How To Disinfect Baby Toys: 3 Simple and Cost-effective Tips

Knowing how to disinfect baby toys should be the first thing you put into consideration when your baby starts using toys and also, know that you it is your duty to protect your kid from disease. I am going to take you through different effective but simple ways you can clean and disinfect baby toys so that she stays germs free.

Children play and drag their toys around the house and sometimes outdoors, if you observe closely, nearly all end up in their mouth. Children fall sick because these uncleaned toys harbor plenty of germs which enter into the baby’s body through the month. Therefore, parents must ensure they clean and disinfect baby’s toys when appropriate.

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Is Cleaning of Baby’s Toys Important?

Of course, it is important to clean your baby’s toys. Toys may become the first friend your little baby makes in his life. Your baby carries it everywhere he goes, drags it on the floor, throws it around, and then put it into his mouth.

These reasons alone are enough to remind you that you should always clean your baby’s toy regularly because it is directly in contact with your baby.

Cleaning Vs Disinfecting: What Is the Difference?

It is good to Disinfect baby toys regularly – disinfecting is the use of chemicals to kill any germs that cause illness. Furthermore, it removes any microbes that might be present on the toy or inside it.

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cleaning baby toys is the physical removal of dirt or dust and impurities from the toy’s surface. Cleaning entails the use of clean wet cloth to wipe the toy’s surface or washing with detergent.

Cleaning and disinfecting help to reduce the spread of infection, disinfection goes further and more potent against germs or bacterial. It is important to always clean toys before disinfecting because disinfecting doesn’t remove surface impurities or dirt.

Why Is It Important to Disinfect Baby’s Toys?

A little exposure to germs can help build children’s immune systems. Kids play on, rolls on the floor and others, it’s good for them. It helps in their learning and development.

For many kids, everything that comes to their hands goes to their mouths. Imagine a baby playing with a little car toy, after dragging and hit the toy on the bare floor puts them into his/her mouth. From time to time, it is advisable for parents to disinfect baby toys.

Children fall sick, after being exposed to germs or microbes, they come down with flu, cold, norovirus, etc., through this means. Therefore, disinfecting toys keep your baby safe from illness.

According to Dr. Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, Regular cleaning of baby’s toys is good at least once a month. She also said toys used daily, your kids’ favorite toys need to be cleaned weekly.

A good time to disinfect toys is when you suspect bacteria or viruses spread or when germs are prevalent. However, the following situations will guide you, when disinfecting of toys is needed:

May be present Disinfect toys when germs are prevalent or if you suspect bacteria or viruses may be present. For example, disinfect your baby’s toy when the following happens:

  • When there is mucus, vomit, spilled milk, food on a kids’ toy.
  • A widespread illness in school and daycare.
  • When your child falls ill within a short time of coming out of one.
  • When your child’s playmate is weak and ill.

How to Disinfect Baby Toys?

It is important to disinfecting your baby’s toys to get rid of germs and bacteria. To do it right, here is what to do.

White Vinegar and Water

A solution of white vinegar and water has proven to be effective and potent in killing germs and other microbes. A solution is a great option for toys that are not dishwasher safe. It is a time-tested, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for washing toys. It is a better option because it non-toxic and chemical-free

Here is how to disinfect baby toys with vinegar:


  • Prepare a 1: 1 solution of vinegar and water.
  • Fill the spray bottle with solution, spray the surface of the toy.
  • Alternatively, soak a clean towel in the solution, and wipe the toy with it.
  • Leave to dry.


  • Same solution above.
  • Soak the toys in this solution for about half an hour, but bath toys soak overnight.
  • Then wash under clean water, wiped with a cloth.
  • Allowed to dry naturally.

Note: Wood toys may get roughen or wrap if they are soaked in water

Natural UV Rays

Another way on how to disinfect baby toys is by place toys directly under sunlight. Before the invention of cleaning products, natural UV Rays like sunlight was used to kill bacteria around the universe.

How It Is Done

Lay your baby’s toys on a matt outside under the sun or in any room that gets a lot of sunlight. Leave the toys for some hours, allowing the natural UV rays to disinfect them. With this method, you can freshen stuffed toys and children’s clothes with lingering odors.

Disinfect with Bleach

Beach is used to disinfect baby toys like plastic, nonporous and washable toys. It can help get rid of all the germs on or in your baby toys, it is easy to carry out. You are to only use a diluted proportion, so it can be safe to on a variety of materials.

Here is how to disinfect baby toys with bleach:

  • Remove surface dirt with cloth or sponge
  • Place toy in a bowl or sink
  • Prepare a mixture of ½ cup of bleach and 1-gallon water
  • Pour the solution into a bowl and allow the toy to soak for 5 -10 minutes
  • Rinse and air dry

How Safe is Bleach for Cleaning Baby’s Toys?

In many ways, it is easy using bleach to get rid of all the germs on the baby’s toys. Bleach can kill germs fast leave the toy free of and sickness causing germs. Using Bleach is safe for cleaning baby toys, but use a diluted proportion when disinfecting them.

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Not all toys can be disinfected by bleach because toys are made of different materials. So apply the possible method in figuring out the best way to clean the baby toys. So keep your baby toys safe by regularly cleaning and disinfecting them once in a while.

Final Word

There you have it! I hope you’ve gotten enough tips on how to disinfect baby toys and the ways you can achieve your goal. Put these steps into practice and let me know the outcome in the comment below.

Happy parenting!

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