116 Awesome Nicknames for Isabella

If you are looking for an adorable girl name, then you should go for Isabella. And picking unique nicknames for the name Isabella wouldn’t be hard either.

But, if you have been battling to come up with awesome nicknames for Isabella. Then, this post is for you.

The search for good nicknames for a girl named Isabella can be fun but sometimes tedious and time-consuming. Don’t be alarmed! Help is coming.

I will give you some of the coolest nicknames for Isabella that you could use in any circumstances.

NicknamesSabella, Miss Bella, Little B, Izzie, LaLa.
OriginItalian and Spanish
VariationsIzabella (Italian) Ysabel (French) Elizabeth (Hebrew) Isabel (Spanish)

But first, what is the meaning of the name Isabella?

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Meaning and origin of Isabella

Isabella is a beautiful name that is Unique, Royal, and noble. Isabella is of Italian and Spanish origin and a variant of the name Elizabeth.

Elizabeth comes from the Hebrew name “Elisheba,” which means “Devoted to God” or “God is my oath.”

Isabella’s popularity has continued to grow over the years, ranked number one on the top 50 popular names given to girls in the United States in 2018.

Isabella is a popular name choice for parents in England, Wales, and Canada, Australia, Span, and Italy.

As of 2022, Isabella was ranked 6th according to the date of the United States Social Security Administration.

Funny Nicknames for Isabella

Do you know any Isabella with a great sense of humor? But do not know what nickname to call her. Here is a list of funny monikers to try.

  1. Bezel
  2. Lizal
  3. Belly Doo
  4. HissyBella
  5. Beller
  6. Picky Bell
  7. Balling Lizzy
  8. Sissy Belly
  9. Dizzy Bella
  10. Silly bell
  11. Wizard Bella
  12. Bella Bella
  13. Billy Girl

Cute Nicknames for Isabella

Do you want a nickname that’s adorable and charming? Consider choosing from the below list of cute nicknames for the name Isabella.

  1. Belita
  2. Bell
  3. Bella
  4. Belle
  5. Isa
  6. Issy
  7. Ib
  8. Nib
  9. Nibby
  10. Tibbie
  11. Bels
  12. Ella
  13. Chavela
  14. Izzy
  15. Iz
  16. Belita
  17. Isabelita
  18. Sabelle
  19. Sabella
  20. Issie
  21. Izzie
  22. Bellaboo
  23. Billie
  24. Miss Bella
  25. Little B
  26. Issy Wizzy
  27. Bibi
  28. Beli
  29. Chabella
  30. Isel
  31. Lola
  32. Lia
  33. Lily
  34. Bebella

Cool Nicknames for Isabella

If you have named your baby Isabella and would like a classy, charming, and adorable nicknames a girl named Isabella, here is a list to consider:

  1. Layla
  2. Alia
  3. Stella
  4. Lea
  5. Lala
  6. Queen Lilita
  7. Issa
  8. Belinda
  9. Isa Della
  10. Zabella
  11. Isababe
  12. Le
  13. Za
  14. Queen Isabella
  15. Lisa
  16. Isadora
  17. LeeLee
  18. Eli
  19. Isabae
  20. Bellaquita
  21. Isa queen
  22. Beya
  23. Jelly Belly
  24. Lizzy
  25. Elsie-Belsie
  26. Chalala
  27. Izzy bell
  28. Bellavista
  29. Nib
  30. Nibby
  31. Tibbie
  32. Belladonna
  33. Aby
  34. Belize
  35. Zella
  36. Bea

Creative Nicknames for Isabella

Here is a list of Creative Monikers for Isabella.

  1. Mozzarella Bella
  2. sabelly
  3. Izzy Bella
  4. Sabe
  5. Ice ice baby
  6. Bellarina
  7. Billie
  8. Sable
  9. Sabel
  10. Sabela
  11. Isla
  12. Sella
  13. Zella
  14. Bea Baby

Usernames for Isabella

Usernames for Isabella - Unique nicknames for Isabella

Do you seek nicknames for Isabella on Snapchat or other social media platforms? Here is the perfect name list for you.

