Baby Led Weaning Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a common food in my household. It is adjudging as one of the easiest food recipes/ideas during baby-led weaning.

Baby led weaning sweet potato is the first food I introduced to my daughter when she took her first bite. Whichever way you choose to do baby led weaning sweet potato, be rest assured that your baby is going benefit more.

I’m going to share with you some sweet potato recipes, you can wean your baby with. These recipes are stress-free and perfectly healthy for babies.

Before diving into the main discussion, let’s look at the nutrient fact and health benefits of sweet potato.

What Are the Nutritional Value of Sweet Potatoes?

Just as the name sound, sweet potato is amazing, the nutritional value is great and beneficial to kids.

The delicious taste makes sweet potato another wonderful choice for a baby’s first bite. Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin E, potasium, calcium and fiber, Vitamin A (beta carotene) and so much more.

Health Benefits Babies Get from Sweet Potatoes

#1 Abundant Source of Vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency in babies isn’t what parents should toy with because it decreases resistance to infectious disease and increases mortality for children and pregnant women.

Sweet potato is an abundant source of vitamin A because it contains a high amount of beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in our livers. Therefore, we say that sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, and can help your baby’s body fight off infectious disease.

#2 Has Anti-inflammatory Activity

They are anti-inflammatory activity associated with sweet potatoes because of their significant levels of vitamins.

Studies have shown that sweet potato extracts contained anthocyanin, which showed potency in the reduction and prevention of inflammation in colon cancer cells and reduces cell proliferation in some cancer cells.

In a nutshell, sweet potatoes are a rich source of choline and anthocyanin – important dietary nutrients that prevent and reduce chronic inflammation in the body.

#3 Has Antimicrobial Properties

The research on the antimicrobial properties of sweet potatoes is limited.

But, the little study available has shown that extracts from sweet potato (ethanol, and peptone) can inhibit the growth of Klebsiella pneumonia, Salmonella typhi, and E.coli.(1) in essence, it has some form of ant-microbial activity.

#4 Good for Digestion

As your baby’s gut is developing and improving, it needs a high level of fibers in their meal to help the process.

Sweet potato is a good source of fibers and it produces a huge amount that improves the gut and promotes a well-functioning digestive tract and reduces constipation.

#5 Enhances Baby’s Memory

Regular consumption of sweet potatoes can help enhance your child’s memory. Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties found in anthocyanin show that sweet potato has memory-enhancing properties(2)

How to Cook Sweet Potato – Tasty Baby led Weaning Sweet Potato Recipes

During baby-led weaning, sweet potato can be prepared or cooked in any form. When cooking sweet potato for BLW, there are delicious recipes parents can make to get their babies to eat sweet potatoes.

These recipes will even attract a picky eater to want to have them all the time.

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Sweet Potato Fries Baby Led Weaning

fried sweet potatoes

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to fries, then sweet potato fries are the best choice. Sweet potato fries are a great choice for finger foods for all kids.

The recipe is easy to cook, can be easily handled even for kids on their first bite.

Ingredients: Large Sweet potato, Olive/Vegetable oil, salt, Ground black pepper

How to Prepare Sweet Potato Fries for Your BLW Baby    

Step 1

Prepare your frying pan. Wash sweet potato into a kitchen sink thoroughly under running water.

Step 2

peel off potato skin

Peel off the skin cut the potato into half and slice each half into long pieces about the thickness of your index finger.

Step 3

cutting sweet potato to sizes

Drop the sliced potatoes into a bowl. Seasoned with a little salt, a pinch of black pepper. Use a plastic cooking spoon or hand to mix properly.

Step 4

Place your frying pan with olive oil in it on medium heat and drop the sweet potatoes into the oil.

frying sweet potatoes

Step 5

Fry till it gets cooked, appearing brownish. Remove from heat, and strain for a while for excess oil to drain off. Then serve.

fried sweet potato ready to serve

Sweet Potato Pancakes Baby Led Weaning

Sweet potato pancakes are an amazing twist to our breakfast. In my home, the mornings are not complete until sweet potato pancakes are served. This Sweet Potato pancake recipe is sure to bring joy and smile to your baby’s face.

sweet potato pancakes ready to be served

Ingredients: Sweet potatoes, Whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt, ground nutmeg, large eggs- beaten, cups of milk, a cup of butter –melted, vegetable oil

How to Prepare Sweet Potato Pancakes for Baby Led Weaning

 Step 1

Boil sweet potatoes and leave to cook until it is soft but firm. Drain and shock in cold water. Remove skin, chop into pieces, and mash.

 Step 2

Sieve the whole wheat flour into a bowl and then add nutmeg, baking powder, and salt. In another medium bowl mix mashed sweet potatoes, butter, eggs, and milk.

Step 3

Merge the flour mixture and sweet potato mixture to form a batter.

 Step 4

Place a greased pan over medium-high heat. Carefully fetch a heaping tablespoonful of batter and drop on a pan. Cook till it turns golden brown, flip the surface with a spatula and wait until cooked.

