Alimentum Powder Vs Ready to Feed: Which is Better?

When I delivered my baby, the hospital gave us Alimentum ready to feed. When our baby finished the products, we decided to try the powdered Alimentum formula.

Switching from Alimentum RTF to powder was marred by rejection from my baby. Hence it is essential to compare Alimentum powder Vs Ready to feed.

When comparing Alimentum powder Vs Ready to feed, the main difference you will notice is the taste and price. Alimentum powder is much cheaper than ready-to-feed but tastes awful.

The aftertaste of Similac Alimentum Powder is one of the reasons babies reject them. Also, some babies get fussier and gassy after feeding.

Alimentum powder and Ready to feed are hypoallergenic formulas specially made for babies who suffer from milk protein intolerance, cow’s milk allergy, colic, and other food allergies.

These formulas also contain hydrolyzed milk protein and are lactose-free. They contain DHA & ARA – an essential nutrient found in breast milk for brain and eye development.

Sit tight! This article will compare Similac Alimentum Powder Vs Ready to Feed, which is best, and how to use them.

Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed Vs Powder – What are the Differences

Alimentum ready-to-feed vs Alimentum powder are similar in many ways, but there is a distinct difference in taste, texture, and cost.

Here I will show you the difference before you buy Alimentum powder or Alimentum ready to feed.

 Alimentum PowderAlimentum Ready To Feed
TasteAlimentum Power taste is off and smells too. No wonder babies reject them more than the Similac rtf. But, you can add flavor to sweeten it up – vanilla extract is a good example.  Unlike the Alimentum powder that smells and tastes awful, this formula has a better and sweeter taste such that babies accept it easily when introduced.
PriceSimilac Alimentum powder is relatively cheaper than Alimentum Ready to Feed. But much costly than the regular formula.   The reason is that it is a hypoallergenic formula formulated for babes with cow’s milk intolerance.Alimentum Ready to Feed is very expensive. You may need insurance cover to help with the financial burden. Also, Similac has coupons programs for a subsidized price.
IngredientsOne main ingredient in this product is the Corn Maltodextrin, about 35% content in the formula. Babies who are allergic to corn may find it difficult to accept the Similac Alimentum Powder.Alimentum ready-to-feed is corn-free babies with corn allergies can drink it.
It contains modified tapioca starch for easy digestion of milk formula.
ConvenientA Powdered formula requires you to mix thoroughly with water before feeding.   However, the Ready to feed form is pre-mix and much more easy to use.Alimentum ready-to-feed is relatively easy to use. What you need to do is feed your baby without mixing. It’s also suitable while traveling or where there is no safe water.
TextureAlimentum Powder gives you the ability to control how thick the formula is going to be.   It gives you the ability to mix your desired amount of water into the formula, unlike the ready-to-feed form.Alimentum ready-to-feed comes pre-mix, and they are thicker, and many parents find it disturbing.   Parents who are used to mixing their baby formula may find ready-feed color not appealing.
DigestionAlimentum powder causes gassiness and fussiness in some babies. It is Lactose-free, and babies who are soy intolerant may not be able to digest this formula.Alimentum ready-to-feed contains modified tapioca starch which makes the formula easy to digest for babies.

Similac Alimentum Powder – Review

Alimentum powder review - Alimentum powder Vs Ready to feed

Similac Alimentum Formula Powder can provide your baby with the nutrition she needs. It is a hypoallergenic formula made for infants with food allergies and cow’s milk intolerance.

It is lactose-free and contains nutrients like DHA & ARA found only in breast milk that supports brain and eye development.

Apart from the unpleasant, Alimentum formula is ideal for parents on a budget. Here are what you can add to baby formula to it taste better.

Alimentum powder review
  • Relatively affordable than Alimentum Ready to feed.
  • It contains 35% Corn Maltodextrin, providing babies with nutrients.
  • It allows parents to determine the thickness of the food.
  • You can add Flavors to sweetened the formula’s bitter taste.
  • The formula contains hydrolyzed milk protein.
  • It makes the baby’s stool yellowish and running.
  • It has an awful and unpleasant aftertaste.
  • The formula is not suitable for babies with corn allergies.
  • It makes the baby fussy and gassy.

Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed – Review

Similac Alimentum Ready to feed

Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed (RTF) is a hypoallergenic formula made for infants with food allergies. It is a corn-free and liquid formula made for babies with colic, gassiness, and cow’s milk intolerance.

It is very convenient, easy to use, and ready to feed your baby on the go as it is mixed. With this formula, you are relieved from mixing your baby’s meal before consumption.

Similac ready to feed review
  • Have less work and easy to use.
  • The formula has a better and sweeter taste, and babies accept it easily.
  • It contains modified tapioca starch which makes it easier to digest.
  • The formula milk is corn-free, suitable for babies with corn allergies.
  • Alimentum ready-to-feed is quite expensive.
  • The formula is pre-mixed and a bit thicker than usual.

How to Use Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed?

Before you start feeding your baby with Similac Alimentum ready-to-feed, make sure you get your doctor’s approval.

Do not add water to this formula. Your baby’s health is vital and needs to take it seriously.

Here are few guidelines you need to adhere to when using Alimentum Ready-to-feed:

  • Shake properly before each use.
  • Invert cap; press down to pierce foil, turn the cap a half-turn, and remove foil.
  • Pour formula into bottle; attach clean nipple and feed the baby.
  • Once feeding begins, use within 1 hour or discard.
  • The opened formula may be stored in the refrigerator and use within 48 hours.
  • Store unopened containers at room temperature and avoid extreme temperatures.

How long does Similac Alimentum ready to feed last?

You can improve the shelf life of an unopened Similac ready to feed by storing them in a cool and dry place, avoid extreme temperatures.

Once the container is open, use it within 1 hour or discard it. Store an opened formula in the fridge for two days. When not used, discard and open a new container.

Alimentum Powder Vs Ready to Feed– Final Verdict

When comparing Similac Alimentum powder vs ready to feed, please know that the outcome is relative. One formula milk might be okay for your baby but devastating to another child.

Whichever Similac baby formula you choose to go with, either Alimentum powder or Alimentum ready-to-feed. Bear in mind that these formulas are of high quality but have some features that differentiate them.

There is a peculiar feature that puts one ahead of the other. For example, Alimentum power is much cheaper than Alimentum ready to feed, but Alimentum ready-to-feed tastes sweeter than the powder formula.

Therefore, feed your baby with formula milk that is suitable for her belly and health. Seek the advice of a pediatrician each time you wish to switch from one formula to another.

Is Alimentum ready to feed better than powder? Share your option with Us in the comment section.

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