6 Things to do to Suppress Appetite when Trying to Lose Weight [For New Mom]

Things to do to Suppress Appetite when Trying to Lose Weight. Suppressing your appetite or craving for unhealthy food is the first point of call towards weight loss. If you can’t control what goes into your body. How can you lose weight, reduce your hanging belly, and flabby arms?

Losing weight is hard for everyone, it is harder for a nursing mom who is breastfeeding and has a high craving for food. Because she needs to eat to maintain a good energy level for the day’s task.

As the saying goes, Information is the key to open many hidden doors. If you have been doing things the wrong way. Today, I will show you the essential things to do to suppress appetite when trying to lose weight.

Things to do to Suppress Appetite When Trying to Lose Weight

A lot of you may be thinking, what can a new mom do to Suppress her Appetite when trying to lose weight? Suppressing your appetite for food doesn’t mean you should go without food all day.

Starving yourself because you’re trying to lose weight is not good for you and your health either. For that, I am going to share with you 6 things to do to suppress appetite when trying to lose weight.

#1. Flax Seeds Can Keep You, Full

Flax seeds have numerous health benefits. The benefit emerges from their rich nutritional properties and the composition of its molecules.

Flax seeds contain high fiber. When you eat it, you feel fuller for a long time. This can help suppress appetite and cut calories when trying to lose weight. Furthermore, your digestive tract becomes healthier with foods rich in fiber. So, eat more Flax seeds, get feel full longer, and lose weight quickly.

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#2. Get Fiberwise Drink and Bars

As the name implies fiberWise can help provide the required amount of fiber your body needs. FiberWise contains high-fiber which helps us feel full and speed up weight loss.

Cooperating fiber into diet should happen slowly. A hasty increase in fiber can cause bloating and gas in some individuals.

Recent research has shown how fiber suppresses appetite. When you take in fiber the gut bacteria digest them and release an appetite-suppressing molecule. These molecules give us a full feeling when trying to lose weight.

Whichever, FiberWise supplements you choose (drink or bars), they aid weight loss by increasing nutritional fiber. These supplements bring out prebiotics that helps sustain friendly probiotics.

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#3. Have You Tried Keto Diet?

Following a Ketogenic diet is a good way to lose weight and improve your heart health. A keto diet is an eating regimen that centers around nourishments that give a ton of energizing fats, sufficient amounts of protein, and little carbohydrates. The objective is to get a greater number of calories from fat than from carbs.

The feeding regimen works by reducing the body of its sugar reservoir. Thus, it will begin to use up the fat for energy. The outcomes produce molecules called ketones that the body uses for energy. At the point when the body burns fats, it encourages weight reduction.

The ketogenic diet has shown much ability in weight reduction in many ways, including reducing cravings for food. Ketogenic diets contain foods that can reduce hunger-stimulating hormones. These reasons show that the keto diet can suppress appetite and help anyone trying to lose weight.


#4. Exogenous Ketones Can Help Mom Lose Weight

Exogenous ketones supplements or β-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) supplements work best with a keto diet.

BHB supplements will only assist weight loss when you’re on a keto diet or a low-carb diet and work out regularly. The more exogenous ketones your cells get from your blood; the more stored fat is broken down.

Please note that taking a BHB supplement without being on a low-carb will give no significant result. Except if you’re on the keto or extreme low-carb diet coupled with exercise, your cells won’t consume enough carbs to get to the fat-burning phase of ketosis.


Therefore, a BHB exogenous ketone supplement can suppress appetite and make it easier to burn fat. It also boosts your energy, improves your mental focus – when on a super-low carb diet or the keto diet.

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#5. Smoothie

When searching for what to do to suppress appetite, you should consider Smoothie. Smoothie is a good way to stay healthy, and have lasting weight loss.

Nutritionists approve that adding a high amount of smoothie into your daily food can help maintain desirable body weight by holding hunger levels under control. It encourages weight reduction because of their filling fiber and muscle-building protein.

There are different types of smoothies to go with depending on your preference. They include a Green sunrise smoothie, Pumpkin powerhouse, spicy Tropical greens delight, etc.

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#6. Still, No Result Try Adipex

Adipex (Phentermine) is a medication prescription used to suppress appetite. It helps a mom who is trying to lose weight by making them feel full longer. Phentermine is also accessible together with topiramate for weight reduction.

Phentermine like other prescription weight-loss drugs is intended for individuals who are obese, and who have unsuccessful weight loss with diet and exercise. Phentermine should be used as a fragment of a general weight-loss plan, and not for people who want to lose only a couple of pounds.

The use of phentermine comes with side effects which include: Increased pulse, Tingling feeling in the feet, Bowel issue, Mouth dryness, Anxiety, Insomnia.


Final Words

Basically what you need as a nursing mom are supplements, healthy foods, and a diet plan that keep you feeling full and help you lose weight.

The things to do to suppress appetite isn’t enough for weight loss. Exercise is needed to complement and quicken your weight reduction process.

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