80+ Best Nicknames for Margaret

When Looking for a nickname for your daughter named Margaret, you need cool, cute, and attractive nicknames for Margaret that is charming and pleasing.

Nicknames are supposed to be easy; but, finding one suitable for a loved one can be hard.

Getting good nicknames for Margaret requires preparation and dedication, which sometimes becomes energy-consuming.

The idea you are going to get from this article will set you on the right path and help you find pleasing and uncommon Margaret nicknames.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Margaret

Margaret is an attractive name for a beautiful and classic lady. Margaret is an English version of the Latin Name Margarita which means “Pearl”.

Since 1910 Elizabeth has been among the top 25 most popular names given to girls in the United States. Globally, Elizabeth is consistently rising standing among the Top 100 name choice for new babies in England, Wales, and Australia.

In 2022 Margaret was the 128th most popular name for girls in America, with 2,180 new babies representing 0.122% of total birth in the United States – according to data released by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Why Is Daisy a Nickname for Margaret?

Daisy is a flowering plant found in Europe and other temperate regions. The name came from an old English word dægeseage, meaning “day’s eye”. Ultimately Daisy was derived from that word source. Daisy is a beautiful flower that has lead many parents into naming their female child Daisy.

As a name given to female, Daisy is also a nickname for Margaret. This is because Marguerite, which is the French form of Margaret, is also a French name for the flower Leucanthemum vulgare also known as oxeye daisy.

Why is Peggy Gotten from Margaret?

Peggy is a feminine given name often shorten to “Peg”. The name was drawn from Meggy, a short version of the name Margaret.

Peggy became a nickname for Margaret because of its relation to Meggie. Over time, the need for rhyming nicknames transitioned to Meggie/Peggy and Meg/Peg.

Nicknames for Margaret

Margaret is an attractive name for girls, and it is one of my favorites. When it comes to nicknames, the below nicknames for Margaret will provide you with a good idea.

Do you want a fun nickname? Below list are some of the best nicknames for Margaret you can use.

Cool Nicknames for Margaret

Here are a few Cool nicknames for Elizabeth. Some of which will make you smile and others are just there.

  1. Meg – Nickname for your pretty girl, Scottish diminutive of Margaret.
  2. Megan – Welsh origin and cute nicknames for Megan.
  3. Meggi – Another form of Meggie.
  4. Meggie – A good nickname for pretty Margaret.
  5. Meggy            
  6. Meghan – A Welsh nickname for Margaret   
  7. Meta – This nickname is derived from the ancient Roman game meaning “The goal.”
  8. Mette
  9. Meyta
  10. Peg – A Cool Nickname for Peggy
  11. Pegeen
  12. Peggie – Another version of Peggy.
  13. Peggy – A COOL nickname for Margaret.
  14. Rita – Derived from the last four-letter of the Latin version.
  15. Mag – A short version of Maggie.
  16. Maggi
  17. Maggie – An English nickname for Margaret.
  18. Maggy

Unique Nicknames for Margaret

  1. Margo – The French variant and nickname of the name Margaret
  2. Margot – A French way of saying, Pearl        
  3. Margred                                 
  4. Margret
  5. Margrete
  6. Margreth
  7. Margrett
  8. Margrid
  9. Margrit
  10. Marguarette
  11. Marguarita      
  12. Marguerita – A Greek form of Margaret meaning Pearl.
  13. Marguerite – A French variant form, known as Margaret.    
  14. Marguita
  15. Margy
  16. Markie
  17. Markita
  18. Marquetta

Uncommon Nicknames for Margaret

  1. Marge
  2. Marged
  3. Margeen
  4. Margeret
  5. Margeretta
  6. Margerie
  7. Margerita        
  8. Margery – A French variant form of Margaret.
  9. Marget
  10. Margette
  11. Margey
  12. Marghanita     
  13. Margharita
  14. Margherita
  15. Marghretta     
  16. Margie
  17. Margies          
  18. Margisia
  19. Margit
  20. Margita           
  21. Margize
  22. Marit – A Nickname for Margaret meaning “lady mistress of the house.”
  23. Marjery
  24. Marjey
  25. Marji
  26. Marjie
  27. Marjorey
  28. Marjorie
  29. Marjory          
  30. Marketa
  31. Marketta

Cute Nicknames for Margaret

  1. Gretel
  2. Grethel
  3. Gretl
  4. Gretchen – The little pearl, the German equivalent of Margaret       
  5. Gretta
  6. Grette
  7. Margalit
  8. Margalo          
  9. Margarette
  10. Margarida
  11. Margarit
  12. Margarita
  13. Madge
  14. Maiga 
  15. Maighread
  16. Mairead
  17. Maisie – A Scottish nickname for Margaret meaning “A little pearl.”
  18. Maisy
  19. Malgorzata – A Greek Nickname for Margaret
  20. Marcheta
  21. Marchieta
  22. Marga 

Middle Names for Margaret

  1. Margaret Ruth
  2. Margaret Rosaline
  3. Margaret Faye
  4. Margaret Cassia
  5. Margaret Amelia
  6. Margaret Ethel
  7. Margaret Odessa
  8. Margaret Hazel
  9. Margaret Ada
  10. Margaret Cecily
  11. Margaret Alice
  12. Margaret Amelia
  13. Margaret Cecile
  14. Margaret Eleni
  15. Margaret Eve
  16. Margaret Gemma
  17. Margaret Lily
  18. Margaret Naomi
  19. Margaret Elizabeth
  20. Margaret Sage
  21. Margaret Selene
  22. Margaret Susannah
  23. Margaret India
  24. Margaret Olive
  25. Margaret Adele
  26. Margaret Iris
  27. Margaret April
  28. Margaret Eileen
  29. Margaret June
  30. Margaret Jane

Variations of Margaret

Below is a list of the variants for Margaret you could also use of them pleasing.

  1. Gretel
  2. Madge
  3. Mag
  4. Maggi
  5. Maggie
  6. Maggy
  7. Maiga
  8. Maighread
  9. Margareta
  10. Margarete
  11. Margarethe
  12. Margaretta
  13. Margarette
  14. Margarida
  15. Margey           
  16. Marghanita
  17. Margharita
  18. Margherita
  19. Marghretta
  20. Peggie
nicknames for Margaret
Image source: BBC World

Noticeable people Named Margaret

The list below are names of famous people with the name Margaret. These people have distinguished themselves in various fields.

  1. Margaret Curran –  A Former Member of British Parliament (Glasgow East).
  2. Margaret Court – A great tennis player from Australia.
  3. Margaret Ekpo – A Women’s rights activist, Convener, and Nigeria’s first republican female Politician.
  4. Margaret Elizabeth Douglas – She is a seasoned television producer and executive (English).
  5. Margaret Hamilton – A Computer scientist (American).
  6. Margaret Coffey – A former Member of the British Parliament (Stockport).
  7. Margaret Hutchinson – She is an author, environmentalist, and educator (English).
  8. Margaret Rutherford – She a Stage play performer and an on-screen British actress.
  9. Margaret Elizabeth Sangster – She is an American Newspaper editor, writer, and poet.
  10. Margaret Idahosa – Preacher and Wife of Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa; Founder Church of God Mission International.

Wrapping Up

I hope you find my opinion helpful. These ideas will get your brain working to find several awesome Nicknames for Margaret.

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