How Safe Carpet for Babies Has Changed the Way We Set up Nursery

A Guide to Choosing the Safest Carpet for The Nursery Floor

The idea of using safe carpet for babies is changing the we way set up the baby’s room. Safety is an important factor to consider when planning out a nursery. As parents, we want a carpet that is safe durable and won’t cause any harm (non-toxic) to our baby’s health.

Some carpet contains toxins that could be inhaled when the baby is crawling and playing. These types of carpets are not safe for babies’ health and are not ideal for a nursery.

Some carpets may contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that make the environment toxic for the baby. That is why choosing a safe carpet for babies is important and it has changed the way parents setup their little angel’s room.

It is Necessary to Have Carpet on the Floor of a Nursery?

Having carpet as a floor covering material is important and it ensures children’s safety. The floor plays an important role in every nursery, children play, seat, crawl, and spend most of their time there. Therefore, it important to make it comfortable and conducive for babies. Having a soft, comfortable carpet on the floor of the nursery is a great idea.

safe carpet for babies

Safe carpet for babies also prevents ducts and allergens from mixing with the air your baby breathes or become airborne.

The Benefit of Having a Carpet as Nursery Floor Cover

Carpet is good for nursery and remains the best option for a floor covering material available today.

Even if your baby’s room has hardwood or any other hard-surface flooring, consider covering it with a carpet to provide the benefits listed below.

Here are some reasons why carpet is great for nursery floor covering:

  • Carpet is soft and provides some form of protection especially when the baby starts crawling, when the baby starts crawling they should be something soft to protect their little knees.
  • Inevitable falls of toddlers, carpet provides a nice cushion to break the impact and reduce injury
  • Studies have shown that carpet help to trap some allergens, clouds of dust, etc., preventing them from becoming airborne or inhaled, providing easier breathe
  • For indoor air quality, carpet is one of the best floor covering materials

What Features Should a Safe Carpet for Nursery Have?

When shopping for a good carpet for the nursery floor, there are features you should look out for.

Here are some of the features a safe carpet for babies should have before you consider them for nursery:

#1 Softness

The biggest advantage of carpet over other floor covering materials is that it’s softer, which I already mentioned above. some carpets are softer than others, even when it accepted that all carpets are soft. People’s taste on carpets has changed and its lining towards softer fibers, and in every style of carpet there are many choices. Therefore, when shopping for carpet ask for a softer fiber carpet, you will be glad you made a great choice.

#2 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are essentially chemicals that are released in the form of gas, once these gases are released they end up as breathable air in the home. it is disheartening to know your new baby is sleeping and breathing in these air as most home building materials contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

When shopping for carpet, look for a carpet that has low VOCs to reduce exposure to these gasses. Traditional synthetic fibers are typically high in VOCs than carpet made from naturally sourced materials.

In my opinion, new parents should install a carpet for a few weeks or a month before the baby arrives. Allow the carpet to air out for the first couple of days after installation, open the room window, and keep the door closed if there is another room close by.

#3 Cleanable

Babies can cause quite a mess, they can poo on the carpet, spilled bottles, and cause other mishaps, etc., all these can leave stains on the carpet. Therefore, for a nursery, what you need is a carpet with a high level of stain resistance.

Do your research on the type of carpet you want to buy for the nursery floor and the know the type of warranty its covers. There is a difference between staining and soiling, and the warranties that cover them, so be sure to inquire about the soiling warranty also.

#4 Long-lasting

Having a durable carpet in the bedroom isn’t as much of a concern compared to higher-traffic areas of the house, such as the stairs or the family living room. But, make sure the carpet for the nursery you choose will look good for a long time to come. For every carpet purchased you deserve to get high performance from it, after all, it’s an investment.

Types of Safe Carpet for Babies’ Room

Below are the different types of safe carpet materials available today:

#1 Wool

wool breathable carpet

if you need a safe carpet material for your child to crawl on, then wool is a good choice. The wool comes naturally and isn’t treated with any toxic material. Wool is ideal for crawling babies because it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Wool carpet won’t make a baby cry due to annoying itches when they crawl or roll on it for hours. As one of our top safe carpet for babies, wool is durable and flame resistant.

One of the most durable carpet materials available today is wool. You won’t notice wear or tear on a wool carpet even if it goes through the stress of supporting a weight of a heavy crib, a rocking chair, and a changing table.

#2 Cotton

Carpet with breathable materials is made from cotton. As well known, babies’ lungs are not fully developed until they’re three years old, breathable cotton carpet makes an excellent choice for your newborn. Cotton is perfect for your little angel as they are also lightweight.

Cotton carpets are very soft; they provide a comfortable floor for baby’s nursery. Ensure your bundle of joy takes his first crawl and first steps on them. They will feel as if they are crawling or walking in the clouds.

#3 Nylon

For a home with a baby, Nylon carpet is a fine choice. They are soft and smooth. Nylon fabric offers a lot of safety. The carpet is durable and is resistant to insects, to all dirt, mildew, Akali and hazardous chemicals. You are assured of your little angel’s safety when they take their initial steps on nylon carpet.

#4 Acrylic

Another type of safe carpet for a nursery that has lots of benefits for a newborn is Acrylic carpet. It provides warmth and comfortable feeling for your baby, it is soft and mothproof.

They come in an array of beautiful colors. Acrylic carpet provides an exceptional learning experience for your child during crawling.

safe carpet for baby

#5 Jute

Jute carpet is made from natural fiber. The carpet is environmentally friendly and makes an excellent choice for new parents. Jute fabric is free from harmful toxins. Jute Fabric is a good anti-static agent; it Protects your baby from a buildup of static electricity and prevents electric shock when the baby is on it while crawling for the very first time.

Having a clean environment is a big deal when a baby is involved, jute carpet is easy to clean when they get dirty. Using a vacuum cleaner will also leave them as good as new.

#6 Polyester

Polyester has a silky and smooth feeling. When your baby starts learning how to crawl, it provides a comfortable feel for her. Polyester is resistant to chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and lots of harmful chemicals.

Polyester is beneficial not to your baby (keeping them nice and cozy and free from chemicals) but, to everyone in the house. Another benefit of polyester is that it’s stain-resistant and last-longer – you need not worry when your baby makes a mess or spilled bottles on them.

safe carpet for babies

Making a Choice

keeping all of these features and benefits in mind, what type of safe carpet for babies do you need for nursery? Well, I have enumerated the features a safe carpet should have above, and you can intuitively make the best choice for your baby.  

Let me know in the comment, what your choice is and what things do you look out for when selecting a safe carpet for babies.


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