100 Amazing Nicknames for Samuel

Congratulations! on the safe delivery of your baby. If you have chosen Samuel as your baby’s name but still don’t know what nickname to pick?

Then allow me to introduce our list of cute nicknames for Samuel to you. When searching monikers for the name Samuel you need to go for nicknames that are cute, funny, and unique.

The name ideas here will set you on the right path to choose the best nicknames for Samuel, Sam, and Samantha. And, with the information in this post, you are sure of a reduced search time.

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Meaning of The Name Samuel

Samuel is a boy name of Hebrew origin. Samuel comes from the Hebrew name Shemu’el, meaning “Name of God.”

Samuel is a prominent biblical name with widespread use, stretching across the world in many languages such as French, German and Spanish. Samuel has nicknames for boys like Sam, Sammy, etc.

The Old Testament featured Samuel as a prophet. He was also a judge of the Israelites. Most people who bear the name Samuel take Sam as their nickname. Sometimes, Sam can be a given name.

As of 2022, Samuel was ranked the 20th male name on the top 100 boy names in the United States based on data from the Social Security Administration.

NicknamesSam, Sammy, Sami Lee, Samy Boy, Sammie, Yel.
MeaningName of God
VariationsSamweli – Swahili, İsmail – Turkish, Samíilo – Ukrainian, Samueli – Yoruba.

Cute Nicknames for Samuel

Do you want a nickname that’s adorable and charming? Consider choosing from the below list of cute nicknames for the name Samuel.

  1. Samael
  2. Sam
  3. Sammie
  4. Shem
  5. Sammy
  6. Samvel
  7. myu
  8. Yal
  9. Samuhel
  10. Sami
  11. Samu
  12. Sámal
  13. Samwise
  14. Samwell 
  15. Sam-I-Am
  16. Sammy
  17. Sambo
  18. Samwich
  19. Samshine
  20. Uncle Sam
  21. Sammy Jammy
  22. Samu
  23. Samburd
  24. Samari
  25. SamSam
  26. Sam-a-lamb
  27. Sassee
  28. Samba
  29. Slam
  30. Awe Sam
  31. Samich

Cool Nicknames for Samuel

If you have named your baby Samuel and would like a classy, charming, and adorable nicknames for a boy named Samuel, here is a list to consider:

  1. Salam
  2. Samool
  3. Sam Winchester
  4. Sammie the hammy
  5. IceSam
  6. Samara
  7. Sam Tea
  8. Samathy
  9. Samster
  10. Muley
  11. Ammy
  12. Amy
  13. Samurai
  14. Samuelito
  15. Sparky
  16. Samuelto
  17. Sams
  18. Samzi
  19. Samus
  20. Big Sam
  21. Samuel San
  22. SammyBoy
  23. The Samuel
  24. Samos
  25. Samneedia
  26. Samness
  27. PopSam
  28. ManSam
  29. Samstring
  30. Samarty

Funny Nicknames for Samuel

Do you know any Funny with a great sense of humor? But do not know what nickname to call him. Here is a list of funny monikers to try.

  1. Sammiepoo
  2. Samsung
  3. Samsquatch
  4. Samazing
  5. GramSam
  6. Mc slammy
  7. Sammy Q
  8. Sammy Nation
  9. Sammy Whammy
  10. SammyDaBoss
  11. Sambuca
  12. Sam the ram
  13. Sam the hammer

Creative Nicknames for Samuel

Getting a creative name for your baby baring Samuel is good. Therefore, the list here will fit perfectly for you:

  1. Sam-Shag
  2. Sam-Rose
  3. Samarty
  4. Sam-Salon
  5. Sam Nice
  6. Thin-Sam
  7. Sam-Tram
  8. Sam-Poppy
  9. Sammie-Gram
  10. String Sam
  11. Sammo
  12. Moose
  13. Samay
  14. Sampo
  15. Uel
  16. Samski
  17. Sammich
  18. Sam-Sam
  19. Sami
  20. Mels
  21. Shem
  22. Eli
  23. Wells
  24. Sal
  25. Muel
  26. Leo

Cute Nicknames for Sam

Cute Nicknames for Sam - Samuel Nicknames

Getting names with Sam as a nickname isn’t that easy. But with the list here, you are good to go.

  1. Semmy
  2. Sammy Jammy
  3. Simi
  4. Sammi Macho
  5. Sami V
  6. Sully
  7. Awesam
  8. Samool
  9. Sammathy
  10. Samba
  11. Sami-Ami
  12. Psalm
  13. Salm
  14. Sam-Clev
  15. Boss-Sam
  16. Sam-Boo
  17. Same-Sam

Cute Nicknames for Samantha

Getting a nickname for girls could get tricky. But with the suggestion here, you are sure of nicknames for the name Samantha that is easy to pronounce.

  • Sam
  • Sami
  • Sammie
  • Sammy
  • Shem
  • Sammi-Bea
  • Queen S
  • Pretty Sam
  • Samshine
  • Sammy Jenny
  • Sassee
  • Samtha
  • Awe Sam
  • Sam – May

Other Variations of Samuel

Different region and country have their unique ways of spelling Samuel. Here is a list of other ways to spelling Samuel.

  • Samweli – Swahili
  • İsmail – Turkish
  • Samíilo – Ukrainian
  • Samueli – Yoruba
  • Samuil – Russian
  • Samuel – Latin
  • Samuele – Italian
  • Samúel – Icelandic
  • Shamu’el – Hebrew
  • Samuel – French
  • Samuel – German
  • Samuel – English
  • Samuil – Bulgarian
  • Samawʾal – Arabic

Is Sam a Boy Name?

Sam is a nickname to the Hebrew boys name Samuel or Samson. In the bible, Samuel was a prophet and a judge. His name means “Name of God,” “God has heard.”

In another instance, Sam is also a nickname to Samantha, a girl appellation of Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew origin. In Aramaic, Samantha means “Listen well.”

Sam is Short for What Name?

If you are looking for – what is Sam short for, the list here should give you some ideas.

  • Samson
  • Samuel
  • Samantha
  • Samwise
  • Ishmael
  • Ismael
  • Saman
  • Samir
  • Samoset
  • Sampson
  • Samwell

Famous People Named Samuel

Here is a list of accomplished people with the name Samuel. These People have distinguished themselves in various fields of life.

  • Samuel L. Jackson – Actor, television and film producer (American)
  • Samuel A. LeBlanc I – Politician and Judge (American)
  • Samuel Martires – The Ombudsman of the Philippines (Filipino)
  • Samuel Johnson – Writer (English)
  • Samuel Eguavoen – NFL football player (American)
  • Samuel Barber – Song composer (American)
  • Samuel Howell Ashbridge – Politician and mayor of Philadelphia (American)

Siblings Name for Samuel

  • Anastasia
  • Michael
  • Megan
  • Rebecca
  • Katherine
  • Audrey
  • Clara
  • Christian
  • Elsie
  • Sofia
  • Madison
  • Dean
  • Eli
  • Lydia
  • Layla
  • Skyler
  • Owen

Nicknames for Samuel – Final Words 

Now you’ve seen our list of Cute Nicknames for Samuel, Sam and Samantha. These lists are going to help you choose nicknames for the name Samuel.

If you have any pet for your child named Samuel, please feel free to share with us below.

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