Can You Store Powdered Formula in Tupperware?

Many moms have asked the question –  can you store powdered formula in Tupperware? And in this article, we will talk about some of the best ways to store powdered formula for safe keep.

Can you store powdered formula in Tupperware? Yes, Tupperware is an ideal place to store powdered formula because it prevents formula clumps and ensures the freshness of the formula powder.

The benefits of storing formula powder in Tupperware are enormous. It has its lids designed to grip firm, preventing the food from pouring. It is sealed, stores, and ensures the baby food doesn’t get contaminated with bacteria and germs.

When a baby’s food is not stored well, it gives room for harmful microorganisms to act. And you risk exposing your little one to health complications, as their immune system is still developing.

Can you store powdered formula in Tupperware?

Parents can store their babies’ powdered formula in Tupperware. The Tupperware is an eco-friendly baby storage container. It has lids that grip firm and prevent your baby’s formula from pouring out.

For convenience, have your baby formula stored in Tupperware, and it is easier to feed your baby on the move. The container also guarantees the freshness of the formula powder.

However, some rules govern the use of Tupperware for storing powdered formula. These guidelines must be adhered to for your baby’s safety and health.

How to Use Tupperware to Store Formula Powder?

Here is a list of guidelines parents need to follow when using Tupperware to store their babies’ formula powder.

Clean and Sterilize Tupperware Before Use

Thoroughly clean and sterilize the Tupperware before using it to store baby formula powder. If you don’t, you are exposing your little one to bacteria.

How to Clean and Sterilize Tupperware

  • In a bowl of hot water, put Tupperware for 5-10 minutes.
  • Use a wash basin used for only your baby’s food item when washing the Tupperware.
  • Use a clean kitchen towel used for only your baby’s food accessories to dry it.
  • Use a towel used for other kitchen purposes, steam in a microwave to sterilize it.

Wash and Clean Your Hands

Wash and clean your hands properly when handling baby food. Their immune system is still developing, and it wouldn’t be wise to expose them to anything that may harbor bacteria and germs.

Ensure to wash your hand and clean them with a sterile towel before you begin the process of storing your baby’s powdered formula in Tupperware.

Ensure The Lid Is Firmly Tight

Ensure that the lid of the Tupperware is tight and firmly in place to guarantee the formula’s freshness. Most formula loses their nutrients when moisture gets into them.

If you put the formula in a container with a loose lid, it gets exposed to moisture and harmful microorganism. 

Use Tupperware That is BPA-Free

BPA and other forms of chemicals storage containers are responsible for some health complications in infants and new-born.

Due to their fragile immune system, new-born may not be able to withstand the toxin release from those containers. Ensure to use a container made with non-toxic materials.

HiPP formula milk storage container is BPA-free. You can use it, and they are also effective in storing baby formula.

HiPP formula milk storage container***

Keep Tupperware in a Cool and Dry Place

Keep Tupperware in a Cool and Dry Place

Different environmental factors have a way of impacting the nutrients and quality of baby formula milk. Once a formula gets opened, it gets exposed to humidity, heat, and extreme cold that degrade the nutrients.

Therefore, to keep the formula fresh, you have to store it or keep it in a cool and dry spot.

Don’t Use Wet Scoop

Do not use a wet scoop to fetch the formula you stored in a Tupperware.   A wet Scoop will bring moisture into the formula powder.

When it is moist in the Tupperware, the formula clumps, and it becomes difficult to measure the right amount of food. An excess amount of food will result in formula milk wastage.

Having moisture in the powdered formula will encourage the growth of molds and bacteria that harm your baby.

How to Store Baby Formula Powder?

In storing powdered formula, there are things you should put into consideration. They are as follows:

  • Humid
  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Direct Sunlight
  • Unsterilized Utensils


Extreme heat isn’t the best for powdered formula because it degrades the nutrition in the milk. As advised by BabyCenter, parents should avoid storing formula in temperatures over 75 – 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure you store baby formula powder is a cool ambient temperature and keep formula away from heating pipes or vents.


