60+ Awesome Nicknames for Elizabeth That you Never Heard Before.

Elizabeth is a classic feminine name with a long history in the royal and noble homes. There are whole bunch of nicknames here for you.

When searching for a nickname for your baby named Elizabeth, you need to look for cool, funny, cute, and unusual nicknames for Elizabeth that is Fascinating and likable.

Nicknames are supposed to be easy; but, finding one suitable for a loved one can be hard.

Getting good nicknames for Elizabeth entails preparation and dedication, which sometimes becomes energy-consuming.

The idea you are going to get from this article will set you on the right path and help you find pleasing and uncommon Elizabeth nicknames.

Elizabeth Meaning and Origin

The name Elizabeth is timeless, classic, and noble, it is the name given to a female child and has a Hebrew origin. Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew name “Elisheva” which means “My God is an oath”.

Since 1910 Elizabeth has been among the top 25 most popular names given to girls in the United States. Globally, Elizabeth is consistently rising standing among the Top 1000 name choice for new babies in England, Wales, Canada, and Australia.

Elizabeth was ranked as the 15th most popular name for girls in 2022, with 6,964 new babies representing 0.390% of total birth in the United States – according to data released by the Social Security Administration .

Nicknames for Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a beautiful name for girls, it is one of my favorites. When it comes to nicknames, Elizabeth have uncommon nicknames that are on point.

Do you want a fun nickname? Below list are some of the best nicknames for Elizabeth you can use.

Funny Nicknames for Elizabeth

Here are a few funny nicknames for Elizabeth. Some of which will make you smile and others are just there.

  1. Birdie – This nickname is inspired by the B is Elizabeth and bird.
  2. Buffy – This for easy going and chubby Elizabeth, she is full of joy.
  3. Eliza-B – This is a celebrity inspired nickname e.g. Cardi B.
  4. Lizalooloo – A hilarious way to address a playful Lizzy.
  5. Looloo – The short Variant of the above Name.
  6. Lizaboo – For your sweetheart named Elizabeth.
  7. Tibby – If your Elizabeth is the shy or timid type, then this nickname is appropriate.
  8. Lisbet – An Elizabeth who is involved in betting.
  9. Boop – An Elizabeth who looks and acts like the cartoon character Betty Boop.

Cute Nicknames for Elizabeth

  1. Etta – Cute nickname, coined by joining ETA in the name.
  2. Izzy – Inspired by the Z in Elizabeth, coined to sound better.
  3. Lea – Your out-going or extroverted Elizabeth, she is possibly for the outdoors type.
  4. Lettie – cute nickname, gotten from of Lettice.
  5. Libby – This nickname can be given to both Elizabeth and Lydia.
  6. Lily – Like the beautiful flower, this nickname is for your pretty girlfriend named Liz
  7. Lisa – Liza came onboard as a First name in the 1970s, but didn’t get the desired recognition. Today it is seen as a vintage and uncommon name.
  8. Liz – A nickname Elizabeth and a shorter version of Lizzie.
  9. Liza – This name is vintage, the name came to the limelight in the 70s by Liza Minnelli, the daughter of an Oscar-winner and Hollywood legend Judy Garland.
  10. Lizbeth – This is another variant for Elizabeth, and can be used as a nickname too.
  11. Lizzie – Just looking at this nickname you will automatically associate it with Elizabeth.
  12. Bizzy – A busy Liz, hardworking and industrious.
  13. Bethie – same nickname as betty.
  14. Bet – longer time nickname Elizabeth.
  15. Beth – This nickname is gotten from the last four letters.
  16. Betsy – To make the nickname Beth sound better ‘SY’ was added to it.
  17. Billie – This was inspired by the extraction of B from Elizabeth.
  18. Zizi – Inspired by Z in Elizabeth, and has a nice ring to it.
  19. Queen E – A Nice variant for Liz.
  20. Buffy – Buffy is derived from Bethie, which is another cute inspired by Elisabeth. Buffy was made popular movies Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the 1960s sitcom family affairs.

Unusual Nicknames for Elizabeth

Nicknames for Elizabeth
  1. Babette – a cute unusual nickname which is coined from Babe and Bette.
  2. Bee – Made popular by Queen Elizabeth I (called Good Queen B).
  3. Bessie – Same as the nickname Bess but with ie added.
  4. Bettina – This nickname has an Italian, which is also another form of Elizabeth in Italian.
  5. Birdie – This name was made popular by Busy Philipps’ daughter named Birdie, which is a shortened version of the name Elizabeth.
  6. Lilibet – This became the nickname of Queen Elizabeth II when she was unable to say her name in full when she was a toddler.
  7. Liesl – This is another unusual nickname which also means Elizabeth with Germanic origin.
  8. Tetty – coined from betty, betty is becoming popular as a first name in England.
  9. Ilsa – This is an unusual nickname with a cute feeling, it has a Germanic origin.
  10. Thea – An unusual nickname for Elizabeth. It was coined from the last two of the name and the first letter, then A is added to it.
  11. Tess – Customarily this name is short for Theresa, However, Tess is also a cute nickname for Elizabeth.

