Nutramigen Ready to Feed Vs Powder : Which One is the Best ?

Choosing the right formula between Nutramigen Ready to Feed Vs Powder for your baby can be very confusing, especially as a first-time mom.

But, this is not a new problem, as many moms have faced the same issue.

One way to go about this is by testing each of the baby formulas on your baby to see which one works best, but this is not the right approach as your kid may react negatively.

When comparing Nutramigen Ready to feed Vs powder, taste, ease of use, and price are the main differences. Nutramigen powder is much cheaper than ready-to-feed but has an awful taste.

Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic formula made by Enfamil, and it’s specially formulated for babies with lactose intolerance, colic, gassiness, and diarrhea.

The formula contains iron with hydrolyzed milk protein. The constituent of Nutramigen RTF or powder is similar to breast milk, which makes it suitable for your baby.

Nutramigen Ready to Feed and Powder are hypoallergenic baby formulas. However, each of these formulas has different functions and may not be suitable for all babies’ stomachs.

So, moms need to know which formula works best for their babies.

Nutramigen Ready to feed or powder is among the top brands of hypoallergenic formulas. The formula is compacted with the best nutrients babies need; no wonder many pediatricians recommend the formula for babies with colic, diarrhea, and milk intolerance.

Therefore, to relieve you from the stress of finding out which formula is best for your baby (Nutramigen Ready to Feed Vs Powder). We have put together an extended guide to help make a better choice.

In this article, you will know more about the Nutramigen Ready to feed Vs powder, the pros and cons and their similarities – so sit tight, and let’s ride!

Nutramigen Ready to Feed Vs Powder – What Are the Difference

Nutramigen powder vs. Nutramigen ready-to-feed is similar in many ways, especially in their ingredient. However, some difference keeps them apart: the taste, cost, and texture.

Now, let me show you the difference before buying Nutramigen ready to feed or Nutramigen powder.

 Nutramigen Ready to FeedNutramigen Powder
TasteNutramigen RTF formula has a better and sweeter taste such that babies accept them easily. The presence of corn syrup solids (5%) gives a sweet taste.Nutramigen powder formula has taste and smell; children struggle to take it. But, you can add flavor to sweeten it up with vanilla extract.
CostNutramigen ready-to-feed formula is very expensive compared to that of the powder.
But your insurance cover could help with the financial burden. There are coupon programs to partake for a subsidized price.
Nutramigen Powder is much cheaper than the Ready-to-feed formula. But, it is relatively expensive when compared to other regular formulas.
The price hike is due to a hypoallergenic formula needed by babes with lactose intolerance, colic, gassiness.
Ease of UseNutramigen rtf has already been mixed. So the stress of mixing it yourself is gone – perfect for busy moms. You need to pour in the portion you want and start feeding your baby.With powdered formula, you go through the stress of mixing the food thoroughly with water.
IngredientsNutramigen ready-to-feed is suitable for babies with corn allergies as it is corn-free – good for all babies.
It contains Modified corn starch for easy digestion of milk formula.
One major ingredient in Nutramigen powder is Corn Maltodextrin (33%). It is good for babies with corn allergies. Babies with allergies get fussier and agitated.
TextureNutramigen ready to feed comes pre-mix, they are thicker, and many parents find it disturbing. Parents who are used to mixing their baby formula may find ready to feed color disturbing.One thing powdered formula has over ready-to-feed formula is the ability to mix the baby food to your preferred thickness. Unlike the ready-to-feed form, you can mix the desired amount of water into the formula. 
DigestiveThe Modified corn starch in Nutramigen rtf makes it easier for digestion. Your baby will not have digestion issues as it is friendly to their stomach with ready to feed.Some babies’ stomachs may not handle Nutramigen powder, resulting in gassy and fussy babies.
But, Nutramigen powder is dairy-free, ideal for kids with dairy intolerance.
PreservationSince ready-to-feed formulas are pre-mix and liquid, they are more vulnerable to spoilage. But, the formula now contains preservatives that’ll increase its shelf-life.Powder formula is not vulnerable to spoilage because it is dry and lacks moisture to aid microbial activities.

Nutramigen Powder – Review

The Nutramigen powder is a hypoallergenic baby formula for colic, milk intolerance, and food allergies. It contains hydrolyzed milk protein and iron which can provide a baby the nutrient she needs.

It is lactose-free and contains nutrients such as DHA & ARA found only in breast milk that supports brain and eye development.

When it comes to taste, Nutramigen powder tastes awful and bitter, but ideal for parents on a budget – it is less expensive.

Now, let us also look at the pros and cons of the Nutramigen powder formula.

