Nutramigen vs Elecare: Which is Better for Babies?

Nutramigen vs Elecare: Which product is best for child?

Nutramigen vs Elecare: As parents of children with allergies, we always try to find the best products to help our children live their healthiest and happiest lives possible.

While finding something that works well can be frustrating, it’s just as satisfying when you find the product that gives your child relief from their symptoms.

You’ve probably heard of Nutramigen and Elecare, two of the most hypoallergenic formulas designed for babies with severe allergies and sensitivities.

Both formulas are hypoallergenic formulas meant for babies with sensitive stomachs and allergies. The difference is that Elecare is an amino acid-based formula for kids whose bodies react to the hydrolyzed formulas (Nutramigen), even where the proteins are completely broken down.

In other words, where hydrolyzed formulas like Nutramigen fail, Elecare is brought in to bring peace to babies’ sensitive stomachs and super allergy problems.

That’s why we will discuss these hypoallergenic formulas in detail: Nutramigen vs Elecare. Which one is better? Are they similar? Do they have similar side effects?

Now let’s compare and contrast!

What You Need to Know About Hypoallergenic Formulas

Hypoallergenic formula is a type of formula specially formulated for children with allergy/sensitivity. Typically, these formulas contain nutrients that are found in human breast milk.

They can either be created to eliminate a specific allergen or help with overall digestion and absorption.

Many parents choose hypoallergenic formulas because they tend to be gentler on babies who have food allergies. However, not all hypoallergenic formulas are alike.

There are two major brands available today—Elecare and Nutramigen— both have their unique pros and cons.

Read on to learn about Nutramigen vs Elecare formula and how they stack up against one another!

Nutramigen vs Elecare: Difference Between Nutramigen and Elecare

Nutramigen vs Elecare – What are the differences?

Since these formulas are similar in many ways, the significant difference is that Nutramigen is a hydrolyzed formula, whereas, Elecare is an Amino acid-based formula which is a lot easier to digest than Nutramigen.

Elecare formulas are hydrolyzed even further. It is tailored to help your baby deal with gastrointestinal problems. All thanks to the amino acids present in the product – It is a lot easier to digest with fewer reactions to your child’s digestive system, leaving little or no chance for an allergic reaction to occur.

Here are other differences between the products:


Most hypoallergenic formulas are a bit pricer than other regular baby formulas. In addition, since they are made to cater to kids with food allergies and sensitive stomachs, they can be expensive. However, when comparing the price of these products – Elecare is much more expensive than Nutramigen.

The reason is that Elecare is an elemental formula or acid-based formula with the lactose hydrolyzed further and no or little cow’s milk protein residue. So they help babies that can’t stomach other formulas even when the proteins are completely broken down.


Elecare is much more refined and better equipped to help your baby with a hypersensitive stomach. Elecare infant formula is easier to digest because it has more beneficial acids that encourage digestion and help balance out the intestinal flora.

Elecare is an elemental infant formula tailored to help your baby deal with gastrointestinal problems, like infantile food allergies – and helps strengthen the immune system.


The ingredients in both products are similar in many ways. Both products have Corn Syrup Solids, Soy Oil, fats, and considerable amounts of vitamins, but the concentration differs.

Nutramigen has high oleic sunflower oils extracted from sunflower seeds, while Elcare has high oleic safflower oils extracted from safflower seeds.

Also, Nutramigen Contains Casein Hydrolysate (Milk) (17%) and Modified Corn Starch (4%) which can cause milk and corn allergies in some babies.

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Nutramigen Formula Reviews

Nutramigen vs Elecare

Nutramigen Infant Formula is a Hypoallergenic Powder Formula that alleviates fussiness in infants aged 0 to 12 months due to cow’s milk protein sensitivity (colic).

The Nutramigen baby formula is formulated for colic, milk intolerance, and food allergies. It contains hydrolyzed milk protein and iron which can provide a baby with the nutrient she needs.

DHA and ARA found in Nutramigen Infant Formula are essential fatty acids for brain and eye development, same as those found only in breast milk. It has less lactose (milk sugar), which helps some babies that experience lactose intolerance symptoms like fussiness or gas after feedings.

Nutramigen powder tastes awful and bitter but is ideal for parents on a budget – it is less expensive when compared to Elecare.

Enfamil, the maker of Nutramigen infant formula, has many great products for children. No wonder people continue to compare Nutramigen vs Alimentum. However, Nutramigen stands out because of its consistency and availability in the market.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Nutramigen LGG Infant Formulas:

  1. It is dairy-free (but contains hydrolyzed milk protein), making it appropriate for lactose-intolerant children.
  2. Iron is present (Iron-fortified).
  3. Provides nutrients for your baby’s growth and development.
  4. The formula is less expensive than ready-to-feed foods.
  5. It enables you to customize a baby’s formula to your liking.
  6. Corn Maltodextrin (33%) is included to provide nutrition to newborns.
  1. Nutramigen powder has an awful flavor that might make feeding difficult.
  2. The baby becomes gassy and irritable.
  3. Corn-allergic babies should avoid this product.
  4. Some babies’ feces may be runny and greenish.
  5. It contains soy oils, which may cause an allergic reaction in children.

Elecare Formula Reviews

Comparing Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino

EleCare is an amino acid-based formula specially designed to meet the needs of infants with protein allergies. It is a hypoallergenic formula nutritionally fortified for newborns who cannot digest hydrolyzed protein.

