Can I Add Vanilla Extract to Baby Formula – How Safe is it?

Sometimes parents are faced with difficulties getting their babies to accept formula milk, especially during the transition from breast-milk to formula.

You may ask “can I add vanilla extract to baby formula? It Is safe babies?”

Yes, You can add vanilla extract to baby formula milk. It is the most common way of adding flavor and to sweetened to your baby’s formula milk. Putting vanilla extract in your baby formula is safe.

It helps to kick start your baby’s transition to formula as it adds flavor to make it taste better. To do this, add a few drops of vanilla to the formula and this will get your baby taste bud satisfied.

If you are experiencing any difficulty, you are not alone. Many parents have gone through the process, some are going and many would.

Below are answers that will throw more light on “can I add vanilla extract to baby formula milk.”

Can Vanilla Extract Hurt My Baby?

I have heard a lot of parents asking if vanilla extract can hurt their babies? The truth is that vanilla extract is safe for babies. Adding 2 to 3 drops of vanilla extracts to baby milk is okay. but, allowing your baby to consume a bottle or a high quantity of vanilla can hurt your baby and put them at the risk of alcohol poisoning.

Vanilla has calming effects and can help lessen a baby’s anxiety especially for Teething babies. This is because of the volume of alcohol found in it. Vanilla extract builds up a warm, uplifting feeling when consumed a little. Adding a few drops of vanilla extract to baby formula is all that is required.

Ensure to speak with a pediatrician before adding vanilla extract to baby formula if you are uncertain about the alcohol in your baby food.

Can I Add Vanilla Extract to Baby Formula?

Babies can have vanilla extract in their food. Vanilla extract can help in adding flavor to baby formula too. You can add vanilla extract to baby formula if your baby doesn’t accept the formula milk. Putting vanilla extract in milk for the baby will help to sweeten the formula and encourage your baby to consume the formula without difficulty.

Vanilla is safe when ingested in within the right amount. But, some vanilla extract may not be good because of the added artificial ingredients. Anyways, there are some effects associated with vanilla extract. They may cause headaches, insomnia, swelling, and irritation.

Is there alcohol-free vanilla extract?

Yes! There is an alcohol-free vanilla extract that contains little or no ethanol (alcohol). They’re commonly known as vanilla flavoring since they don’t satisfy the FDA’s standards to be called an extract. (See link for FDA’s regulations)

There are various reasons why people go for an alcohol-free vanilla extract. Some of their reasons to avoid alcohol are:

  1. On health ground: Some health problems could get worsen with the consumption of alcoholic content.
  2. Habit: There are people with addiction to alcohol and they are in recovery progress. These people have to stay away from alcohol in all forms.
  3. Religious ground: Some religion forbids its followers from taking alcohol in all forms, even in extracts.

Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract for Babies

Normally, pure vanilla extracts are produced by adding an ethanol base. Having alcohol is the most effective approach to extract the flavor from the beans. For people who want to avoid alcohol, there is a non-alcoholic alternative you can buy online or in the store.

Alcohol-free Vanilla Extract is okay for babies and grown-ups who want to curb their alcohol intake. Vanilla Extract with less or no alcohol is known as a vanilla flavoring. Also with alcohol-free, there is no underlying taste of alcohol in your baby’s formula. Below is an Alcohol-free vanilla extract for sweetening baby’s formula.

1. Simple Organic Vanilla Flavoring

 Simple organic vanilla non-alcohol is made from vanilla gotten solely from Madagascar beans. Simple organic alcohol-free vanilla extract is not an imitation vanilla extract or made from synthetic vanillin.

It is exclusively made from the oleoresin extracted from organic vanilla beans. Simple organic vanilla has a rich, fruity, and flora flavoring that offers all the taste you want in a vanilla extract.

Simple organic is an Organic vanilla flavoring that has;

  • Less than 0.5% alcohol
  • No sugar added
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified Organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International)

If you would like to get more details – see the latest price and review on Amazon 

2. Danncy Dark Pure Mexican Vanilla Flavoring

Danncy’s pure Mexican vanilla extract is made from the finest vanilla beans sourced from Mexico. This vanilla flavor was specially prepared for those who love to cook and bake. A parent can also use Danncy pure Mexican vanilla extract to add taste to baby formula.

Danncy pure vanilla is Gluten-free. The vanilla bean extractives were done in water to extract the natural flavor. This makes Danncy dark pure more of a vanilla flavoring than extract, therefore it is alcohol-free. This vanilla product has Potassium sorbate and Coumarin Free

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3. Trader Joe’s Pure Vanilla Flavor

Trader Joe’s Pure vanilla flavor alcohol-free is made from the finest vanilla beans. It is ideal to add taste to baby formula because of its natural flavor for sweetening. Trader Joe’s Pure vanilla flavor has no artificial flavor and color, gluten, or sugar.  Trader Joe’s Pure Vanilla Provides an additional natural flavor for your baby milk.

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4. Singing Dog Vanilla, Pure Vanilla Flavor

Singing Dog Vanilla, pure vanilla flavor alcohol-free is made from the finest vanilla beans in the USA. It has a rich vanilla flavor with no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and alcohol-free. Singing Dog vanilla beans are organic, it is a healthy choice that gives the desired flavor to your baby’s formula.

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5. Frontier Organic Vanilla Flavoring

Frontier Organic Vanilla Flavoring is made from pure organic vanilla beans. Frontier organic is extra-rich and creamy, the vanilla flavor is ideal for baking, beverages, and adding taste to a baby’s formula without added chemicals.

Frontier Organic Vanilla Flavoring is Kosher certified, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated, alcohol-free, no refined sugar, and Gluten-free.

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6. Suchiate Vanilla Extract

Suchiate Pure Vanilla is made with the finest vanilla beans in Mexico. Suchiate Vanilla Extract provides rich vanilla flavor to enhance baby formula milk with no chemical added. Suchiate Pure Vanilla extract has no artificial flavoring, color and no sugar added.

7. LorAnn Super Strength Vanilla Flavor

LorAnn’s super strength Vanilla flavors have 3 to 4 times the strength of typical vanilla extracts. You just add a few drops for flavor and taste to baby formula. They are nut-free, Gluten-free, low-carb flavoring. LorAnn’s super strength vanilla flavors are Safe Quality Food certified and certified kosher by Star-K.

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Final Thoughts

Baby food manufacturers do produce baby formula with some sweetener to enhance the taste, in most cases, the sweetener may not be enough to give baby the desired taste. These formulas may require added flavor so your baby would take the formula without difficulties, and this has made many parents ask “can I add vanilla extract to baby formula?”

To add more flavor to baby formula, vanilla extract is required. When you are buying vanilla extract for babies, get the alcohol-free vanilla extract for babies. This type of vanilla extract is ideal for your baby because it has no added sugar, alcohol, or artificial ingredients.

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