The Best 80 Nicknames for Olivia

When searching for nickname for someone named Olivia, you need to look for good, funny, cute and unique nicknames for Olivia that is catchy and appealing.

Nicknames are supposed to be easy; but, finding one suitable for a loved one can be hard.

Getting good nicknames for Olivia requires preparation and dedication, which sometimes becomes energy-consuming.

The idea you are going to get from this article will set you on the right path and help you find pleasing and cute olivia nicknames.

Meaning and Origin of Olivia

Olivia is a name given to female child across England, Europe, and America. Olivia originated from the Latin word Oliva meaning “Olive tree”.

In ancient times Olive tree signifies fruitfulness and peace. Olivia was first used in a William Shakespeare’s play titled the Twelfth Night, and since then it has continued to grow in popularity.

Olivia is a pretty name. In 2022, the name ranked number one on the top chart for popular girl’s names in the United State. According to data released by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Nicknames for Olivia

Olivia is a beautiful name for girls, it is one of my favorites. When it comes to nicknames, Olivia’s nicknames are always on point.


Who won’t want a fun nickname? The Below list are some of the best nicknames for Olivia you can use.

Cute Nicknames for Olivia

Are you looking for cute nicknames for Olivia? You can use the following nicknames ideas.

  1. Olivia Pancake
  2. Ollie Hun – An adorable pet name for Olivia.
  3. Ollie Boo – A great pet name.
  4. Ollie sweet – A good pet name.
  5. Ollie Baby – For your beautiful baby Olivia.
  6. Ollie Luv – A pet name for your significant other.
  7. Olivia Nuggets
  8. Olivia Queen – A nickname for cute Olivia.a
  9. O-Lily
  10. Oli-sweetpie
  11. Oli CoCo – Cute nicknames for Olivia with adorable cheeks.
  12. Libby – A nickname for your beloved Olivia.
  13. Lolly
  14. Livvy – A Good variant of the name Olivia with Latin origin.
  15. Oliwia – A Pleasing variant for Olivia with Polish origin.
  16. Aww-livia
  17. Sunny-Olly – For the girl olivia with the brightest smile
  18. Ponyoliv – This is for the Olivia who likes wearing a ponytail.
  19. Ollie candy
  20. Ollie Pollie
  21. Ollie may
  22. Olie molly

Nicknames for Olivia Funny

If your baby girl has a fun and hilarious personality – then you can check out these funny nicknames for Olivia below.

  1. Brolivia
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Nollie – The ever popular nickname for Olivia.
  4. Oli-Voom
  5. Olivia Laugh
  6. Olive Garden
  7. Liver
  8. Jolivia
  9. Li Li
  10. Ollie-Vera
  11. O-Hell’a
  12. Olie Baker – like the popular Anita Baker.
  13. Loo-Loo

Good Nicknames for Olivia

A good nicknames come with good feeling. Give your little Olivia that special sense of pride. Choose the following options.

  1. Livvy Divvy
  2. Olivette – A Good variant of Olivia, with Latin and English origin.
  3. Big O – The nickname represent the ‘O’ in the name.
  4. Ollie Rockstar – A lively and active Olivia.
  5. Oliannah – A combination Oli and anna.
  6. Olivja – Another variant of Olivia, with Finnish roots.
  7. Olivina – “The olive tree”, another meaning for Olivia.
  8. Oliviya – A cool variant of Olivia, with spanish roots.
  9. Vivvy – A good nickname for Olivia meaning “Life” in English.
  10. Olive – A charming nickname, meaning peace.
  11. Olyvia – An elegant variant of Olivia, with English origin.
  12. Olle – A nice nickname for the name, Swedish roots.
  13. Oliwja – A good variant of Olivia, with Polish origin.
  14. Olie Bear – If she is chubby and kind.
  15. Olee – A nice variant of Olivia with Italian roots.
  16. Oliviah – Another variant of the name.
  17. Alivia – An English variant of the name.
  18. Olivianne – A nickname for Olivia, pronounced as “Ow-Lih-Viyaa-Nn.”
  19. Lyvia – Classic nickname for Olivia.
  20. Oliviola – Another nickname for Olivia, with Italian origin.
  21. Livie – It is pronounced as “Lih-Viy.” an old Latin version.
  22. Oliviosa – A nickname with Latin origin, adapted from “wingardium leviosa” in Harry Potter’s play.
  23. Olivera – A variant nickname of Olivia, with Serbian roots.
  24. Olivie – A variant of the name Olivia with French roots.

