How to Stop 7 Year old Wetting Pants During the Day and Improve Their Self Esteem

Simple Steps to Bid Daytime Wetting Good bye

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If you are reading this, then you are searching for ways to help your 7 year old wetting pants during the day. It is important to know that numerous children who are potty-trained can still wet their pants during the day? Often these pants wetting can be as low as damp spots in the underwear.

However, sometimes kids do have full on wetting on their pants that require a change of clothes. This can be an infuriating moments for both kids and their parents.

A number of parents have wrote to me, asking how they could help their 7 year old wetting pants during the day. My respond is – give these kids some time, they will a just.

However, when a child above 8 years and still wet his/her pant throughout the day (this behavior should not be ignored) Do something about it!

Daytime wetting

Daytime wetting (Diurnal enuresis) is when a toddler who is toilet taught wet his pant either by mishap or purposefully during the course of the day. It has been reported that about 3.5 percent of healthy kids do experience daytime wetting, 67 percent of these kids also wet their bed at night too.

There are doctors who has experience with children’s daytime pants wetting, it is important to take your 7 year old wetting pants during the day to see them. Parents require great deals of perseverance and support to correct this problem. Nonetheless, an encouraging tactic is usually rewarded by success.


Why does a 7 year old Wetting Pants During the Day

There are many reasons why a 7 year old still wet her pants, the issue is going to be treated extensively as we progress further.

As caregiver of a 7 year old wetting pants during the day, it is you essential to ask why and what are the causes. The list below are the few causes why your 7 year old still wet her pants.

1. Dysfunctional voiding

When a 7 year old wetting pants during the day, feels the urge at the last minute may abruptly hold on, utilizing their heel to stop the flow of wee. The outlet valve might not ease fully, when they reach the toilet.

Emptying the bladder totally will be hindered. As they walked back to their chair, the outlet valve will loosen up and the urine leaks out. This lead can to infections when proper hygiene is not encouraged. Children with daytime wetting may have the problem of urinary system infections

2. Constipation

Constipation might be the cause why your child damp his pant during the day. This is due to the fact that when a bowel gets full it presses against the bladder. The bladder ends up being compressed and has a hard time expanding completely to hold great deals of Pee. As a result, your kid feels the urge to urinate regularly and needs to do great deals of little wees.

A filled bowel can trigger bedwetting too. This might be among the factor responsible for kid to wet during the night.

3. A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) could be the cause

A UTI can trigger pants wetting too. A bladder infection can make the kid’s pee smellier or cloudier than usual and may burns when it comes out. Other indications of a UTI are tummy pains or sensation ill.

7 year old wetting pants during the day

Some toddlers don’t have any of these symptoms and still have wet pants. See your Pediatric for a urine test to check if your kid has a UTI. If the test is positive, your kid will be recommended antibiotics to clean up the infection.

4. Bad Toileting Habits

Sometime when a 7 year old wetting pants during the day, it could be due to bad toileting habits. If your kid has been wetting his pants at daytime for a while, it will take time to reverse these conduct. The secret is to be patient, motivating and consistent.

Effects of pants wetting your 7 year old child?


Among such effects of pants wetting on a 7 year old kid is her self-confidence. If a kid has unintentional pants wetting at daytime, it can affect his/her efficiency in school or with friends.

The kid might be tensed, since they may wet their pants at school or at the playground. This makes he or her scared of being teased by other children. Treatment can assist the kid live a more regular life

Assure your child to know that pants wetting is a short-term issue, and you will be there for them. This simple act will increase their self-esteem.

How to stop Daytime Wetting?

Being patient and understanding is crucial at this stage. Assist your kid and assure him that daytime wetting is a momentary problem that he can overcome.

Try the below process If your kid does wet his pants during the day.

  • “timed potty schedule.” Is important, ensure your child remains on it
  • Motivate your kid to pee at least every 2 to 3 hours the daytime, even if her or she does not feel the urge to do so.
  • Use a sticker label chart to track your kid’s trips to the restroom, and reward progress.
  • Ensure your child eats a healthy, rich in fiber and drinking great deals of water as constipation is a major cause of daytime wetting. This can help prevent your kid from wetting his pants.
  • Assist your kid to loosen up and not rush while urinating. Encourage them to also breathe deeply as this can help.
  • Foods like fruits eg., oranges, lemons, limes and pineapples or gaseous beverages, caffeine etc., can irritate the bladder. It should be consumed less as it Leads to nighttime wetting.
  • Try purchasing a beeping or vibrating “toilet watch” to help keep your child on track. You can get them online.
  • Regularly gets your child to pee at night, in mid-afternoon, at lunch break and before going to bed.
  • Kids can earn “reward stars” for remaining dry. Earning reward stars labels which they can redeemed for a prize, can extremely motivated to work hard from my experience.

