36 Amazing Cute Nicknames for Richard

It took my wife and I sometime to pick Richard as our son’s name, but picking suitable nicknames for Richard is even harder. The good news is – at the end we succeeded in selecting cute and amazing nickname for him.

Getting good nicknames for Richard requires preparation, dedication and commitment, which sometime becomes energy-consuming.

The idea you are going to get from this article will get you through difficulties and help you find pleasing, common and funny nicknames for Richard.

Origin and meaning of Richard

Richard is strong first or given name for boys. A boy with the names Richard is hard, strong-willed, decisive and undeterred towards his goal. The name Richard has a Germanic origin, which means brave, hard, strong, or mighty ruler.

Richard was very popular in the late middle Ages, ranking among the top 5 names for boys at that time skyrocketing in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1920s – 1960s and steadily declined after wards.

In 2022 Richard was the 219th most popular name for boys in America, with 1,673 new babies representing 0.090% of total birth in the United States – according to data released by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Why is Dick a nickname for Richard?

It is funny how Dick could be a short for Richard or even a nickname, don’t get carried away because the revelation you going to get may shock you.

According the host of Today I Found Out, Simon Whistler explained the etymology of Richard and how Dick became a nickname for Richard.

“The name Richard is thought by most etymologists to derive from the Proto-Germanic ‘Rikharthu’, meaning more or less “hard ruler” (‘Rik-‘meaning ‘ruler’ and ‘-harthu’ meaning ‘hard’). This was adopted into Old High German as ‘Ricohard’, and from there to Old French, then Old English as ‘Richeard’, and today as ‘Richard’.”

He additionally says that when more individuals began writing by hand, they needed speedier approaches to write names.

What’s more, in the thirteenth century, individuals regularly dubbed nicknames that rhymed with genuine names, so Rick rhymes with Dick.

To further buttress this case, here are other shocking revelations.
Richard -> Rich -> Dick
William -> Will -> Bill
Robert -> Rob -> Bob

The Best Nicknames for Richard

Richard is a good masculine name for boys, and it is one of the best name for your strong little man. The below nicknames for Richard will provide you with a good idea.

Do you want a fun nickname? The below list are some of the best nicknames for Richard you can use.

Common Nicknames for Richard

Here are the common and popular Richard’s nicknames you can use.

  1. Dick
  2. Dickson
  3. Dickie
  4. Rich
  5. Ric
  6. Richie
  7. Rick
  8. Rickie
  9. Ricky
  10. Rico
  11. Ritch
  12. Riki
  13. Rikki
  14. Ricki
  15. Rocko
  16. Rocky
  17. Rik

Cute Nicknames for Richard

Richard is a serious minded individual who is dedicated to whatever he finds himself doing. Here are cute nicknames for your boy named Richard.

  1. Ricard
  2. Ricardo
  3. Riccardo
  4. Richardo
  5. Richart
  6. Richerd
  7. Rickard
  8. Rickert
  9. Rickey
  10. Rikard
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Funny Nicknames for Richard

  1. Riocard
  2. Raechard
  3. Ritchard
  4. Ritcherd
  5. Ritchie
  6. Ritchy
  7. Ritchyrd
  8. Ritshard
  9. Ritsherd
  10. Ryszard

Middle Names for Richard

Richard is a good and unique name for boys that you can use. Nevertheless, finding middle names for Richard that is easy to spell and pleasant can be a little challenging.

To make your search easier and simple, these are name ideas you should consider:

  1. Richard Jacob
  2. Richard Oliver
  3. Richard Bryce
  4. Richard Brennan
  5. Richard Blake
  6. Richard Elliot
  7. Richard Evan
  8. Richard Landon
  9. Richard Matthew
  10. Richard Noah
  11. Richard Nolan
  12. Richard Owen
  13. Richard Aaron
  14. Richard Finn
  15. Richard Grant
  16. Richard Liam
  17. Richard Lucas
  18. Richard Luke
  19. Richard Gabriel
  20. Richard Henry
  21. Richard Ian
  22. Richard Jude
  23. Richard Joseph
  24. Richard Patrick
  25. Richard Robert
  26. Richard Samuel
  27. Richard Seth
  28. Richard Theodore
  29. Richard Wesley
  30. Richard Zachary

Boys Name That Go with Richard

The following are list of common boy’s name that go with Richard:

  1. Alexander and Richard
  2. Aaron and Richard
  3. Anthony and Richard
  4. Bryce and Richard
  5. Brennan and Richard
  6. Blake and Richard
  7. Elliot and Richard
  8. Grey and Richard
  9. Thomas and Richard
  10. James and Richard
  11. Alan and Richard
  12. Oliver and Richard
  13. Lucas and Richard
  14. Dean and Richard
  15. Erik and Richard
  16. Scott and Richard
  17. Allen and Richard
  18. Henry and Richard
  19. Taylor and Richard
  20. Matthew and Richard

Famous People with The Name Richard

nicknames for richard

The list below are names of famous people with the name Richard. These people have distinguished themselves in various fields.

  1. Richard DeVos – The co-founder of a Multi-level marketing company called Amway and businessman (American).
  2. Richard L. Bloch – b A Philanthropist and an American investor in real estate, banking etc.
  3. Richard Branson –  The founder of the Virgin Group of companies and businessman (British).
  4. Richard Armitage – American politician, and Deputy Secretary of State in President George W. Bush administration.
  5. Richard Arrington Jr. –  The first African mayor of the city of Birmingham, Alabama.
  6. Richard Baxter –  A hymn-composer, poet and Puritan church leader (English).
  7. Ritchie Blackmore –  A guitarist (lead) and important member of Rainbow band, Blackmore’s Night.
  8. Richard Butler –  Singer (Lead) and member of the Psychedelic Furs.
  9. Richard Ayoade – A British-Nigerian movie director, writer, actor and comedian.
  10. Richard Belzer – American comedian, writer and actor.

Meaning of Richard in The Bible

The Amazing Richard is strong a Leader who is hard and a goal-getter.

The name Richard hasn’t been found in the bible, but have good explanations in many languages which can be found in “The Baby Name Wizard” –  To figure out the Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby.

What Women Think About Boys Name

Here are the good, the bad, and the funniest things women think about boy’s name

Final words

I hope you find my opinion helpful. These ideas will get your brain working to find several awesome Nicknames for Richard.

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