65 Most Acceptable Nicknames for William

William is a strong masculine and classic name with a long history dating back to the Norman era in 1066. If you have a boy named William and looking for cute Nicknames for William, then you are in the right place.

The idea you are going to get from this article will set you on the right path and help you find cool and unusual nicknames for William.

What does The Name William mean?

William is a classic name given to boys. It is of old Germanic origin meaning “able Protector.” William has been in existence since 1066, made popular after the Norman conquest of England by William (William the Conqueror).

William was among the top 3 names for a boy from 1910 to 1925, then fell to the 4th and slum further to 15th position in the 1970s. In 2007 William began to rise and landed the 6th most popular name for boys in 2022.

The name William has consistently grown as a Male given name in England, Europe, and America. The popularity has also been consistent over the years starting from its first appearance in 1066 based on data by Social Security Administration.

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Nicknames for William

When it comes to nicknames, William has wide varieties to pick from. The following list of nicknames for William will give you the desired good idea.

  1. Gui
  2. Bo
  3. Gil
  4. Bill
  5. Bille
  6. Billie
  7. Billy
  8. Liam
  9. Willem
  10. Wiley
  11. Willis
  12. Wilkie
  13. Will
  14. Wilek
  15. Willi
  16. Willie
  17. Willkie
  18. Wills
  19. Willy
  20. Wim
  21. Wilkin
  22. Wilson
  23. Wilbur
  24. Willard
  25. Willem

Funny Nicknames for William

If you are looking for a Funny pet name for your boy named William. Here are suitable nicknames for him:

  1. Naughty will
  2. Billy boi
  3. Big Will
  4. Little Willie
  5. Silly Billy
  6. G-will
  7. WillYum
  8. Willie-O
  9. Willster
  10. Wil Yam
  11. rich Will
  12. Willionaire
  13. Wilmo
  14. Wilt
  15. Yum Yum
  16. Wimp
  17. Wullie
  18. Yum

Variants of the Name William

William is a strong and unique boy name that has stood the test of times. Like every other name, it has different forms in many countries and languages. Here are a few variants of William for you to use if you find them worthy:

  1. Uiliam – Bulgarian
  2. Guillermo – Spanish
  3. Guillaume – German
  4. Guillermo – German
  5. Uilleam – Scottish
  6. Vilhelm – German
  7. Vilhjalmur – Icelandic
  8. Wilkes – English
  9. Viljami – Finnish
  10. Wilkinson – English
  11. Vilem – Czech
  12. Willem – German
  13. Vilim – Croatian
  14. Williams – German
  15. Williamson – German
  16. Willis – English
  17. Uiliam – Bulgarian
  18. Wilmer – German
  19. Guilherme – Portuguese
  20. Wilson – English
  21. Gwilym – Welsh
  22. Vilyam – Turkish
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Middle Names for William

Middle names give more in-depth into your first and last names. The name you choose is solely your decision, but in doing so look for names that are nice and easy to pronounce.

  1. William Adrian
  2. William Archer
  3. William Asher
  4. William Desmond
  5. William Jayden
  6. William Alexander
  7. William Jayden
  8. William Mitchell
  9. William Harrison
  10. William Henry
  11. William Dorian
  12. William Hendrix
  13. William Hugh
  14. William Montgomery
  15. William Felix
  16. William Hudson
  17. William Cedric
  18. William Carter
  19. William Elias
  20. William Daniel
  21. William Elijah
  22. William Benjamin
  23. William Matthew
  24. William Jackson
  25. William Anthony
  26. William Joshua
  27. William Mason
  28. William Gabriel
  29. William Christopher

Is Bo a Nickname for William?

Bo in English is a diminutive form of William. It is also a given name for boys than girls. Bo is derived from an Old Norse and French origin. Bo is also a Scandinavian variant for Boje and Boe.

Bo can stand as a Nickname for many names including William, Bogart, Boje, etc.

Why is Bill a Nickname for William?

Bill originated from the Irish. It is believed they can turn words with a ‘W’ sound to ‘B’. It is on record that the name came into use after Irishmen mocked King William III of England calling him “King Billy.”

Since the Late 17th century when Billy/Billy was first used on King William, it has continued to be a nickname for William even to date.

Is Liam Short for William?

Liam is the short version of Uilliam or William. Liam is gotten from the last four letters in the names. The name has both Irish and Germanic origins.

Liam can serve as a pet name (Nickname) or first name. The means Protector or helmet of will. Liam has grown in popularity, coming as the number one names for boys in 2019

What Is the Female Version of William?

William as an Old French name with Germanic origin has stood the test of time. It has endured for centuries and going strong.

That’s why parents who loved the names William want a female version. Examples of female William are Wilma, Willamette, Wilhelmina, and Willemina.

What Girls Think About Guys Name

I hope you find this article helpful. There is no limit to the number of nicknames for William you can come up with.

The idea here is only to get your brain working to find awesome Nicknames for the name William.

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