Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino: Which is Better

When comparing Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino, many parents are stuck in choosing the best formula.

Seeing your baby grow in good health is a thing of joy, especially for mothers. The right formula has a part to play in your child’s growth and development. Therefore, you need to choose wisely.

Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino are amino acid-based formulas for babies, a step further for the so-called hydrolyzed formulas (Enfamil Nutramigen and Similac Alimentum) in helping prevent milk allergies, colic, and diarrhea impacting on your child.

We all know that Enfamil and Similac are hypoallergenic formulas but still have little dairy and soy as part of the ingredients.

The cow’s milk protein inside is completely broken down to minimize any harm to your baby’s digestive system.

However, there are much more effective and better hypoallergenic formulas that exist. They are Elecare, Neocate, and PurAmino or Alfamino infant formulas, which over time have become the most beloved amino acid-based formulas.

Amino acid-based formulas are for kids whose bodies react with an allergic reaction, even to the hydrolyzed lactose or protein residue.

Amino acid-based formulas, also known as elemental formulas, are a higher form of hydrolyzed formulas. They help babies that can’t stomach other formulas even when the proteins are completely broken down.

In a nutshell, these formulas are suitable in helping babies deal with colic, milk allergies, reflux, frequent spit-ups, and largely lactose intolerance.

In this article, we will be making a quick comparison between Elecare vs Neocate vs Puramino. You will also get to find out their pros and cons, ingredients, and every other thing about them.

Image Product Details   Price
elecare-infant-formula-kiddiesquare Elecare Infant Formula 1. An Amino acid-based baby formula.
2. Contains DHA and ARA.
3. Dairy-free.
4. Has a corn syrup-base.
5. Soy oils.
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neocate-kiddiesquare Neocate Infant Formula 1. Hypoallergenic, amino acid-based infant.
2. DHA and ARA acids.
3. Fortified with nucleotides.
4. It is dairy-free, Soy oil-free.
5. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners.
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PURAMINO-Kiddiesquare PurAmino DHA & ARA 1. Iron-fortified, amino acid-based infant formula.
2. Contains DHA and ARA acid.
3. Has Corn syrup solids.
4. Dairy-free.
5. Soy oil-free.
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Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino: The Difference

Knowing the difference between Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino is important. But, you have first to schedule an appointment with your family doctor to test for potential allergens, so you can decide on which formula will be best for your baby.

Elecare, Neocate, and PurAmino are similar in many ways like the function and effectiveness; but they do have their differences:

  1. Neocate contains fewer nutrients when compared to Elecare and PurAmino. However, it has all your kid’s needs, like manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and others.
  2. Neocate has a certified GMO-free tag on the product, making it healthier for your child to consume, whereas Elecare and PurAmino are yet to receive this tag.
  3. PurAmino and Elecare contain corn syrup which is not ideal for babies with corn allergies. Elecare contains some soy oil, which Kids are prone to react to, whereas Neocate is soy and corn free.
  4. Neocate contains more calories and fat than Elecare and PurAmino, meaning the products care about your babies.
  5. PurAmino and Elecare beat Neocate in quite a considerable margin in price.
  6. PurAmino contains less corn syrup than EleCare, which means less sugar.

EleCare Infant Hypoallergenic Formula – Reviews

Comparing Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino

Elecare is an Amino acid-based baby formula distributed by Abbott, a strong contender in the Elecare Vs Neocate Vs PurAmino matchup.

As earlier stated, Elecare is an elemental infant formula tailored to help your baby deal with gastrointestinal problems, like infantile food allergies – and helps strengthen the immune system.

All thanks to the amino acids present in the product, which are a lot easier to digest than hydrolyzed proteins with fewer reactions to your child’s digestive system, leaving little or no chance for an allergic reaction to occur.

Elecare has enjoyed a fair share of popularity as one of the top baby formulas containing the necessary nutrients your kid needs to grow up healthy and strong.

Elecare as an elemental infant formula contains DHA and ARA, beneficial acids that encourage digestion and help balance out the intestinal flora.

In addition, it also contains considerable amounts of vitamins, like vitamin A, B, C, D, and K, that aid various parts of baby’s in developing at a proper pace without major issues later on.

There is no need to fear any potential food allergy problems using this formula because Elecare is dairy-free.

Elecare baby formula also has the junior option if your child needs a little more time to develop his digestion and shake off any remaining baby allergies.

  • It is an Amino acid-based formula.
  • Contains no lactose or dairy.
  • Contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for your child’s dietary needs.
  • Contains DHA and ARA for the development of the brain.
  • It has a junior option for kids with little more time to develop their digestive tracts.
  • Helps to relieve many problems that relate to digestion.
  • Has a corn syrup base which might affect some kids’ stomachs.
  • Contains soy oils, which might trigger an allergic reaction in children with soy allergy.
  • It has a strong smell and awful taste.
  • Not branded as free from GMOs.
  • The price is relatively high when compared with the standard hypoallergenic formulas.

Neocate Infant – Review

Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino

Neocate Infant with DHA and ARA – Neocate is a baby formula suitable for babies allergic to cow milk, multiple foods allergies, and babies with gastrointestinal health conditions.

Neocate comes in powder form distributed by Nutricia; it is a Hypoallergenic, amino acid-based infant formula and GMO-free.

Neocate is another contender in the Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino showdown, and it is nearly identical to its opponent in almost every category with a few key differences.

Neocate itself is an elemental formula based on amino acids made for kids with severe digestive challenges and stomachs sensitive to various foods.

The base formula also contains nucleotides that help calm the baby down by regulating stress levels at a natural level. They also help boost the gastrointestinal tract and help strengthen its protective lining to prevent any abrupt reactions to future foods.