  1. L.A
  2. LaLa
  3. Izzy
  4. Ezzy
  5. Bella
  6. Belly
  7. Izzy B
  8. Isabel
  9. Queen Izz
  10. Ella
  11. Bette
  12. Izabel
  13. Sweeet E
  14. Queen Bella
  15. Queen B
  16. Miss Bella
  17. Isa Della
  18. Isa queen
  19. Lady Liz

Variants for Isabella and Its Origins

Isabella is a super-elegant and beautiful female name that is romantic and affectionate. Like every other name, it has different forms in many countries and languages.

Here are a few variants of Isabella for you to use if you find them worthy.

IsobelleGod’s promiseHebrew
IsobellGod’s promiseHebrew
ElisabethGod’s promise; God is my oathHebrew
IzziebellaDevoted to GodItalian
YsabellaGod’s promiseLatin
IsabelitaGod is my oathPortuguese
YsabelA Spanish form of IsabelFrench
Sabella God’s promiseLatin
IsabelGod is my oathSpanish
IzabellaDevoted to GodItalian
IsabelleGod is my oathFrench
IzabelleGod’s promiseHebrew

What is Isabella Short for?

Isabella is an adorable girl name; it is short to unique monikers that stand alone or use as nicknames. Examples of names short from isabella include Izzy, Isabel, Bella, and Belle Isa, Lizzy, Zabel, Liza, Elisa, etc.

Names Similar to Isabella

  1. Arabella
  2. Annabella
  3. Camila  
  4. Gianna 
  5. Juliana
  6. Juliette
  7. Miranda
  8. Sabrina
  9. Sophia
  10. Viviana

Sibling Names That go with Isabella

If you had a newborn – a little sister or brother to a girl named Isabella. Here are some name ideas for you: 

Brother Names

  • Leo
  • Lucas
  • Peter
  • Nathan
  • Thomas
  • Hugo
  • Simon
  • Rupert
  • Isaac
  • Jack
  • Matthew
  • Nicholas
  • Sebastian
  • Shannon
  • William

Sister Names

  • Willa
  • Erin
  • Rae
  • Tessa
  • Ingrid
  • Paige
  • Ashley
  • Sarah
  • Gwen
  • Gianna
  • Heidi
  • Jewel
  • Lora
  • Cara
  • Vera

Middle names for Isabella

Isabella is an elegant and unique name for girls that you can use for your child. Nevertheless, finding unique middle names for Isabella is not that easy.

To make your search easier and simple, here is a list to consider:

  • Isabella Amy
  • Isabella Anna
  • Isabella Aurora
  • Isabella Aurelia
  • Isabella Bree
  • Isabella Sophie
  • Isabella Peridot
  • Isabella Pearl
  • Isabella Ava
  • Isabella Isla
  • Isabella Rae
  • Isabella Tessa
  • Isabella Ingrid
  • Isabella Gem
  • Isabella Blue
  • Isabella Sian
  • Isabella True
  • Isabella Sarah
  • Isabella Audrey
  • Isabella Madeline

Famous people named Isabella

Here is a list of accomplished people with the name Isabella. These People have distinguished themselves in various fields of life.

  • Isabella Belfer – The Oldest female imprisoner in Israel.
  • Isabella Bird – A writer, historian, and explorer (British).
  • Isabella Boylston – A ballet dancer, a performer with the Ballet Theatre (American).
  • Bella Swisher – French writer
  • Bella Hadid – Super Model (Palestinian-American)
  • Isabella Rossellini – Filmmaker, philanthropist, actress, model, and author (Italian)

Nicknames for The Name Isabella – Final thoughts

I hope you liked our post – Awesome Nicknames for Isabella. We are glad to help in our little way. If you have any pet for your child named Isabella, please feel free to share with us below.

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