At What Age Should Your Daughter Get a Second Ear Piercing?

Getting a second ear piercing has been an age-old debate between daughters and their parents. The world is moving at a fast pace and the present Generation do want to keep abreast with the trends.

The issue of ear piercing has reared its head again, as a parent, I want to know– at what age should your daughter get a second ear piercing?

Clothes, accessories, and technological gadgets, etc. have influenced the lives of young people and have changed the way they feel about a certain aspect of life.

In the post we going to be focus at what age should your daughter get a second ear piercing?

At What Age Should Your Daughter Get a Second Ear Piercing?

From the survey, we carried out on a Facebook group “mommy needs a break ~ the group ~” the average age for ear piercing for a second ear opening is 12 years. They unanimously agreed that the girls should be old enough to understand the consequences of their actions.

However, it is of the essence to note that there is no legal age restriction for ear piercing whether in the United States or England, the decision rest on parents.

Also, Medical Doctors advise that anybody wishing to get a piercing should visit a certified body piercing shop or a certified specialist to get their piercing done. For more information, click here.

After piercing, parents should apply alcohol and antibiotic balm to the area. For more read the American Academy of Pediatrics article on Ear Piercing.

How to Know When Your Daughter is Ready to Pierce her Ears

Pester You About It

For months your daughter may talk and disturb you about getting her ears pierced for the second time. You need to ensure she isn’t going through a phase and she wouldn’t regret the piercing in years to come. In another word, ensure your little girl truly needs two openings in her ears before you dive in.

Ready to Do All You Asked

You don’t need to tell her to brush her teeth or keep her room clean. She wants to be that good girl you have always wanted her to be. You dont need to nag her to take care of herself.

She will be of good behavior because she wants you to see her as capable of taking care of the Piercing. Good hygiene is required especially in this area.

at what age should your daughter get a second ear piercing

Second Ear Piercing Pros and Cons

Having a second ear piercing is not bad; it’s fashionable, classy, and beautiful. But, getting earrings all over your ear is entirely a different point.

For every one intending to go for a second ear piercing, there are prerequisite information (Pros and Cons) you must have. These will set your mind on the consequences that come with your actions.

Before my daughter had her piercing, I was much more cautious with the second lope opening. I went on the web and I got information about it. We went to a certified piercer and followed all the requirement that was given by her piercer.

To understand what you are to do, here are the Pros and Cons associated with a second ear piercing.


  1. Having double ear piercings look pretty
  2. Getting new earrings can help you express yourself and spark from within
  3. It gives you a changed appearance.
  4. Medical conditions like migraines can be reduced by Daith piercings.


  1. Piercings are Painful and hurt a lot.
  2. Takes about 4-6 weeks to heal (a long time) 
  3. The aftercare is tiring and if you don’t take care of the piercing it will lead to an infection.
  4. Your sleep may be interrupted because it pains while they are healing.

Second Ear Piercing Earrings

Knowing at what age should your daughter get a second ear piercing, Isn’t the only information you need. Parents need to know what type of earrings are appropriate for the openings.

You need earrings made of titanium, surgical stainless steel, platinum, or 14K gold if you want to avoid any hypersensitive reactions. Check price of Latest Earrings here.

How Much Does Ear Piercing Cost

Together with ear-piercing kits; an ear piercing can set you back on an average cost of $40 to $70. Accompany jewelry may also increase the price. Ear piercing can be done at a certified body piercing shop or a certified specialist. So beware of quacks and guard the safety of your little girl.

If you’re looking for where to pierce your daughter’s ears, you can ask your friends. Some professionals like pediatricians do pierce ears.

When I wanted to pierce my daughters’ I took her to the famous jewelry chain and they worked an excellent job.

Before you give anyone your ears to pierce, make sure they have experience and it isn’t their first day on the job.

Make sure the process is simple, safe, gentle, and is held to the highest hygiene standard. Ensure their equipment is sanitized before use.


For possible infection signs, you may see redness, aching, swelling, itching, or soreness. Please contact your doctor immediately for onward treatment.

So at what age should your daughter get a second ear piercing? Let me at the comment below.

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