What to Add to Baby Formula to Make It Taste Better?

Does your baby hate her formula? Are you thinking of what to add to baby formula to make it taste better? Are you struggling to get your baby to transition to formula? If these are your challenges, then you have come to the right place.

When our baby was 9 months old, my wife and I decided to wean her, but we were faced with a challenge – our baby refuses to take her formula milk. I know many parents are struggling to get baby to take formula, but wondering “what can I add to baby formula to make it taste better?”

Adding vanilla to baby formula was the game-changer for us. Watching her takes all her formula milk brought so much joy to me. To make baby formula taste better, few things can be added to make it sweeter. You can add breast milk or alcohol-free vanilla extract to the formula for a sweeter taste.

If you are struggling to get your baby to take a formula and want to add flavor to a baby’s formula, speak with your doctor or pediatrician to ensure it is safe for your baby. Please do not add artificial sugar to your baby formula.

What to Do When Your Baby Does Not Like Formula?

There several reasons why your baby may dislike formula – it could be behavioral or taste/texture preference. Your baby may simply resist a formula due to digestive issues when trying new brands or tummy pain caused by the formula.

Struggling to make a baby take formula can be frustrating for both parents and babies. Your baby will get fussy and irritated during feeding. Therefore, they need ample opportunity to adjust to new tastes and textures brought by the introduction or change of formula.

If the resistance prolongs longer than usual then you have to look for a way out. The ultimate solution is knowing what to add to Baby formula to make it taste better.

What to Add to Baby Formula to Make It Taste Better?

Adding flavors to baby formula can make them taste better. A good example of what to add to baby formula to make it taste better includes alcoholic-free vanilla extract and breastmilk.

a. Add Breastmilk to Formula

Adding breastmilk to formula improves the taste of formula and gives it a natural base for your child to consume. Breastmilk is ultimately a good solution to what to add to baby formula to make it taste better.

In case you’re using a concentrated formula, you need to prepare it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and ensure you add the right quantity of distilled water.

How to Add Breastmilk to Formula?

After getting the appropriate consistency of formula to water, you can mix your breastmilk with the formula. Please do not use breastmilk in place of water during formula preparation. Keeping up with the precise proportion of water-to-formula and then add breastmilk afterward.

Here is an illustration of what I meant – if want to make a 4oz bottle, prepare 2oz of baby formula according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add 2oz of breastmilk to top it up to 4oz and shake properly.

b. Alcohol-free Vanilla Extract to Formula

Adding few drops of alcohol-free vanilla extract to a formula is one of the ultimate solutions to what to add to baby formula to make it taste better. Adding vanilla extract to the baby formula will help to add flavor and improves the taste of the formula milk.

Our Pediatrician prescribed hypoallergenic formula for my beautiful daughter Lilly, however warned us that the taste isn’t that great. She advised we go to an organic food store and get an alcoholic-free vanilla extract to sweeten the formula so she would take it without resistance.

With time we gradually weaned her off the vanilla until she drank only the formula.

How to Add Alcohol-free Vanilla to Formula?

Mix the concentrated formula with drinking water to the right ratio as directed by the manufacturer. Add 2 to 3 drops of alcohol-free vanilla extract to the already prepared solution. Shake to mix properly before feeding your baby. Get your Alcohol free vanilla extract here

Please always seek the advice of your Pediatrician before mixing anything in baby’s formula preparation.

Do Baby Formulas Taste Different?

Yes, formulas taste different, every brand has its peculiar taste. To be honest with you, most baby formula tastes horrible and cannot in any way compare with breastmilk. However, some brands brag that they have a baby formula that tastes like breast milk. For me, I don’t agree with that.

They may have products that mimic breastmilk but do not have a product that can match a mother’s breastmilk for nutrients and taste. 

Why do Babies Hate Formula?

Baby formulas taste different from breastmilk. When transitioning your baby to a formula you may be faced with a struggle to get the baby to take formula. This is because the taste and texture of the baby formula are different from what they are used to.

The truth is that – baby formula tastes horrible. I won’t blame any child for hating it.

Other reason may be;

1# Changes

When you change your baby mealtime or feeding schedule, transition to formula or changes a formula brand. You are going to face resistance from your baby. You may struggle to get your baby to take formula – your baby needs some time to adjust to the new meal schedule or brands.

2# Formula brands

When you are at the supermarket standing at the baby food section, you may get confused deciding which formula brand to buy because you are going to be confronted with dozens of formula options. Getting a brand that agrees with your baby’s tummy and taste will be rather challenging.

You need to speak to experienced mom who has surmounted this struggle or see a pediatrician to recommend brands that best fit your baby age and nutrient requirements. See, AAP recommendations on how to choose infant formula.

3# Improper preparation

Improper preparation of baby formula is one of the leading causes why your baby might hate her formula. Just like any formula, when preparing your infant’s bottle guidelines should be followed cautiously to guarantee appropriate taste and texture are accomplished.

Mayo Clinic recommends that parents should take note of the formula’s expiration date, use tap or bottled water, use sterilized bottles, ensure formula’s freshness and Adhere to the manufacturer’s directions.

Formula With Taste Closest to Breastmilk

With the array of formulas available on the market, it becomes so hard to choose what’s best for a breastfed baby. Parents should pick a formula that is closest to breastmilk in every possible way, especially in flavor, texture, and nutrients, etc.

My personal choice on baby’s formula closest to breastmilk especially in taste and texture is Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula and Gerber Good Start Gentle.

Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula


Enfamil Enspire is a non-GMO milk formula that was made solely for breastfed infants. It contains MFGM that helps to improve intellectual development, it has lactoferrin that enhanced the baby’s immune system and intestinal tracts.

Several parents have testified that their breastfed baby aligned to this formula easily.


  1. Non-GMO.
  2. Lactose for sweetening.
  3. It has Lactoferrin and MFGM.


  1. It is unfit for children with lactose intolerance.

Check the Latest price of Enfamil Enspire on Amazon here.

Gerber Good Start Gentle

Gerber formula

It is the mixture of DHA, comfort proteins and prebiotics, that makes it closest to breastmilk. This formula contains corn maltodextrin and lactose for taste. It is great for lactose intolerance children, gentle on the tummy, and no strong odor.

Check the Latest price of Gerber Good Start Gentle on Amazon here.


  • Easy to digest.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Affordable.


  1. The formula is clumpy and somehow difficult to dissolve.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, you were ignorant of what to add to baby formula to make it taste better. But with what you have read, you now know what it takes. Accepting to feed a breastfed baby with formula closest to breastmilk can prevent the fussiness of your baby.

It will also reduce the time needed for a baby to transition to formula.

Do seek the recommendation of your pediatrician or dietitian before adding anything into baby formula. It is important to note that breastmilk is needed by all babies, especially the newborn and it is difficult to replicate the natural taste of breastmilk with formula.

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Do you know what to add to baby formula to make it taste better?

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