Cool Nicknames for Elizabeth

  1. Bette – This is same as Betty with similar in pronunciation.
  2. Betty – Became popular in the 1940s with an American actress known as Betty Garble.
  3. Eliza – Can be pronounce as Elisa. This is an age long nickname for Elizabeth, believed to have been used by the first Queen of Carthage.
  4. Elise – Elise is now used as first name, but formerly it was a pet name used by the french.
  5. Elle – It has other variations like Ella, Eli, Elle. This nickname is shorter version of Elizabeth starting with El.
  6. Ellie – This is an Elizabeth’s nickname and can be pronounce as Elle.
  7. Elsa – Same as Elisa, it is a cool pet name for Elizabeth. Elsa means Joy in Hebrew.
  8. Elsie – Elsie is a version of Elspeth which is derived from Elizabeth. This nickname became popular in the 19th century.
  9. Alyssa – It is a variation of Elisa and Eliza which is short version of Elizabeth.
  10. Zea – Z is a strong letter, and Elizabeth has z within it.
  11. Zella – Similar to Ella, but with Z starting it.
  12. Zibby – A nice pet name for Elizabeth.
  13. Zizi – With the Z in Elizabeth you can Coin a lot of nicknames that sounds pleasant.

1920s Nicknames for Elizabeth

The below list for Elizabeth Nicknames was derived from Queen Elizabeth I of England. These names were what her admirer was fond of.

  1. Betsy – This nickname gives a retro touch to Elizabeth, made popular in the 1940s and 50s.
  2. Bess – Made popular by Queen Elizabeth I (called Good Queen B).
  3. Bessie – same as Bess above.
  4. Bethie – same as Betty, a popular name in the 80s inspired by Beth in Elizabeth.
  5. Bethee – This nickname is gotten from the last four-letter of the name and the first letter.
  6. Queen B – another version of Queen Bee
  7. Queen Bee – Another nickname for Queen Elizabeth I.
  8. Beetee –
  9. Queen Bess – same as Bee.
  10. Queenzie

Variations for the Name Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a classic and beautiful female name that has seen royalty. Like every other name, it has other variations.

Here are a few variants of Elizabeth that you can use if you find them worthy.

  • Elisabe
  • Elisabeth
  • Elissa
  • Helsa
  • Ilse
  • Isabel
  • Isabella
  • Isabelle
  • Elisabetta
  • Eilish

Middle Names for Elizabeth

Are you looking for good middle names for Elizabeth? Here are cute and Classic girl’s names you can name your child.

smiling face
Image: Pxfuel.com
  1. Elizabeth Ann
  2. Elizabeth Claire
  3. Elizabeth Eve
  4. Elizabeth Gail
  5. Elizabeth June
  6. Elizabeth Kate
  7. Elizabeth Leigh
  8. Elizabeth May
  9. Elizabeth Quinn
  10. Elizabeth Rae
  11. Elizabeth Antonia
  12. Elizabeth Astrid
  13. Elizabeth Whitney
  14. Elizabeth Jocelyn
  15. Elizabeth Louise
  16. Elizabeth Simone
  17. Elizabeth Wynne
  18. Elizabeth Wren
  19. Elizabeth Zoe
  20. Elizabeth Vivian
  21. Elizabeth Susannah
  22. Elizabeth Raine
  23. Elizabeth Willa
  24. Elizabeth Erin
  25. Elizabeth Rae
  26. Elizabeth Tessa
  27. Elizabeth Ingrid
  28. Elizabeth Gem
  29. Elizabeth Blue
  30. Elizabeth Sian

Famous People with The Name Elizabeth

The list below are names of famous people with the name Elizabeth. These people have distinguished themselves in various fields.

  1. Elizabeth – The mother of John the Baptist in the Bible.
  2. Elizabeth Andrews – The first woman to organize the Labour Party in Wales.
  3. Elizabeth Arden – businesswoman (American).
  4. Elizabeth Stanton – Women’s rights movement organizer and social activist (American).
  5. Elizabeth Carter – Writer, poet, and translator (British).
  6. Elisabeth Cavazza – Music critic, journalist, and author (American).
  7. Elizabeth Gaskell – Story writer and novelist (British).
  8. Lizbeth Robles – First female American soldier to die in war (the Iraqi Freedom war).
  9. Elizabeth Young – British author and literary critic.
  10. Elizabeth Lownes – Rust missionary, philanthropist, and humanitarian (American).

Final Words

I hope you find my opinion helpful. These ideas will get your brain working to find several awesome Nicknames for Elizabeth.

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