Neocate can replicate a breastfed baby’s digestive tract if you cannot feed him enough breast milk to do so on his own.

Neocate infant formula ingredients include DHA and ARA acids that help promote baby cognitive development and a healthy digestive tract.

It also contains other nutrients and vitamins needed to develop a child’s brain and body. You can find iron, phosphorus, zinc, and manganese, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D, and K.

Neocate has more fat than any other Amino base formula to help add extra calories, which can get your baby’s stomach filled faster and might last you a bit longer.

The product is fortified with nucleotides; it is dairy-free, Soy oil-free, and has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners.

On the downside, the product has an unpleasant smell and taste, leading to the child’s outright rejection. The price is way above the formula it’s been compared with.

  • It is an Amino acid-based, hypoallergenic formula.
  • Free of GMOs, sweeteners, artificial coloring, and preservatives.
  • Has considerable amounts of nutrients, minerals, nucleotides, ARA and DHA as well as vitamins.
  • Contains no soy, corn syrup, or dairy.
  • Made to protect baby gastrointestinal problems, colic, fussiness, and milk allergies.
  • Has two versions, one for kids 0 – 12 months of age and kids more than a year old.
  • The smell and taste can be unpleasant.
  • The ingredients list has lower measures than that of its competitor.
  • One of the most expensive elemental formulas on the market.
  • You might face difficulties with mixing.

PurAmino Infants Formula -Review

Comparing Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino

PurAmino DHA and ARA Infants Formula

The Enfamil PurAmino baby formula is similar to Neocate because of its nutritional value. It can assist in baby growth health and help develop the brain.

Just like Elacare and Neocate, Puramino is a hypoallergenic, iron-fortified, amino acid-based infant formula used for babies with severe cow’s milk protein allergy, food allergies, and other digestive problems.

It also contains DHA and ARA acid, a nutrient essential for brain and eye development in breast milk.

PurAmino is a nice formula to start your baby on a nutritious formula diet. The baby can eat it as her only source of nourishment for up to 6 months and a major source of nutrition through to her second birthday.

Puramino is suitable for babies who have the following problems: short bowel syndrome, protein maldigestion, eosinophilic esophagitis, and malabsorption/chronic diarrhea.

Now that we know about PaurAmino baby formula let us look at its pros and cons, which is one of the major things that will help you decide if this formula is best for your baby.

Pediatricians recommend PurAmino as appropriate for oral and tube feeding for a special child.

  • Ideal for severe cow’s milk allergy, multiple food allergies, and poorly developed stomach.
  • Contains DHA and ARA acid.
  • Dairy-free.
  • Soy oil-free.
  • Has two versions, one for kids 0 – 12 months, and 1 – 2 years.
  • It has a strong smell
  • Has Corn syrup solids, detrimental for kids with corn allergies
  • Not readily found.
  • Do not have the free from GMOs tag.

Comparison on PurAmino, Neocate and Elecare

These formulas have both Infant and Junior options and are similar in other aspects. There is a product for your infants and older babies of 12 months to 1-year.

If there are still allergies, you can stick to the formula for a little longer before swapping over to solids. Here are my personal opinions that put one over the others.

Overall Neocate infant DHA and ARA formula is the winner of these products.

PRICE: Elecare and PurAmino is much cheaper than Noecate.

INGREDIENTS: Neocate Wins: Is fortified with nucleotides; soy free, corn syrup free and dairy free

OVERALL SAFETY: Neocate Wins: Has GMO-free label on its product.

Is PurAmino the Same as EleCare?

PurAmino is quite similar to EleCare, but they have little difference. Some of the similarities between PurAmino and Elecare is that they both have a lot of nutritional value required for a child’s healthy growth.

They both have iron and contain DHA and ARA, which replaced breast milk and is also good for brain and eyesight development.

What formula is similar to PurAmino?

Alfamino is one of the formulas in the market similar to PurAmino; they both provide nutrients required for baby growth and vision in their first year.

If your child is not more than a year old, you can give them Alfamino, an alternative to PurAmino.

What Formula Is Comparable to EleCare

Are you looking for some of the formulas comparable to EleCare, or let’s say, similar to EleCare? Then below is the list of them?

  1. Nestle Alfamino
  2. Similac Pro-Advance
  3. Nutricia Neocate
  4. EquaCare
  5. Essential Care Jr.
  6. PurAmino

Are Babies Allergic to PurAmino?

We already stated above that PurAmino is hypoallergenic, which means that the formula has been produced so that no baby will be allergic to it.

Because of its nutritional content, babies that are allergic to cow milk and multip food can peacefully take PurAmino and still grow.

However, it would help if you do not use the PurAmino formula without an appropriate prescription from a Doctor.

Which Tastes better, Neocate or Elecare?

Both Neocate and Elecare have in common is their smell and taste. Both products have better, awful taste. So if you have to compare these products, then the taste shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

What’s The Difference Between Elecare and Neocate

There are many differences between Elecare and Neocate, just like they have so many similarities.

However, one of the main differences between Elecare and Neocate is that Elecare contains more nutrients than Neocate.

As far as the price is concerned, Neocate is much pricier than its Elecare counterpart.

Neocate has nucleotide and higher calories and contains no traces of soy or dairy, nor do they have any corn syrup, giving them an edge over Elecare.

Conclusion on Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino

Comparing Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino – we can say that they are among the best amino acid-based baby formulas on the market. They have elements that mimic breast milk, making them beneficial to child growth and a part to play in a child’s brain and eyesight development.

You already know your infant needs hydrolyzed protein food, and these formulas can guarantee that. But, in a market with a thousand types of formula, the guide in this article is the standard to finding the best hypoallergenic for your baby.

You can read: PurAmino vs Nutramigen

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