The Best 120 Middle Names for Ava

Do you have difficulties finding the right middle name for ava? Or you haven’t decided yet? Whichever half you belong, there is something for you here.

Ava is a girl name; it means “Life”. It is possibly one of the cutest baby names I know. The popularity is steadily on the rise, owing to noticeable celebrities who had the name.

Selecting a baby’s middle name can be fun, depending on where you looking at it. Anyways that debate will be for another post.

There are many middle names for Ava, and picking one is much simpler now than ever. This article will equip you with every detail you need for your search.

Summary of the Name Ava

Meaning:Alive, Living, Bird, Island
Origin:English, Iranian (Persian), Indian, Latin, Spanish, Hebrew
Religion:Christian, Muslim, Parsi
Name with Ava:Savannah, Avarie, Avanna
Color:Red, Rust, Light Green
Lucky Days:Sunday, Tuesday
Passion:To Triumph
Life Pursuit:To survive against all odd
Table source: Indiachildnames

120 Cutest Middle Names for Ava

Some parents do find it difficult to choose a middle name for their daughter, especially the first time parents. But, why do we have middle names?

Parents give middle names to their babies for different reasons. Either to honor a dead or an aged relative, cultural beliefs, or for pleasure. Whatever the reasons are, it is perfectly normal. See if you can find good middle names with ava that interest you.

  1. Ava Paige
  2. Ava Leanne
  3. Ava Rose 
  4. Ava Grace
  5. Ava Dawn
  6. Ava Cordelia
  7. Ava Genevieve
  8. Ava Felicity
  9. Ava Helena
  10. Ava Juliette
  11. Ava Georgiana
  12. Ava Emmeline
  13. Ava Fern
  14. Ava Faye
  15. Ava Lauren
  16. Ava Megan
  17. Ava Scarlett
  18. Ava Sophie
  19. Ava Josephine
  20. Ava Francesca
  21. Ava Isabel
  22. Ava Jocelyn
  23. Ava Naomi
  24. Ava Rebecca
  25. Ava Samantha
  26. Ava Rosanne
  27. Ava Natalie
  28. Ava Easton
  29. Ava Harmony
  30. Ava Cheyenne
  31. Ava Leonie
  32. Ava Maisie
  33. Ava Scarlett
  34. Ava Violet
  35. Ava Maggie
  36. Ava Adele
  37. Ava Marie
  38. Ava Belle
  39. Ava Henriette
  40. Ava Lenore
  41. Ava Celesta
  42. Ava Lucille
  43. Ava Leona
  44. Ava Beverly
  45. Ava Brooke
  46. Ava Charlotte
  47. Ava Christine
  48. Ava Danielle
  49. Ava Elizabeth
  50. Ava Frances
  51. Ava Gillian
  52. Ava June
  53. Ava Beth
  54. Ava Jeanne
  55. Ava Joy
  56. Ava Lynn
  57. Ava Quinn
  58. Ava Ruth
  59. Ava Tess
  60. Ava Skye
  61. Ava Reese
  62. Ava Beatrice
  63. Ava Eden
  64. Ava Hannah
  65. Ava Grace
  66. Ava Jade
  67. Ava Jane
  68. Ava Joline
  69. Ava Jean
  70. Ava Leigh
  71. Ava Lorelei
  72. Ava Louise
  73. Ava Mallory
  74. Ava Margaret
  75. Ava Nicole
  76. Ava Penelope
  77. Ava Ruby
  78. Ava Sophia
  79. Ava Theresa
  80. Ava Whitney
  81. Ava Wynne
  82. Ava Zoe
  83. Ava Florence
  84. Ava Gabrielle
  85. Ava Giselle
  86. Ava Hazel
  87. Ava Helen
  88. Ava Holly
  89. Ava Joyce
  90. Ava Katherine
  91. Ava Kelsey
  92. Ava Patience
  93. Ava Poppy
  94. Ava Rhiannon
  95. Ava Rosanne
  96. Ava Simone
  97. Ava Kirsten
  98. Ava Lily
  99. Ava Madeline
  100. Ava Maxine
  101. Ava Melody
  102. Ava Naomi
  103. Ava Niamh
  104. Ava Sylvie
  105. Ava Tracy
  106. Ava Willow
  107. Ava Miriam
  108. Ava Madeleine
  109. Ava Maren
  110. Ava Marian
  111. Ava Lillian
  112. Ava Rose
  113. Ava Julie
  114. Ava Bethany
  115. Ava Camille
  116. Ava Caroline
  117. Ava Clarice
  118. Ava Daisy
  119. Ava Diane
  120. Ava Clementine

