Baby Cries After Bath? 5 Tips to Help Calm Your Baby When They Cry After Bath

Why do my baby cries after bath? You may have a cheerful, happy child that plays and spend time in the tub. She may be calm and peaceful as you bath her.

But screams and cries when you get her out of the water. What could be the cause? You may have wondered, why is my baby crying after a bath? I am sure you are looking for a way to calm your crying baby.

Look no further – I am going to share with you five (5) tips that will calm your baby as she cries after bath time. If you continue reading, you will discover how these tips can do the tricks.

Why Do Baby Cries After Bath?



Cold environs or clothes may make your baby cry after her bath. Your baby could be enjoying a warm bath and get accustomed to the temperature within. But immediately they leave the warmth of their tub and experience new cold feelings they flare and start crying profusely.


When a baby is irritated, she/he can easily cry and screaming uncontrollably. This irritation may come as a result of rash, bruises etc. Baby become cranky as they get into the water, and when they get out of the water.

Wearing Diapers Too Soon

Some new parents do experience their baby crying after bath is because they wear their baby diaper immediately after bathing their baby. Baby bottom needs to get aired, properly dried before wearing them diaper. Putting on diaper too early may cause diaper rash and makes them cranky.

Pain and Injury

For new a parent, you may not have been a custom with what your baby’s body. You may unknowingly squeeze or bruise your baby when bathing with your nails or sponge etc. these make baby cries after bath.


There is lots of reason your baby cries after bath and Hunger is one. Your baby is likely to be irritated especially while bathing, if not fed correctly.


Issues that may appear intangible to us may be a source of babies concern. Baby will get irritated by the coldness of your hand, the room temperature in the bathroom, and dust presence in the room. All these, in turn, make baby cries after bath.

Tired Baby

A baby cries after bath time when they are too tired and ready to sleep. The process becomes tedious and uncomfortable even to a healthy, happy baby that loves playing with water. Babies are supposed to relax after bathing.

If the kid is tired, it could be an effort in futility, mainly if your baby’s bed-time is within the time you want to bath her. Therefore, bath your baby ahead before their usual bed-time and watch your baby smile like the princess she has always been.

5 Tips to Calm Your Baby when She Cries After Bath

Tips #1: A Warm Wrap:

Before bath time starts, put the towel and baby pyjamas (or clothes if you are having a day-time bath) into the dryer. Let it get nice and warm throughout the shower time.


After baby’s bath is over, grab your baby’s towel or pyjamas. Now wrap up your baby in a beautiful warm towel and get dressed in warm clothes! It will help to ease the transition out of the bath because your baby won’t be so cold or have such a dramatic temperature difference in and out of the tub.

Tips #2: Cuddle

Babies love bath-time, also the fun and admiration from mummy during bath. They hate getting out of the tub. Who would want to end the fun? Therefore, cuddling and playing with your baby after the shower will distract the baby. Also, in turn, will prevent her from crying after bath-time. She knew that the fun didn’t end just because bath-time did.


As you wrapped up your baby in a beautiful warm towel, take some time to cuddle and play with your child. Sing songs, rock them in your rocking chair and do things with your baby to make her feel comfortable and calm. Wrapping your baby in a warm towel and cuddling with your baby helps her to feel safe, loved and calm after the bath.

Tips #3: Food

As the saying goes “a hungry baby is an angry baby”. When your baby is not fed correctly to their satisfaction, they get angry and cry. It is essential to feed the baby and wait for thirty minutes to forty-five minutes before taking them to a bath (the time spent is for food to get digested).

Tips #4: Dirt

It should interest you that babies like clean and siren environment. Some of the things we feel inconsequential matters to them. Make sure the bathroom is warm, cleaned and devoid of dust. Before you hold your baby, make sure your hands are warm.

Tips #5: Change Toiletries

You may change your baby’s shampoo or soap. Your baby could be having an allergic reaction to the new product, and this could be the reason your baby cries after bath.  Therefore, search for one that will suit your baby skin or contact your pediatrician for professional advice.


Take away

The best way to get your child’s day started or finished is by bathing. A good bath will relax your baby and bring them to a night of good sleep, in addition to the keep them clean and fresh. As a new parent, it’s so easy to assume that certain things are normal, but that’s not always the case.

Listen to your intuitions and experiment with new things or ideas. As I have stated, earlier soap/lotions can make your baby grumpy at bath time or right afterwards.

So don’t the issues or reasons why your baby cries after bath insignificant. Check a doctor when the situation is unbearable or getting out of hands.

Bathing can be enjoyable for you and baby from start to finish if you start adding these tips to calm your baby when they cry after a bath.

What tips help to calm your baby when they get out of the bathtub and cries after bath?

Leave your comment below! I will be delighted to learn about your tips.

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