Punishment is inefficient, and could make the circumstance even worse. Be positive and help your kid stay dry.

Treatment for daytime Pants wetting

Medication, biofeedback, bladder workout etc., are treatment choices for a 7 year old wetting pants during the day.

1. Biofeedback

While pooing Biofeedback can teach your baby how to empty the bladder completely by loosen their pelvic floor muscles. A specialized trained nurse places sticker labels on your child’s tummy and buttocks, during biofeedback. The stomach muscle activity is recorded by wires attached to it.

The kid controls a video game-based workouts utilizing the pelvic floor muscles. Kids inspired to do extra workouts at home makes Biofeedback most efficient with complete diaries and follow a schedule for urinating.

2. Do bladder workouts

Your kid might have the ability to overcome their daytime wetting by exercising their bladder – by filling and emptying it correctly at routine periods throughout the day.

Kids commonly require to drain their bladders in between 4 and 7 times a day. They need to listen thoroughly to the signals their body provides that they require to do a wee, and they need to respond immediately.

In the event that they hang on and wait too long between pees, the bladder muscles will undergo excessive amount stretching and insufficient squeezing. If they forget to go to the bathroom, they could use a special watch that vibrates to remind them to go.

3. Stay relaxed

Ensuring your kids to relax while they pee is the best method to drain their bladder correctly. This goes to make the sphincter in the bladder open properly for pee to pass through.

Get your kid to sit conveniently with their feet flat and strongly supported on a box or stool. To get them into a safe sitting position, you may need get a child’s toilet seat for her.

Contrary to famous perception, young boys ought to arise to wee. A lot find it easier to clear their bladders totally if they’re taking a seat. Encourage them to take a seat for a some of their pees every day.

4. Medication

Some medications help loosen up the bladder and reduce bladder convulsions. This can assist the bladder hold more urine. Commonly recommended medications include Ditropan, Detrol and Enablex. Your kid might need to take medicine for several months to years.

5. Drink plenty

The most essential thing to deal with your 7 year old wetting pants during the day is to get your kid to drink plenty of water. They should have at least 6-8 cups of water-based beverages spread out throughout the day. (get a 7 year old, 200ml cup, an 11 year old, 250ml cup).

Make the bladder gets used to being expand – start with 8 small drinks every day and increase the quantity gradually Water is best. As part of a well-balanced diet plan, few of cups of milk a day is okay.

Energy drink, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other drinks with caffeine should be avoided. However, consider a well-diluted fruit juice or squash.

When do I call a Physician if my Infant is Wetting his Pant?

For a 7 year old wetting pants during the day – this maybe a developmental, or it might be triggered by a medical condition. It is necessary to get a doctor evaluated your kid’s case.

A doctor is needed if:

1.Your child has bladder or kidney infection symptoms, like:

  • Pants stained with blood
  • The urine looks cloudy
  • Urinating regularly than usual.
  • Crying or grumbling when urinating.
  • Urge to urinate regularly, however passing out just small quantities of urine.

2. there is a weak urine stream or leakage when urinating. The kid might have an abnormality in the urinary system.

3. Your child age 4 or older is having regular pants wetting during the day and leaking stool. The kid might have stool blocking the intestinal tracts, triggered by constipation over a period of time.

4. Your kid had bladder control, but they still wet their pants.



I hope this article help to reduce the stress you are facing with your 7 year old wetting pants during the day. While you’re implementing these tips in your home, be patient and reward kid for his/her effort.

A reward like a journey to an amusement park, a video game or enjoying their favorite motion pictures can encourage them to work more.

Pant Wetting wouldn’t a big problem, if only you know how to handle it. They are great deals of products which may help, for instance, there is a variety of special pants with a washable pad sewn into them and child-sized disposable pads.

Share with family and friends who are parents 7 year old wetting pants during the day and good luck

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