Ways to Help you Choose Right Middle Names for Ava

The best middle names for Ava are the ones that blend and sound nice with the first and last name. To choose a middle name for Ava, here are what you need to do:

Step 1: Write down all the middle names with Ava you can find.

Step 2: Say the names out loud and see which ones appeal to you. Do not pick any name that sounds weird or odd.

Step 3: Now add the last name to what you got from step 2 and hear how it sounds. Eliminate more names that don’t sound right.

Step 4: Check the initials with the combined names (Ava, middle name, and last name) you have chosen. If you are satisfied with the name, then go with it.

Step 5: If you are not, then repeat the process.

What is the Meaning of the name Ava?

Ava general connote “Alive, Living or beauty”. The names also mean “bird” in Latin and Island in Persia. The name has an English, Hebrew, Persian, Spanish Latin, and Indian origin. Ava is a girl’s name and it is shared across individuals who Belief in Christian, Muslim, or Parsi religion.

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middle names for Ava
Image source: bristekjegor/Freepik

Is Ava a popular name?

Ava is topping as 7th most popular name for girls in the US, as indicated by the 2022 Social Security Administration information . It has soared in fame, staying in the best five since 2005, and ascending from 180 out of 2000.

As indicated by Google search information data, over the recent five years Ava was at its pinnacle status in May 2015.

Despite being in existence for long, the name Ava originally rose to prominence in the mid-1900s with socialite Ava Lowle Willing and, Ava Alice Muriel Astor. Some stars who picked their infant name as Ava also contributed to making the name more popular today.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are reported to have name their girl after American entertainer and artist, Ava Gardner.

Cute Baby Names with Ava in Them

Are you are looking for a cute baby name with ava in it? Then the below list can help:

  • Savannah
  • Avarie
  • Avaleigh
  • Avanna
  • Avangeline
  • avani
  • avalin
  • avalynn
  • Avabella
  • Avaria
  • Avagina
  • Avah
  • Avalee
  • Avayah
  • Avaya

Spanish Middle Names for Ava

If you are considering picking a Spanish middle name for Ava. Whatever your reason may be, the accompanying names will do a great job.

  • Ava Julietta
  • Ava Reina
  • Savanna
  • Ava Rosa
  • Ava Olivia
  • Ava Teresa
  • Ava Ramona
  • Ava Paula

Nicknames for the Name Ava

It is safe to say that you are searching for nicknames for girls named Ava? In this post, you will see a rundown of valuable and cute nicknames for the name Ava. Choose whichever name appeals to you.

  • Avia
  • Avstar
  • Avalanche
  • Avacado
  • Avary
  • Aviva
  • Aves
  • Avies
  • Avlyn
  • Avah
  • Avice
  • Aveline

Adorable Nicknames for the Name Ava

Charming nicknames are framed by adding sweet words to the first name, and they’re an extraordinary way to show love to a baby. Here are few adorable nicknames for Ava:

  •  Avy-Boo  
  •  Vava
  • Ava The Lava
  • AV-Love
  • AV-Baby
  • Ava Flava
  • Ava-Bean
  • Avy Wavy
  • Ava Wava
  • AvaCorn

Ways to Spell Ava

Different region or country has their unique way of spelling Ava. There are a few ways of spelling the name Ava that may awesome to use as well

  1. Avah
  2. Ayva
  3. Ahva
  4. Aivah
  5. Avva

Variants for the name Ava

Variants of the name Ava from other parts of the world are also unique. These names keep one in contact with the origin and their significance.

Table source: Kiddiemedia

Finally, you are here! So which middle names for Ava would you pick? An ideal middle name should function admirably with both your little girl’s first and last name, not looking strange when penning down as initials.

If you think I missed any name, let me know in the comment section.

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