6 Perfect High Chair Alternatives

Parents shop for a high chair when their baby can sit up unassisted during feeding. Have you ever wonder if feeding a baby without a high chair is possible?

Do you know there are high chair alternatives for toddlers, that ensures comfort during feeding and help save money without sacrificing convenience?

Before you get a high chair, I want you to consider these alternative options such as; toddler tower, booster seat, travel harness, hook-on chair, chair booster, and folding high chair. These alternatives are convenient, easy to clean, and put away after a meal.

Anyway, If you are prepared to buy a chair for your baby but not exactly convince about a high chair?

How about we examine some high chair alternatives in more detail.

The Best 6 High Chair Alternatives

Here we are going to look into the 6 high chair alternatives available on the market, examining the pros and cons to help you make a better decision.

Swift Comparison Table

1.    Booster SeatCheck Latest Price
2.    Hook-on ChairCheck Latest Price
3.    Travel Harness/Portable HighchairCheck Latest Price
4.    Chair BoosterCheck Latest Price
5.    Folding High ChairCheck Latest Price
6.    Toddler TowerCheck latest price

Booster Seat

travel booster seat

A booster seat is a constructed seat that straps on to your regular chair and gives toddlers a lift up to reach the dining table to eat like everybody on a regular chair.

A booster seat is ideal for older toddlers because it affords them to eat at the table like everyone else. But, for younger babies buying those with detachable trays will help them eat on the tray rather than the table.

This booster is a good alternative to a high chair when you need to get your baby to eat at the table easily without needing to purchase an expensive high chair.


  • Booster seats are more affordable when compared to the traditional high chair, although smaller babies may not be able to eat directly from the table. But you can acquire a convertible one with a detachable tray with extra dollars added.
  • Booster seats are easy to carry when traveling and can be easily stored.
  • They are much smaller and can be attached to a regular chair without taking up much space or cause inconveniences.
  • It affords toddlers the sense of independence to be able to sit at the table like everyone.


  • Children can topple from booster seats more easily than high chairs especially the chunkier babies.
  • Booster seats have gaps where food can hide and some are padded making it difficult for cleaning.

Here are more great examples of Booster Seat Here

Toddler Tower

high chair alternatives

As the name implies, toddler tower is for toddlers. They are used not only for feeding but also for participating in other studious activities on the table or counter.

This high chair alternative has more uses alongside feeding, it affords your toddler the ability to learn how to wash his hands, brush his teeth, and generally allows him to stand by the table and move around in a small space.


  • When cooking, toddler tower gives your baby freedom to keep him occupied on the table rather than running around the kitchen.
  • Toddler towers are associated with Versatility; it allows your toddler to participate in other activities other than eating.


  • They are only for toddlers, it doesn’t have safety straps the way highchair does and a child is normally required to stand up independently to utilize it.
  • If your emphasis is on space, then a toddler tower is probably not for you. The tower can be bulky and consume some amount of space as a high chair.

Here are more great examples of Toddler Tower Here

Travel Harness or Portable High Chair

portable high chair

A Travel harness works like the booster seat, but it is made with fabric instead of plastic. It has straps to keep the baby secure. They can be used on most regular chairs. A portable high chair or travel harness is suitable for both toddlers and babies.


  • They can be easily folded and put in a diaper bag, unlike hook-on and booster seats which are much larger.
  • They are very affordable.
  • Its designs are simple and can easily fit most chairs.


  • Travel harness or portable high chair is light-weight, designed for travel, and considered not for everyday usage.
  • They are made from cloth so it gets dirty quickly and needs frequent washing.
  • Because of the light-weight material, it is made from. A travel harness can wear off easily or have a short shelf life.

Here are more great examples of Travel Harness Here

Hook-On Chair

hook on seat for babies

high chair alternatives like Hook-on chair are convenient and readily available on the market. The chair attaches to the table and holds it firmly, it hooks right onto the table. Then, the baby is placed in the chair. This allows children to eat at the table with the whole family.

Our hook-on chair is accompanied by a little tray that will assist in guarding your tabletop. You don’t need to stress over little spills or other mishaps affecting your table while they feed. This mechanism is helpful, and it should keep your child happy, as well. They will appreciate having the option to eat with everyone.


  • It can help to save a great deal of space as most designs available on the market can be folded and stored in a cupboard to make more room when they are not in use.
  • It affords your baby quality meal-time with the family, as they can sit right up at the table like other family members.


  • Most hook-on brands are selective on the type of surface they attach to – they are not suitable on some table surfaces. It is advisable to check each brands’ details prior to making a purchase.
  • An adequate security check is needed to ensure the baby’s safety, as the chair is designed without any supporting legs. It must be appropriately installed on the table.
  • A hook-on chair may not have the durability or the expected long life if you are using it for an older baby. A hook-on seat may not be able to hold your baby as they get stronger. This implies they might be bound to break free.

