

Please contact your doctor before using these products on your skin.

Active Components in Contractubex

#1. Extractum cepae

Extractum cepae is an active ingredient in Contractubex with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Cepae (onion extract) can help to prevent the formation of scar tissue.

#2. Heparin

Heparin is a tissue structure softener, supports tissue regeneration, and can interact with collagen molecules to bind scar tissue. It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties.

#3. Allantoin

It boosts wounds or cuts the healing process and a tissue structure softener. It goes into the skin to relieve itching resulting from scar formation.

Mederma gel

Mederma is an effective product for treating scars associated with cuts, wounds and stretch marks, etc. Mederma has worthy ingredients that help to make scars nearly invisible, soften the skin, prevent scars and encourage hair growth on scar sites.

  • One of the most affordable choices for scar creams
  • Can be used for both new and old scars
  • Does not contain any Mercury
  • Quick scar reduction after two week
  • Older scars require longer treatment
  • May cause swelling, or discoloration
  • Has an odor due to onion extract

Mederma works on old and new scars. They usually give visible results within 4-8 weeks, for new scars and 3-6 months, for older scars. Mederma comes in gel, cream, or oil and should be used according to prescription. Please contact your doctor before using these products on your skin.

Contractubex vs Mederma: What’s The Difference

Contractubex and Mederma are both used for scar removal and have onion extract as the active ingredient. As you have known they are manufactured by the same company.

However, both gels are made with a slight difference and have an impact on their efficacy. Here are some of the things that differentiate both products.


Mederma and Contractubex both have Allantoin and Cepae (onion) base extract as ingredients but they have some differences too.

Mederma formula components include

  • Water (purified)
  • Allantoin topical (Active)
  • Xantham Gum
  • Allium Cepa (Onion) Extract
  • Methylparaben
  • Sorbic Acid
  • Fragrance

For contractubex, the gel formulations comprise of few ingredients. With an additional ingredient called heparin.  Heparin – encourages tissue regeneration, with anti-inflammation properties.

Contractubex formula components include

  • Extractum Cepae
  • Heparin
  • Allantoin


Contractubex and Mederma generally have a similar purpose – treatment of scars. But, looking deeper you will find out that their job is quite different. 

Contractubex helps to remove or prevent scar relating to surgical operations (like caesarian section) wound, burn, laser wound (tattoo removal) cuts. Contractubex helps to treat topical thrombophlebitis and relieve itching.

While, Mederma helps to treat scars relating to surgical operations, wounds, and cuts. But do not handle issues like laser wounds and burns. It further indicated handling other issues like stretch marks, Alopecia, microbial infections, etc.

When comparing Contractubex vs Mederma you will notice that they are areas where each gel specialized more even if they generally have the same purpose.


Mederma and Contractubex are very well known for treating scars and other marks. But, different individuals still find either of them suitable for one purpose and ineffective for another.

Contractubex is effective on burn scars. To reduce or prevent scar formation, apply your Contractubex gel right after the burn has healed, but Mederma gel is not for burns.

Meanwhile, Mederma is effective on an injury, stretch marks, and cuts. It is also effective when using it for microbial infections and acne scars.


Pricing is an important factor when comparing Contractubex vs Mederma. Contractubex is less expensive than Mederma and the difference is not much. In general, these gels are very affordable. The price difference maybe as a result of the range of uses Mederma has over Contractubex.

Contractubex vs Mederma: Which One Is Best for Scars

Contractubex and Mederma have both proven effective in the treatment of scars but may not deliver the same result for different types of scars.

Burn scar and Surgery

The manufacturer recommends applying Contractubex right after the healing process has begun. Apply it 1x or 2x daily (for fast result) for 2-3 months.

Injury scar

Mederma works effectively with cuts and injuries. You will start seeing visible results after 4 weeks of applying the gel (1x daily), for new scars, you start seeing results in 8 weeks.

Contractubex vs Mederma: Which Is Better for Stretch Marks?

Right from the purpose, we can outrightly say that Mederma is best for stretch marks removal. Because it has ingredients that help in relaxing the skin and relieving the marks on the skin that appear due to stretching.

Contractubex vs Mederma: The Final Verdict

Taking a critical look at Contractubex vs Mederma, you will agree with me that both products have areas where their potency is maximized. From my personal experience, I will say that Contractubex is better in treating scars associated with cuts, burns, and laser wounds. While, Mederma is better for stretch marks, acne scars, and microbial infections etc.

Both products are affordable to everyone. Therefore, buying any of these products depends on their usage. If you want quick results on Stretch marks and Acne scar then go for Mederma. But if you want nearly an invisible result on burns, surgery cuts, wounds, etc. then go for Contractubex.

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