Unique Nicknames for Olivia

Do your baby posses any unique qualities? The following unique Nicknames will help highlight her quality traits.

  1. Lily – Lily is a good example of a unique nickname for Olivia.
  2. Capricoli – This nickname girl named Olivia who was born in the Capricorn Season.
  3. Holie – This is a nickname for happy Olivia.
  4. Olivia-Twist – Like her male version “Oliver Twist”.
  5. Gullivia – When an Olivia seen gullible.
  6. Afro-Livia – An Olivia with the cutest Afro hair.
  7. Flavia – An Olivia with swag.
  8. Olivia Tame – A nickname for a timid and introverted Olivia.
  9. O’Live – This nickname is for a bold and lively lady named Olivia.
  10. Olibster – This nickname is from the combination of Olivia and Lobster.
  11. Oly babe – A nickname for beautiful Olivia.
  12. O-licks
  13. Oliepia

Short nickname for Olivia

  1. Oli
  2. Ollie
  3. Livia
  4. Ol
  5. Vee
  6. Ole
  7. Livi
  8. Le Le

Middle Names for Olivia

The following are some middle names for Olivia that you can use.

cute middle names for Olivia
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  1. Olivia Emmalyn
  2. Olivia Emmalyn
  3. Olivia Sloane
  4. Olivia Winter
  5. Olivia Poppy
  6. Olivia Mabel
  7. Olivia Mailen
  8. Olivia Cristina
  9. Olivia Elise
  10. Olivia Louise
  11. Olivia Ivy
  12. Olivia Emmaline
  13. Olivia Irma
  14. Olivia Isolde
  15. Olivia Annette
  16. Olivia Claire
  17. Olivia Evelyn
  18. Olivia Grace
  19. Olivia Gray
  20. Olivia Sloane
  21. Olivia Winter
  22. Olivia Emmah
  23. Olivia Emelyne
  24. Olivia Emelina
  25. Olivia Poppy
  26. Olivia Mabel
  27. Olivia Mailen
  28. Olivia Cristina
  29. Olivia Elise
  30. Olivia Louise

Noticeable People with the Name Olivia

The list below are names of noticable people with the name Olivia. These people have distinguished themselves in various field of life.

Nicknames for Olivia
  • Olivia Amoako (1985), Defensive football player from Ghana.
  • Olivia Anderson (1987), A Cricketer from South Africa.
  • Olivia Arthur (1980), A documentary photographer from England.
  • Olivia Baker (1979), A commonwealth weightlifter from New Zealand.
  • Olivia Barash (1965), A star actress from America.
  • Olivia Barclay (1919-2001), An astrologer from the United Kingdom.
  • Olivia Cajero Bedford, Politician from America.
  • Olivia Bee (1994), American photographer.
  • Olivia Blake (1990), Member of the British Parliament.
  • Olivia Blatchford (1993), Squash player (American).
  • Olivia Bonamy (1972), An actress from France.
  • Olivia Bonilla (1992), singer-songwriter and actress (American).
  • Olivia Borlée (1986), A sprinter from Belgium.
  • Olivia Breen (1996), A Paralympian athlete from the United Kingdom.
  • Olivia Bucio (1954), Star actress from Mexico.
  • Olivia Buckland (1993), A Reality TV Star and model from England.
  • Olivia Burges (died 1930), Girl Guides Secretary (Worldwide).

Wrapping Up

I hope you find our ideas helpful. These ideas will get your brain working to help you find some awesome Nicknames for Olivia.

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