Step 5

Remove, leave to cool, and serve

Sweet Potato Fritters Baby Led Weaning

sweet potato fritters

Sweet potato fritters are easy to make and deliciously tasteful. They are versatile and can be consumed at any time.

In my house, we all love sweet potato, anything with it goes down well, whether it is chips, pancakes, or brownies. This amazingly delicious sweet potato recipe will get your baby-led weaning baby come for more.

Ingredients: Sweet potato, Flour, salt, oatmeal, onion, ground dry pepper, onion, eggs beaten, ginger, nutmeg, vegetable oil  

How to Prepare Sweet Potato Fritters for Baby Led Weaning

Step 1

Remove the sweet potato skin and grate, squeeze to drain excess liquid if necessary; use just 3 packed cups, save the remaining for later.

Step 2

In a medium bowl; Mix the grated sweet potato, flour, and sprinkle of salt, cornmeal, onion, pepper, egg, and together with a fork or with your hand.

Add more flour if the mixture looks too loose, adding one tablespoon at a time.  A heavy, chunky mixture with a slightly sticky consistency should your goal.

Step 3

Make into desired shape of half an inch thick and about two to three inches across. Put oil into a deep frying pan over medium heat. Drop a spoonful and fry, make sure the fritters don’t touch each other or the side of the pan.

Step 4

Cook and turn them with tongs for about two to three times on each side until they appear golden brown and well cooked. Transfer and drain the fritters on a wire sheet covered with a paper towel.

Step 5

Sprinkle salt or pepper if required and serve hot.

Sweet Potato Banana Muffins Baby Led Weaning

sweet potato muffins

Babies and toddlers like muffins and making it healthier is good. Adding organically grown spices is even better. This sweet potato banana muffins recipe for baby led weaning is sure to elevate your baby’s taste and encourage them to eat more.

Ingredients: Sweet potatoes Puree, whole wheat flour, Ripe mashed banana, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, ground cloves, ground ginger, baking soda, kosher salt, a cup of granulated sugar, large eggs, vegetable oil, whole milk

How to Prepare Sweet Potato Banana Muffins Baby Led Weaning

 Step 1

Heat the oven to a temperature of about 218°C.

Step 2

Wash sweet potato on running water and dry on a wire gauze plate for 30 minutes. Place on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil put into the oven 1hr 30minutes to cook or get soft. Remember covering potato with foil too.

Step 3

Allow to cool for a while, peel the potato skins and mash in a bowl. Measure out your desire amount of mashed sweet potatoes.

 Step 4

Prep the muffin cups with paper liners and reduce oven to 350°F; set aside.

 Step 5

In a separate bowl, mix flour, baking powder, mashed banana salt, and spices. In another bowl, whisk, eggs, sugar, milk, and oil together until they are properly blended.

Combine the two mixture, stir and add the mashed sweet potato (from step 3). Add cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger whisk until all are thoroughly incorporated together.

Step 5

Fill the batter into muffin cups to about two-thirds full. Bake for about 25 minutes or more until a pen-knife inserted comes out clean. Remove from the oven, leave to cool before serving your baby.

Can Sweet Potatoes Cause Constipation in Babies?

Sweet potatoes are one of the best foods recommended for baby-led weaning, unlike other tubers. Sweet potatoes possess a high amount of fibers that improve baby digestive tracts and reduces constipation in children.

Sweet potatoes provide essential nutrients and carbohydrates your baby need for growth and therefore do not cause constipation.

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Which Is Better to Steam, Bake, or Boil Sweet Potatoes?

When cooking sweet potatoes, it is advisable not to peel the skin. The skin contains ten times the antioxidant as much as the flesh.

Baking wipes out (two-third) ⅔ of the antioxidant present compare to microwaving or boiling which are much gentler. Baking cause a drop in vitamin A levels to a whopping 80%, twice as much as boiling.

Therefore, it is better from a nutritional standpoint to boil rather than baking when cooking sweet potato.

Boiling help potatoes to retain many of its antioxidant power, when compared to roasting and steaming. Also boiling helps reduce the cell walls and gelatinize the starch, when compared to baking. Boiling enhances the bioavailability of sweet potato nutrients.

Boiled potatoes have been seen to give less of a blood sugar spike because it lowers the glycemic index of sweet potatoes when compared to baking or roasting. The bottom line is that boiling potatoes is much recommended then baking, steaming, or roasting. According to Micheal Greger, MD


Before doing sweet potato baby led weaning or any other type of Baby-Led Weaning with your little angel, it is advisable to be on the safe side. That is, contacting a registered dietitian or a pediatrician for advice.

Among other things, make sure that:

  • Eating position and environment is conductive
  • You give baby the right Food
  • Your baby is old enough and ready start BLW
  • Visit a pediatrician for the right approach for BLW
  • You do not give baby food in the mouth with your finger
  • You always keep an eye on your baby when eating
baby led weaning sweet potato

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