Nutramigen Powder - Review
  • It is dairy-free (contains hydrolyzed milk protein) ideal for kids with milk intolerance.
  • Contains Iron (Iron-fortified).
  • Provides your baby with nutrients for growth and development.
  • The formula is relatively less expensive than ready to feed.
  • It allows you to mix a baby’s formula to your specification.
  • Contains Corn Maltodextrin (33%), providing babies with nutrients.
  • Nutramigen powder has a bitter taste which can be a problem for feeding.
  • It makes the baby gassy and fussy.
  • Not suitable for babies with corn allergies.
  • Some babies may have running and yellowish stools.

Nutramigen Ready to Feed formula – Review

Nutramigen ready to feed is a hypoallergenic formula made for babies with food allergies. It is dairy-free and soy-free and helps eliminate cow’s milk allergy in babies.

It is best for babies with colic, gassiness, and irritants. The formula is convenient, easy to use, and ready to feed your baby while on the go as it comes pre-mixed. However, Nutramigen rtf is very expensive and above mom’s budget.

Let us also look at some other pros and cons of the Nutramigen ready-to-feed formula.

Ready to Feed formula - Nutramigen Ready to Feed vs powder
  • It is corn-free and helps alleviate corn allergies.
  • The formula contains Modified corn starch that aids digestion.
  • The taste is much sweeter and easily accepted by babies.
  • It is convenient and easier to use.
  • Has preservatives that extend the shelf life of the formula.
  • The price is very high compared to that of the Nutramigen powder.
  • It is thicker than normal as it is pre-mix. You may need to add water.
  • It spoils easily and must be used within a few days after opening.

Similarities Between Nutramigen Powder Vs. Ready to Feed Formula

Here are some similarities between these products.

  1. Nutramigen Ready to feed and Powder formula are products of Enfamil.
  2. The two products are ideal for babies with cow’s milk intolerance, colic, gassy, fussiness, and diarrhea.
  3. Both formulas are hypoallergenic, lactose-free, and dairy-free.
  4. They also contain macronutrients like tryptophan and L-carnitine.

Nutramigen Ready to feed Ingredients

Nutramigen ready to feed is made with great ingredients that provide nutrients a baby’s body needs for growth and development.

Nutramigen rtf contains nutrients – Omega-3 DHA and ARA found only in breast milk that supports brain and eye development.

Below are a few ingredients you can find in many ready-to-feed formulas.

  1. Water (87%),
  2. Corn syrup solids (5%),
  3. vegetable oil (palm olein, soy, coconut, and high oleic sunflower oils) (3%),
  4. Casein hydrolysate* (milk) (2%),
  5. Modified corn starch (2%) and many others.

Can I Feed my Baby Both Powder and Ready to Feed Formula?

You can feed your baby powdered and ready-to-feed formula simultaneously. However, you seek a pedestrian for guidance. Also, make sure that both are suitable for your child’s health.

If both the powder and the ready-to-feed formula are suitable for your child, then you can decide together to mix them or feed your child with them separately.

Once confirmed that both formulas are suitable for your baby, you can choose to give your baby one of the formulas in the morning and the other at night or a mixture of both formulas.

Does Nutramigen Ready to Feed Have Probiotics?

Yes, Nutramigen ready-to-feed formula contains probiotics, one of the main features that Enfamil Nutramigen rtf has apart from being hypoallergenic.

Probiotic helps to keep the stomach and intestines healthy and working normally.

Reasons like this make it a good formula for babies allergic to cow milk and enhance digestion.

Is Ready to Feed Formula Easier to Digest?

Yes! Ready to Feed formula is easier to digest compared to powder. It contains modified corn starch that helps milk digestion, prevents allergies, and stops fussiness due to gas in the baby’s stomach.

Final thought – Nutramigen Ready to Feed Vs Powder Formula

When comparing Enfamil Nutramigen powder vs ready-to-feed, you should know that the verdict is relative. One formula might be suitable for a baby but devastating to another baby.

Whichever Enfamil Nutramigen formula you choose to go with, either Nutramigen powder or Nutramigen ready-to-feed.

Bear in mind that these formulas are high quality but have some features that differentiate them.

Nutramigen power is cheaper than Nutramigen RTF, but Nutramigen ready-to-feed tastes sweeter than the powder formula.

Therefore, you, the moms, are in the right position to choose what is best for your babies.

You know their conditions and know what they are allergic to. For example, if your baby has corn allergies, do not use Nutramigen powder; instead, go for the ready-to-feed formula.

Please, speak with a pediatrician if you wish to switch from one baby formula to another.

You can share your option with Us in the comment section and follow us on Pinterest.

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