I have seen some parents who kept powdered formula in the freezer, hoping to extend its shelf life. If you do this – you’ve got it all wrong.

Extreme cold can’t help but causes more destruction to the formula. Like heat, Extreme cold can degrade the quality of the formula milk, losing vital nutrients needed by your baby.

Mixed baby formula or an opened ready-to-feed formula can be stored in the fridge for up to 48 hours and discarded if not used, advised the American Academy of Pediatrics.


The reason stored baby formula clumps in the container is because of humidity. WikiHow says that; humid clumps powdered formula can make measuring less accurate. It also makes the formula powder more difficult to dissolve in the bottle.

Humidity can increase the concentration of the formula than how it ought to be. And can also lead to a change in the number of nutrients your baby gets per feeding.

Therefore, if you notice an off texture of your baby formula when you open it, then it is time to get a new one.


Let say – you lost the scoop that comes with the formula powder container and needs to fetch some milk to mix for your baby. It is essential to clean and dry the spoon before putting it into the formula can.

Remember that the scoop which comes with the formula container is the best option to get the ideal ratio of powdered formula to water. It gives the best mixture.

Dr. Dyan Hes, MD, of Gramercy Pediatrics in New York, explained that “If you dilute the formula with more water, it will contain fewer calories per ounce and provide lesser calories. And babies need more to thrive.” Credited to WebMD.


Whatever you do, please do not store your baby formula powder or liquid in a sunny spot. Sunlight generates heat, and high heat can also degrade the nutrients in the formula.

Therefore, ensure that baby pre-mix or powdered formulas are in a cool, dark place. Following these guidelines can help you store them properly. You should read the label at the formula’s back and adhere to its directions.

How Long Does Formula Powder Last in Container?

The unopened formula is much safer in a formula powder container and can sit in the storeroom until the expiration date. You can find the expiration date on the body of the cans or ready-to-feed bottles.

But, an opened baby powdered formula can last one month. Beyond that, the nutritional quality of the formula milk would have been lost and not safe for the baby’s sensitive stomach.

How Long Can You Keep Formula Powder in Dispenser?

A formula can stay in a dispenser for a couple of days, so far, the Dispenser is sterile, and the formula powder doesn’t come in contact with liquid.

The benefit of a formula dispenser is enormous. It is great for working moms who keep their kids at daycare. It also comes in handy on road trips and traveling.

A formula dispenser gives you the ability to store a required proportion of formula safely inside your baby’s bottle and is ready to feed anytime, anywhere.

Baby dispenser like tomme tippee formula dispenser is safe, saves time, and is hygienic. The container does not give room for waste. You’re able to mix the amount of milk needed at a point.

Can You Store Powdered Formula in the Fridge?

No! please do not store powdered formula in a fridge. There is a high amount of humidity in the refrigerator, and it’s one of the places you should never store powdered formula.

Wait! Is the fridge not made to preserve things? They are, but not for powdered products. The fridge creates an ambient high in humidity, and high humidity, gives room for bacteria and germs to grow, and they can harm your baby.

However, moms can store an opened liquid formula or ready to feed in the fridge to keep them fresh for 48 hours longer, advised Kids Health.

Powdered Formula Storage Temperature

What is the ideal temperature to store powdered formula? The best temperature to store powdered formula is between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature is an essential factor when it comes to the storage of baby formula. Please try to avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, or extreme temperatures during storage.

“Endeavor to keep unopened powdered and liquid formula in a cool place. As, heat and cold can act as reducing elements on nutrients in the formula,” according to BabyCenter.

Final thoughts – Can You Store Powdered Formula in Tupperware?

If you want an ideal storage container for your baby’s powdered formula, then a Tupperware or Hipp milk storage box should come to mind.

These storages have lids designed to grip firmly to avoid leakages and prevent moisture or harmful microorganisms from getting to the formula.

Above all, it ensures that your babies do not come in contact with things that might put them at health risk.

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