Elecare is clinically proven to help formula-fed babies grow. The protein source comprises 100% free amino acids and contains DHA and ARA same found in breast milk that aids in brain and eye development.

To manage severe food allergies and gastrointestinal issues, it is Elecare to the rescue.

Elecare, as earlier mentioned, is a basic infant formula designed to help your baby cope with gastrointestinal issues, such as infantile food allergies, while also strengthening the immune system.

All thanks to the product’s amino acids, which are far easier to digest than hydrolyzed proteins and cause fewer reactions in your child’s digestive tract, reducing the risk of an allergic reaction.

Elecare is dairy-free and high in vitamins like vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, which help various sections of a baby’s body develop correctly and without severe problems later on.

You can read reviews on other amino acid-based formulas and also look into the difference between Elecare vs Neocate.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Elecare Infant Formulas:

  1. It’s a formula based on amino acids.
  2. Lactose and dairy are not present.
  3. All of your child’s vitamins and minerals are included in this supplement.
  4. DHA and ARA are essential for brain development.
  5. It also comes in a junior version for children who need more time to develop their digestive systems.
  6. Aids in the relief of a variety of digestive issues.
  1. It has a corn syrup base, which may cause stomach issues in some children.
  2. Contains soy oils, which may cause an allergic reaction in children who are sensitive to soy.
  3. It has a strong odor and an unpleasant taste.
  4. When compared to Nutramigen hypoallergenic formulas, the price is higher.
  5. Mostly out of stock in many store and online.

The Similarity Between Nutramigen and Elecare

Nutramigen vs Elecare has some similarities associated with both hypoallergenic formulas. The similarities include but are not limited to Taste, ARA/DHA, and Nutrients.

Here are some things common to both formulas:

  1. Elecare and Nutramigen have an unpleasant taste that infants find difficult to tolerate.
  2. The formulas are hypoallergenic, lactose-free, and dairy-free.
  3. They contain Omega-3 DHA, and ARA found only in breast milk for brain and eye development.
  4. Both products have Corn Syrup Solids, Soy Oil, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B12 as part of their ingredients.

Nutramigen vs Elecare: The Verdict

There is no denying that these formulas have a lot of similarities, and many parents will have to use them depending on when their child’s specific nutrient needs.

Which one is better? Your baby’s allergic reactions will determine which is better for them. Remember that hypoallergenic formulas are needed by infants who can’t stomach the regular cow’s milk formulas.

For infants with allergies and sensitivities: Start with Nutramigen, but if allergic reactions and fussiness persist, you can switch to Elecare.

Consult your pediatrician or a medical nutritionist who specializes in allergies for assistance in determining which formula is best for your child.

Frequently Asked Question: Nutramigen vs Elecare

What Formula Is Comparable to Elecare?

Elecare is an elemental baby formula also known as an acid-based infant formula. All thanks to the amino acids present in the product, which are easier to digest than Nutramigen.

It has fewer reactions to your child’s digestive system, leaving little or no chance of an allergic reaction. Babies’ formula equivalent to Elecare includes other elemental (Amino-acid based) infants’ formulas like:

  1. PurAmino
  2. Alfamino
  3. Neocate
  4. Elecare Jr.
  5. Neocate Jr.
  6. Alfamino Jr.
  7. Comidagen Plus

Does EleCare Have Cow’s Milk?

No! Elecare is cow’s milk-free. Elecare and other amino acid-based formulas are milk-free and are made of non-allergenic amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

That means there is little possibility that a child will have an allergic reaction to them.

What Formula Is Closest to Nutramigen?

Enfamil’s Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic formula designed for babies suffering from lactose intolerance, colic, gassiness, or diarrhea.

It’s lactose-free and packed with nutrients like DHA and ARA, exclusively found in breast milk, which aid brain and eye development.

Below are some of the best formulas closest to Nutramigen

  1. Similac Alimentum
  2. Parent’s Choice
  3. Gerber Extensive HA
  4. Comforts Hypoallergenic
  5. Elecare
  6. Nutramigen Ready to Feed
  7. Alimentum Ready to Feed
  8. Holle Goat

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Does Elecare Taste Better Than Nutramigen

Elecare and Nutramigen baby formula have an unpleasant flavor and smell, and children find it difficult to tolerate them. However, vanilla extract can add flavor and sweetness (Get vanilla extract from us).

You can learn more on What to add to infant formula to make it taste better.

Puramino Vs Elecare Vs Neocate: Which is Better

Elecare, Neocate, and PurAmino are amino acid-based infant formulas that are a step up from hydrolyzed formulas like Enfamil Nutramigen. They help children avoid milk allergies, colic, and diarrhea.

There are far more effective and superior hypoallergenic formulas available on the market. Read more on Elecare vs Neocate vs PurAmino for a detailed guide.

Conclusion: Nutramigen vs Elecare

Is it possible to recommend one over another? Though these products are similar, they aren’t suitable for every child.

Every child comes with their peculiarity, and not every formula will be suitable for them. Therefore, as parents, we need the help of professionals (pediatricians) to help us in choosing the right products for our babies.

Reviews like this (Nutramigan vs Elecare) can also help you with the selection process, plus you can also check out some reviews online from parents who have used these products.

Also Read More on – Nutramigen vs PurAmino.

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