Here are more great examples of Hook-on Chair Here

Chair Booster

alternatives for high chair

Chair booster is another example of high chair alternatives. A chair booster allows your baby to use the regular table chairs like everyone normally does.

This works by joining the seat booster to the legs of your regular chair. This in-turn boost the chair up a few inches with the goal that it gets tall enough for your baby access to the dining table. This permits your child to eat with the family.

This option is suitable for toddlers who are old enough and able to sit still. One of the biggest issues with this option is that the baby must be adequately steady to be able to eat without being secured into a chair.

It becomes difficult or unworkable with this method if your baby is clumsy. This has nothing to do with the age limit, but it is all about the motor skills of your child.


  • It is very simple to attach the chair booster to the legs of your table chair. As everything can be set up within a short time.
  • This method is very affordable and doesn’t cost a lot of cash either.
  • The chair booster is very convenient, as it is easy to carry with you while you are traveling.


  • A chair booster is more proper once your kid is mature enough to sit securely in a regular seat. This however does not apply to the traditional high chair.
  • The safety of the toddler may be in doubt, as the chair booster works on the legs of the chair and not the seat.
  • There are no extra straps to help guard your kid in the chair. Therefore, you need to buy a strap to shield him from shaking off the chair.

Here are more great examples of Chair Booster Here

Folding High Chair

alternatives to high chair

A folding high chair is more or less just like the usual high chair. The key difference is that it can be folded and put away more easily. Some high chairs like the wooden ones are somewhat bulky. They occupy tons of space and become annoying figuring out where to keep them if you live in a confined space.

A folding high chair makes good high chair alternatives to the traditional one. Your baby will enjoy the functionality of a typical high chair, plus you have the option to put it away someplace when it isn’t being used.

You can bend it right up to put it away in a storeroom or even against the divider. It implies that it won’t occupy a lot of space by any means, so you won’t be disturbed.

A folding high chair allows you to enjoy a typical high chair without having to face some of the negative features of the chair.


  • Folding high chairs can be easily stored in a relatively little space compared to the outcome of a traditional high chair when not being used.
  • Many brands of folding high chairs incorporate a serving tray that helps keep your toddler’s food close enough. Fortunately, this tray is dishwasher safe and also easy to remove and cleaned.


  • Folding high chairs is not as expensive or high in price as the normal high chairs perhaps because of their inadequate availability, but they are way over the budget of other high chair alternatives.
  • folding high chair isn’t quite easy to put away as some of the other options on this list. Though it can fold up to take less floor space than the normal high chair. However, taller space is needed to store the high chair once collapsed.

Here are more great examples of Folding high chair Here

The Verdict

The above list of high chair alternatives is good and can serve the purpose of purchase. My pick and the best alternative for High Chair is the Folding High Chair.

The folding high chair affords your baby the benefits of a traditional high chair. They are much less expensive and save-space when compare with the normal high chair.

My opinion is based on the experience I had with all the high chair alternatives. But, you’re free to buy whichever products that appeal to you.

At What Age Should You Stop Using a Highchair?

Each child develops at their own speed. Some are the gradual type, while others hit it with full speed. Every child differs, even with siblings of the same parent.

There is no precise age for the time your child will be ready to move away from a high chair, it depends on the baby. Babies will adjust to eating in whatever setting they are kept.

The essential thing here is that they should be safe, comfortable, and happy to enjoy their food.

What Can I Use Instead of a High Chair?

There are many high chair alternatives on the market, these good options are safe, convenient, and ideal for those on budget.

There are many space-saving and cheaper alternatives you can use instead of a high chair as well ensures comfort and a convenient feeding experience for your babies.

Do You Need a High Chair for Toddlers?

Do you need a high chair? The answer is No! Even though a high chair is strongly recommended for your baby’s early eating experience. You can nurse your baby as they sit on your leg or the ground.

High seats may be the most famous choice for parents, but they aren’t the only options. You can get good high chair alternatives on the market too. However, the decision is yours, if you want to purchase a high chair or its alternatives.

Does A 2-Year-Old Need a High Chair?

The duration a baby stays in a high chair depends on her developmental progression. Therefore, if your 2-year-old baby still prefers to sit on a high chair, then she still needs it.

The Transition from a high chair to a seat shouldn’t be forced, typically most babies start transitioning from between 2 to 3 years. The longer a baby stay strapped in her high chair, the better for her.

How Can You Get Your Baby to Eat Without a High Chair?

When you find yourself in a place where there no access to a high chair or you may have decided not to purchase one. When this happens, don’t stress. Ensure the child is balanced on the ground or your lap.

Then, feed her gradually with a baby appropriate spoon. You can also serve the food in a bowl or place food on the table where available.

To help you understand better, here is a useful video on how you can get your baby to eat without a high chair.

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