How to Pick a Good Baby Name – 9 Perfect Tips

Do know you that parents find it hard picking the right name for babies? Knowing how to pick a good baby name may sound easy, but it’s a difficult task to surmount.

Struggling to pick a baby name for child is not a fallacy. Many parents, at some point, have asked themselves, “what should I name my baby?”

Picking a name for your child is as important as the love and care you give to that child. You’ve got to be right.

Let’s be honest, there would be nothing more terrible than choosing a name and afterward realizing you made mistake on the name’s spelling.

The name you give to your child stays with her for a long time. That why parents go the library or search online for tips on how to pick a good baby name.

I did some research and came up with the best ways to choose a baby name. One of which include using a baby name finder.

How to Pick a Good Baby Name (Boy or Girl)?

To pick the perfect baby name that you won’t regret, you must adhere to the following tips.

My tips on how to pick a good baby name that you would love include:

  • Do Not Get Carried Away by Trends
  • Consider Your Family Lineage
  • Try Cool Classic Name
  • Go for Name with Good Meaning
  • Pick from Your Culture
  • Seek Names with Nice Nicknames
  • Middle Names Are Important Too
  • Say it Out loud
  • Choose The Right Spelling

Now read more about each point below.

1. Do Not Get Carried Away by Trends

As much as you want to give your baby names that are trending at some point, you should go for a baby’s name that can stand the test of time.

You need to ask yourself, will this appellation still sound good in 10 years? Will my kid need to spell or clarify their name each day of their lives? If you know the name will create a problem for your child, change it.

Trends to keep away from consist of awfully incorrectly spelled names (think Jackxen and Rybekkah), names having irregular punctuation that are pointless (Prin’cess and D’Lilah).

Do you know that people with unusual names get less positive results in life? A study by Marquette University shows that individuals with normal names have a higher chance of getting recruited than those with unusual names.

Also, people with names easier to pronounce occupied higher positions. So choose wisely.

2. Consider Your Family Lineage

One more tip to get inspiration on how to pick a good baby name is from your family lineage.

If you can lay your hands on old records of family names or a family tree your relative has made. From there, you can get a clue or maybe find names that catch your attention.

There’s something truly extraordinary about picking a name that you love. And it also going has a solid representation of your family root.

3. Try Cool Classic Name

When I advise that you go for classic names such as James, Mary, Rose, Paul, and Peter, that does not mean every parent must go for those names.

Try something cool and classy like Wren, Ophelia, and Willa for girls and Bryan, Dylan, and Silas for boys. We’ve got many lovely names to pick from here. These names have been around for quite a long time but remain generally unused.

4. Go for Name with Good Meaning

This step is crucial so that you don’t end up picking a name with a horrifying meaning. You may like the name Cecilia, but did you know it signifies “visually impaired”? Or that Giselle signifies “prisoner”?

I put to you that you wouldn’t find it amusing when people laugh after you have told them the meaning of your child’s name. Therefore, to avoid any unforeseen mockery upon you and your child – choose names with good meaning.

5. Pick from Your Culture

Pick from Your Culture - How to pick a good baby name

As parents, it is good to honor your heritage at one point or the other, and one way to that is by Picking a name from your cultural background.

Go online and search for names from your people’s culture, and I am sure you will find one or two monikers that you would like. For example, Spanish sensations include Fernando, Marcos, and Javier. Arabic female names that might inspire you include Aliyah, Zainab, Aisha.

6. Seek Names with Nice Nicknames

Go for names with nice nicknames. Avoid undesirable monikers that could raise contempt from other children or adults.

In case you’re going for uncommon names. Ensures it doesn’t sound like a body part or task. Kids can be so cruel sometimes. I have seen where a girl named Regina nicknamed Ragi va-jay-jay by kids in school in her class.

It is better you research for all possible nicknames of any name you intend to use. And, doing this will ensure you avoid the possibility of having a name that you might hate.

7. Middle Names Are Important Too

Having a middle name is one of the easiest ways to honor a family member, such as a grandparent or a favorite sister. If you are thinking of how to pick a baby name that goes with your last name, read more here.

You can also pick your child’s middle name depending on if the name fits properly with their first and last names.

8. Say it Out loud

Before committing to any name, say it out loud many times before you make a pick. It is good to have a first name, middle name, and surname that sound right when said aloud.

Do some online search, and be double sure you’re not accidentally giving your unborn child the same name combination as a serial killer or anyone with questionable character.

Observe any possible red flags in how the names look. Initials can bring problems, so give it crucial consideration. Some names might sound like pretty names, but the initials may not have the same nice ring.

Phoebe Ophelia Osborne (P.O.O) and Alyssa Sydney Scott (A.S.S.) might seem like a lovely baby name, but with bad initials.

9. Choose The Right Spelling

Some names and their spelling variations are becoming more common in today’s name scene. For example, Jaxon is much popular with UK parents compare to Jackson, which was the original name.

Ensure that you don’t give your kid a name with spelling that is strange to the point of becoming a lifelong burden. Change the moniker if you have to explain yourself every time about the alphabetical component of his name.

Final Word

Having said all this, the name you give your child reflects what you and your spouse want for your unborn child.

Still, confuse on a baby name? Get more resources on how to pick a good baby name here

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